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Science fiction movie "Superpower Out of Control" commentary copy

Science fiction movie "superpower out of control" commentary copy

Science fiction movie "Superpower Out of Control" commentary copy

The boy is killing spiders with his mind, three hours ago, his first date with his sweetheart, because too nervous vomited all over each other, the girl ran away, the boy's confidence was once again destroyed, this moment, he finally changed, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, this is the golden words of Spider-Man, but the super power out of control of this scene is obviously ironic, if a person suddenly has super powers, he often does not become Spider-Man, but Kill Spider-Man. The boy called Xiaoan, hobby photography, the machine recorded his various misfortunes, classmates bullying, gangster intimidation, father domestic violence, this day to see but the cousin finally decided to take him to a nightclub happy, but just go in, Xiaoan is also uninterested in taking the camera a wild shot.

Hot boyfriend of course, not happy, I can not count the number of times, Xiaoan struggled to get up from the ground, cousin friend Dajiang greeted, he said found a psychic phenomenon, you quickly help me record the record, the original grass suddenly appeared a large pit, deep, lying in the hole, you can still hear the eerie sound waves, Dajiang and cousin curious to go in, timid Xiaoan also had to jump hard, I do not know how long to go, the camera A flash, a huge energy crystal appeared in front of everyone, fine tentacles, constantly changing color, like a greeting, but the next second, Dazhong nosebleed, convulsions and fainted, the next day, the three woke up, like nothing to play the game, but when the ball was about to hit Xiaoan face a moment, the ball stopped, yes, after last night, the three seem to have gained superpowers, this superpower is similar to This superpower is similar to the idea of controlling things, and Xiaoan's control is obviously the most comfortable, at first they only thought of using superpowers to tease people, blowing open the skirt of a small flower, scare the schoolchildren, and even steal the car, the three play very happy, on the way home, behind the Jeep has been honking, Xiaoan a little annoyed, he could not help but want to give each other a little lesson, but after all, it is the first time, did not control the strength, the car directly over the road, cousin, angry. This is to kill people ah, but in time to call the police before the accident, after the cousin very scared to set the rules of superpower use, Dazhong quickly agreed, but you see the expression of Xiaoan, he was a little hesitant. The three of them quickly adapted to the new operation, treating the sky as a back garden and playing rugby, but at that moment, thanks to Xiao An who broke out of the clouds in time to save Da Zhuang, in order to repay the favor of saving his life, Da Zhuang decided to use his student council status to help Xiao An turn over at the school's annual talent In order to repay the favor of saving his life, Dazhong decided to use his student council status to help Xiaoan turn over at the school's annual talent show, which is just a child's play for Xiaoan who has super powers. A body of vomit ran out, it turns out, Xiao An because too nervous, can not help but throw up, failure once again shattered Xiao An's hard to build confidence, back home, drunken father once again on his habitual humiliation. Xiaoan finally angry, he tore off his last cowardice, the face of his father, the first time to fight back, Xiaoan decided to leave home, even if it was stormy outside, the telepathic powers of the big strong to find him, but at the moment Xiaoan where to listen to persuasion engaged, love, friendship, family, I do not deserve to have. Struck down by lightning in the big strong died, the funeral of all people are hiding their faces and sobbing, but you see Xiaoan's camera is still shooting as if nothing had happened, cousin finally angry, scrambled under the camera floating up, with God's perspective looking down on the lower creatures barking below, but how the cousin's fist can not punch Xiaoan face. At this moment, in Xiaoan's heart, the other ordinary human is the damn antelope, he decided to start revenge, first hard to pull out the mocking classmates three teeth, and then blast the punks all over the place, but after all, the punks are punks, the pocket money on this even to buy medicine for their mothers is not enough, soon, Xiaoan reached the claws to the innocent masses, he rushed to the supermarket, open the door, swing, the money just automatically flew into the pocket. The owner was not convinced and chased out with a gun. In the intensive care unit, the police brought in Xiaoan's father. Looking at his son, who was also unconscious on the bed, the father cried bitterly, but it was not whether her son woke up or not that she cried, he cried because his son's crime led to his wife's accidental death. The more the father cursed the more agitated, almost quick to poke his hand into the face of Xiaoan, suddenly, the smoke in the demonized Xiaoan carry the father flew out, the father begged, but Xiaoan did not hesitate at all, like throwing away a bag of long-rotten garbage, fortunately, watching the TV in time to arrive in the first rush on the cousin, so easy to hide in the car, helpless, at this point, Xiaoan has completely out of control, please remember this superhero movie never seen the subjective footage. Two humans who flew into the sky finally really against each other, and the irony is that the unknown masses are still curiously shooting with cell phones to eat melon, Xiaoan completely angry, a wave of the hand, confiscated all the cameras, cousin is still struggling to persuade, we are family ah, can not continue, but the answer to him is. The injuries caused by the explosion plus the overuse of superpowers, Xiaoan began to fly can not move, he began to vomit, at this time the police also surrounded, raised his hand is a gun, no longer can control this runaway beast, the bullet simply can not enter his body, rage, the crowd tore, car dented, even the building began to disintegrate, in the face of this completely out of control beast in front of him, cousin looked behind Xiaoan spear-wielding sculpture, gritting his teeth slowly raised his hand, and then a flight to the sky, the end of the film, the cousin flew to the plateau, which is the most wanted by his brother Xiaoan before he was born, leaving behind the camera that his brother once inch, he hopes that his brother can always face this pure, each of us in childhood hope to have superpowers, hope that superpowers can make themselves powerful, but only when we grow up we know that superpowers are just a magnifying glass, you are Good or evil, you are weak or brave, superpowers will only magnify these advantages or disadvantages, but can not change them, who you really are, only you can decide.


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