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Movie "The Tailor" commentary copy

Today, I'm going to tell you about the Australian revenge movie "The Tailor".

Movie "The Tailor" commentary copy

In the afterglow of the sunset, a car gradually drove into a remote village in Australia, and then from the car down a beautiful blonde, the girl is a senior seamstress in Paris, beautiful, not in a hurry to return home, but lit a cigarette, overlooking the town she is both familiar and unfamiliar, the heart can not help but mixed feelings, many years ago, beautiful mother old drift, and the mother is suffering from mental problems. The mother of the girl was born unmarried, and the mother suffered from mental problems, everyone in the town thought that the mother and daughter were under a curse, is the existence of the unknown, which directly led to the big beautiful after school, in school is also the object of bullying, especially Freckles bullying the most powerful, and the big beautiful female teacher saw the big beautiful after being bullied, not only do not stop this behavior, but also And on a certain day in the year when Big Pretty was ten years old, the mayor's son Freckles wanted to bully Big Pretty again, and the result was that this time Big Pretty chose to resist, resulting in the death of Freckles, and then Big Pretty was expelled from the town for murder, for that memory, now Big Pretty has little memory, Big Pretty just wanted to find out the truth about that year, Big Pretty first The next morning, Big Pretty gave her mother a clean bath, and cleaned up the garbage in the room, and burned it in front of the door, the fire immediately attracted all the residents of the town, but the past twenty years However, the past twenty years, did not make them become more benevolent, they only looked at the roaring fire, lamenting the return of the devil, as if to fulfill the words of the villagers, cleaned up the house after the big beautiful, then used a golf ball to hit each of the people who had bullied him.

I don't know if it was the loud noise that disturbed them, or the past that made them feel uncomfortable, but the villagers seemed to be more and more afraid of the little girl they had bullied. The female villagers saw this scene and couldn't help but start to envy (ji) the big pretty (du), saying vulgar language to cover their envy, but not everyone expressed displeasure at the appearance of the big pretty, for example, the handsome rugby team captain, Uncle Ray, fell in love with this beautiful woman at first sight, and he took the initiative to go forward The next day, Big Pretty ran into her childhood friend Dirt in the town, Dirt with heavy eyes, wearing the earthy clothes worn only by the elderly, in contrast to Big Pretty, Dirt saw that Big Pretty is now bright and shiny, so she wanted to ask Big Pretty to design a dress for her, so that she can be liked by the man she loves, making clothes for Big Pretty is a small thing. The girl looked at Big Pretty and although she didn't admit it, her silence had told Big Pretty everything, and Big Pretty who learned the truth didn't hate Dirt because she was the informer back then, instead she made a gorgeous dress for Dirt with her own hands, and wore it. This dress appeared at the party, Dirt girl beautiful as a fairy, instantly attracted the attention of everyone, including her favorite man, so Dirt girl excited, the man even asked Dirt girl dance, the two people are therefore going to enter the marriage hall, with Dirt girl as the first person, the villagers in town also began to move, a steady stream of looking for Big Pretty, wanting her to help design clothes, Big Pretty orders just But Dirt's future mother-in-law disliked Dirt and her flashy clothes, so she asked a tailor from another village to design a set of clothes for Dirt. Dirt girl was very bloated, Dirt girl didn't want to see her beloved in this way, so she stumbled to Big Pretty's store before her beloved came, and after some transformation by Big Pretty, when Dirt girl's beloved picked up Dirt girl, Dirt girl appeared beautifully in front of her beloved, and at the same time, the feelings of Big Pretty and Uncle Lei were progressing rapidly, and they even started to discuss marriage and wedding, which was a good idea. I thought the residents of the town would send their blessings to the wedding, will have a change of opinion on Dahlia, but I did not expect these old women wearing the clothes designed by Dahlia, the mouth is still saying vicious words, and also the murder of the year again, this situation, Dahlia can only find an old police officer to collect evidence, this old police officer is a fancy dress enthusiast The old policeman revealed to Big Pretty that the mayor had caught him in the act, so he had to obey the mayor's words and send Big Pretty out of town. The original slander her accusation, it is from the mouth of the teacher who bullied him, because of this testimony, so that everyone in the town on the big beautiful murder thing convinced, after the big beautiful with the testimony to find the female teacher, in the big beautiful powerful force, the female teacher had to admit that she had perjured herself, get the evidence after the big beautiful full of joy, she thought she could finally clear the wrongdoing, and also their own However, no matter how Pretty explained or clarified, these ignorant people in the town never changed their opinion of Pretty and no one was willing to testify to Pretty. The idea of clearing up the wrongdoing was shattered, but I didn't expect this time the old police officer said a piece of explosive news, the original beautiful father is the mayor of the town, the mayor and pregnant beautiful mother came to town together, the mayor of the town was obsessed with vanity and power, to the town abandoned the beautiful mother and daughter, turned into the mayor's family at the time. This also seems to explain why the mayor so wanted to leave the town, suddenly learned that all this big pretty collapsed, she panicked and left the scene, in a side of Uncle Lei saw big pretty wounded look, could not help but go forward to comfort big pretty, and tried to help big pretty restore the previous memory, in Uncle Lei step by step guide, big pretty finally recalled the truth of the year, the original year small freckles on the basis of The father is the mayor of the town, every day bullying big pretty, and to bully big pretty for fun, the day of the crime scruffy girl told the little freckles big pretty hiding place, resulting in big pretty was little freckles caught, when the little freckles again want to violence on big pretty, want to hit the big pretty abdomen with the head, big pretty subconsciously dodge, while the little freckles are head on the wall, not far from the female teacher's saw the whole thing, but In order not to offend the mayor, but also in order to cover up their own care of the crime, the teacher chose to perjure herself, lying that Pretty killed Freckles, in addition to the teacher saw the whole process, there is a fool of low intelligence also saw the truth, but unfortunately no one will believe a fool's words, the truth is clear, Uncle Lei will take this opportunity and Pretty kissed up, and to Pretty proposed the two In the opinion of Uncle Lei, the people in this town are all profit-oriented guys, they use language violence, hurting the big pretty to maintain the false justice in their hearts, but the big pretty refused Uncle Lei's request, because she thinks she is a cursed person, Uncle Lei in order to force the big pretty to say that they are not cursed people, took the initiative to jump into the grain silo, the result let him not expect is that into the The more Uncle Lei struggled, the deeper he fell into the granary, and eventually buried in the granary, Uncle Lei's accidental death, to the big pretty big blow, and began to be devastated, all day greasy face, this time the big pretty crazy mother instead of crazy, came out to comfort the big pretty, encourage Fu Li cheer up, not only that, the big pretty mother also came to the town to abuse those chewing villagers, it turns out she has been After that, her mother put on the clothes that she had made for her, and changed her image of a crazy woman, and signed her up for a clothing design competition with the town, but her mother suddenly fainted on the way back, and was found dead. It seems that the heavens do not see the behavior of the town's residents, shortly after the death of Dahlia's mother, perjured female teacher in the process of walking, was hit by a flower pot into serious injuries left town, the old man who had scolded also accidentally fell into the pond in front of the house and drowned, and the old police officer finally turned himself in at the police station instead of Dahlia's crime, at the same time, Dahlia came to the mayor of the town That night, the angry mother of Freckles killed the mayor in a pool of blood, after doing these things, Big Pretty participated in the costume design competition, in the name of outsiders to defeat the dirty village, and then Big Pretty took advantage of the town to attend the stage play, take a red carpet to pave the way, pour gasoline on a fire She finally saw through the faces of these people and saw that even the most beautiful fancy dress could not hide their ugliness, this fire is not only a revenge for the harm suffered in childhood, but also a kind of redemption for the self of Dahlia, who finally accepted a new self, and her future life path will be a brand new beginning. It is difficult to imagine that the most beautiful fancy dress and the Australian wilderness will appear in a movie, but the movie "The Tailor", the two completely unrelated to form the beautiful color of the film, the flashback of the unfolding of the film, with dark humor to build the film's unique vein, and it is worth mentioning that although the film contains a thriller, humor, suspense, and other multiple elements of the work, but the refinement of these elements, so that the film is not reduced to a hodgepodge, but will be the female The movie is not a hodgepodge of elements, but rather the charm of women, but also let people know that when everything is not worth staying, please boldly give up.

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