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Movie commentary copy American horror movie "wrecked house corpse" line complete version

Movie commentary copy American horror movie "The Wrecked House" line complete version

Movie commentary copy American horror movie "wrecked house corpse" line complete version

Hello, everyone, I'm Ye, a movie narrator who tells movies as stories, and today Ye brings you the American horror movie "The Remains of the House". The story begins in 1800 in the United States, a middle-aged couple anxiously into a villa, where lives the psychic master Godmother, the couple's daughter disappeared, they tried everything to find the whereabouts of their daughter, had to take the daughter's favorite rag doll found the Godmother, want to determine the whereabouts of their daughter through psychic. The specific method of operation of the psychic is similar to the Chinese pen fairy and Ouija board fairy and so on, first practice, invite the spirits, if the spirits have responded, that the daughter has died, and then the old godmother in the psychic before setting down a few rules, one of the most important is that no matter what can not stop in the middle, if you stop, will be possessed by evil spirits, but people want to die is blocked can not be stopped. The girl's father was very angry when he heard the spirits respond that his daughter had died, and thought that the old godmother was playing a ghost trick, yelling to quit, and at that moment, all the lights in the house went out, and then the old godmother was possessed by the evil spirits, and for a while the house was filled with blood, including the old godmother, and everyone received a boxed lunch. Time has returned to modern times, the main man's wife died a few months ago.

In order to relieve the inner pain, but also to let the children have a new environment, the main man with his eldest daughter and daughter and son moved to a new home, an old mansion with a history of hundreds of years, of course, familiar with this set of viewers should know that this is another cheap lot of good big house, do not have to guess also know that this big house must be living in unclean things, obviously know that cheap no good, but the main man still reluctantly brought The youngest daughter went to the kitchen to drink water at night, heard a strange movement, a figure appeared behind her, the child told the man, the man did not take it to heart, the next day, the youngest daughter and the youngest son in the room to play hide-and-seek game, playing and playing the two children came to the attic, we all We all know that generally this haunted house will have an attic or basement, sure enough, the children found a box here, the youngest daughter opened a look, is an ancient rag doll, happy, in addition to the rag doll, the youngest son also found an antique pocket watch, an antique camera, take to the male owner to see, the male owner also think things are beautiful, they all kept, however, since the discovery of the box However, since the discovery of the box, the youngest daughter and the youngest son became disoriented, no spirit all day long, at a young age with heavy dark circles under the eyes, at the same time, more and more strange things, there will be a variety of ghostly shadows flashing in the house, the house can turn their heads, antique cameras will appear paranormal images, phonographs will automatically play music, books will be scattered on the shelves for no reason, in short, you can think of a haunted house configuration, here are all. The man also began to have various nightmares, dreaming that his dead wife had become a witch, dreaming that his baseball bat had killed his son, a series of strange events, the man finally came to the real estate agent, asking if the house was unclean, the agent said there was no problem, perhaps because the house was too old, inevitably aging pipes, insects crawling around, let the man not care The agent said there was no problem, perhaps because the house was too old, inevitably the pipes were aging, and bugs were crawling around, so the man did not care. This is a perfunctory explanation, the male owner his sister also believed. Then bad things continued to happen, this day the youngest daughter suddenly fainted while playing outside the house, the youngest son also incontinent, the man is very worried, decided to take them both to the hospital to take a look, the man just left, the eldest daughter to get their little boyfriend home, once inside the house to an indescribable, the two are making out, the little boyfriend saw a woman from the door flash, startled, in search of, but nothing The next day, the man in the attic when cleaning up, a little girl suddenly appeared in front of him, the little girl let the man hurry to burn that box, or it will be too late, finished and disappeared, the man still think is that they are just too tired recently, hallucinations, but what happened recently is really some weird, so the man searched the Internet for the history of the house, and found that there is really a problem, the The house is the house of the witch old Godmother at the beginning of the film. And in addition to the murder that day, there have been many paranormal events here over the past hundred years, and rumor has it that evil spirits will attach themselves to the relics of the deceased and continue to harm people, rather believe it than not, the hero hurriedly put his little daughter's doll and his pocket watch and camera in a box and threw them in the trash can at the door, but what's even more bizarre is that these items actually appeared in the hero's home again, and that night, the The man heard his youngest daughter screaming, rushed to check, the result of the youngest daughter and youngest son do not know what power to control, eyes revealed a horrible light, pick up the board on the man a beating, and just returned home to the eldest daughter saw absent father scared, before the death of the man told her daughter, let her be sure to burn the box, when the ghost of the old godmother appeared to warn the eldest daughter, do not do unnecessary The ghost of the old godmother appeared to warn the eldest daughter not to do unnecessary resistance, everything is already too late, but the eldest daughter still reluctantly burned the wooden box, burned, the sister and brother immediately returned to normal, the three frightened people rushed to call the police, but the phone could not be reached, just then, the ghost of the old godmother appeared again, screaming and pounced on the three children, and so, the man's whole family received a box lunch. The scene shifts and the real estate agent brings another family to see the century-old mansion, and the movie ends here. Well, today's movie commentary is here, like the partners remember to give leaf brother likes and forward, if you want to see the film, you can also tell leaf brother in the comments section, and finally, of course, do not forget to point a concern, leaf brother every day for you to explain a horror movie.


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