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Movie "The Legend of Ice Skin" Review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Movie "The Legend of Ice Skin" Review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Movie "The Legend of Ice Skin" Review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

On a mysterious island, a group of horrible ogres appear

Whenever night falls, they come in droves.

The ogres are bloodthirsty and vicious.

They come out to feed at night, in groups, looking for prey.

To survive, people have to fight back.

These horrific ogres are amphibious creatures.

They are afraid of the sun.

They usually stay in the deep sea during the day.

Few people can find them.

Today we will explain

Classic thriller movie, The Legend of Ice Skin

In 1914, on the eve of the First World War.

Meteorologist John is on his way to an island.

This isolated place

Only he and another man, Uncle Beard, are there.

John's daily work is to observe the strength and direction of the sea wind

The monotony of his life made him feel lonely.

Until one night, John heard a strange sound coming from outside the door.

When he walked in, there was a strange hand in the door.

John went up and kicked it twice.

The sound outside the door became more urgent

John instantly felt bad, and immediately hid in the dark tunnel

He did not know what kind of monster it was

To be safe, he had to wait until dawn.

The next day, John found strange footprints on the ground

This monster seems to come from the sea

Terrified, he rushed to Uncle Beard to discuss

But Uncle Beard felt that John was hallucinating

He simply did not want to deal with him

He had no choice but to make a fortification

John knew in his heart that this monster would definitely attack again

And sure enough, that night he found this strange creature

And they were in a group.

John immediately became nervous that the creature would break through the door at any moment.

Suddenly a window was broken by the creature.

They began to invade in a frenzy.

John immediately took up his shotgun and fought them off.

Luckily, he had already set up a trap.

A fire ignited around the house

The monsters were also successfully dispersed by the fire

But the fire was too strong.

In a short time, it burned to the cabin

John had to escape from the house alone, just a short time away

The sky was pouring with rain

But his house was still a large part of the destruction

At this point John looked at the lighthouse in the distance

He thought of Uncle Beard

As the lighthouse keeper, he had come to the island long ago.

He couldn't have been unaware of the existence of these monsters.

There must be some secret hidden in it

When he was following Uncle Beard

John was suddenly attacked by monsters

Luckily he had a shotgun with him

In the critical moment, Uncle Beard appeared with a gun

It turned out that the toad-like monster was Uncle Beard's pet

Then, John took the supplies and moved to the lighthouse

Through conversation, we learned that this strange creature was extremely vicious

Only this female monster is not aggressive

They are an amphibious evolutionary species

They stay in the water during the day, and come out at night to feed.

So when night falls

They must be fully armed.

They must be fully armed.

To guard this lighthouse.

At that moment, hundreds of ogres swarmed in.

John was instantly stunned by the sight.

He was so scared that he retreated one after another.

Only Uncle Beard was left alone to fight.

Luckily, he was so fierce that he beat the monster to death.

The next day, John was awakened by cold water

Uncle Beard mocked him severely

To survive here, you have to be strong.

He began to teach John how to deal with these demons.

When you see the monsters coming, don't shoot first.

Let them get close.

When they get in range, you have to start attacking them.

Then he turned it off.

After that, Uncle Beard closed the door.

John was left alone outside the door to face the enemy

Uncle Beard was also very anxious.

But this is something that John must face

Bad, he finally persevered

After the bloodshed, John also became the god of war on the island

They began to work together, trying to live on the island

But the number of these monsters was increasing every day.

The two of them became more and more exhausted.

Now the most relaxing moment is the early morning.

Time was passing quickly.

John has also changed from a young man with spirit to an older man.

He gradually became the second Uncle Beard

Then a strange thing happened.

The ogres hadn't attacked the lighthouse for a week.

Uncle Beard thought they were expanding their race.

Waiting for a bigger attack

John's uneasy mind was relieved by the leisure time.

He began to slowly approach the female monster.

Trying to communicate with her.

And named her Jenny.

Compared to Uncle Beard's indifference

John seemed more gentle

That night, while they were playing chess

The horrible ogre attacked again

Luckily, Uncle Beard was quick to kill it in time.

And now a large number of ogres were gathering outside the lighthouse.

This time their number was 5 times higher than usual

The situation was also in crisis, and there were howls of ogres everywhere.

The two men immediately engaged in fierce fighting

But due to their sheer numbers

The bullets were slowly depleted.

They had to take refuge in the tower.

In the process of escape

Uncle Beard's foot was unfortunately bitten by an ogre

They were in a dilemma.

A large number of ogres had surrounded the lighthouse.

When they were desperate, a light shone outside

It was dawn.

The ogres were slowly pushing down the lighthouse.

But now they had run out of supplies.

And Uncle Beard was also wounded

John was at a loss as to what to do

He suddenly found a cruise ship in the distance

John was so excited that he grabbed his flare gun and was ready to fire.

But Uncle Beard fell to the ground.

It turns out that he had already gotten used to the life of the island

He didn't want outsiders to ruin everything.

John's hope of leaving here was also destroyed

He had no choice but to complain to Jenny.

At that moment, she seemed to understand John's words

She led him straight to a beach.

There was a small boat hidden here.

But this boat can not withstand the wind and waves of the sea

He could not go far

Now John and Jenny's relationship is getting better and better

This not only makes Uncle Beard jealous

In order to survive, the two had to go underwater to find supplies.

While John was carefully salvaging the items.

A figure suddenly flashed by, and he was knocked to the ground.

The heavy armor made John unable to move

He could only pull the rope to send a signal to Uncle Beard

But Uncle Beard, who had been resupplied, chose to ignore it.

In his heart, he has long been interested in killing John

More and more ogres were prowling around John.

He felt that he might be eaten at any time.

In order to live, he had no choice but to fight for his life.

He threw away his armor and swam up.

This time, they managed to find the explosive.

The two of them buried it around the lighthouse.

They decided to finish the monsters once and for all.

The winter on the island was unusually cold.

But the two did not dare to be lazy in the night

In the cool wind, always watch out for the movement of ogres

John once thought Uncle Beard had frozen into a popsicle

After a long wait

The two men guarded for three weeks the ogre did not come

Uncle Beard thought that Jenny had tipped off her partner

On the spot ready to fix her, but was stopped by John

The gap between the two of them is getting bigger and bigger

In order to destroy the ogre as soon as possible

Uncle Beard began to use Jenny to ask for help from his companions

But this worked, the monster also received the message

A large number of ogres crazy attack, Uncle Beard rushed to press the switch

But then the fuse fell off

When Uncle Beard was under attack

John rushed over and connected the money line

Then we heard the deafening sound of the explosion

The ogres were instantly wiped out

The two men also survived the battle

There are ogre wreckage everywhere

Uncle Beard even went to clean up the battlefield

At that moment, John found that Jenny had disappeared.

To commemorate her, John put up a simple tombstone.

He often watched with his telescope, hoping that Jenny would return.

But what he didn't expect was

Within a few days, he saw Jenny again.

Behind her there were a large number of monsters

But John could see that they were harmless.

Suddenly, a gunshot rang out, and it was Uncle Beard.

After seeing Jenny, Uncle Beard's heart broke instantly.

In fact, they were wrong.

The reason why these monsters attacked the lighthouse

Just to save their queen Jenny

This time they came to make peace

But Uncle Beard was upset.

He thought Jenny belonged to him alone

And attacked the ogre again

The angry John immediately went up and fought with him

Desperately questioned him why he did so

Uncle Beard, only coldly replied, because of love

After saying that, he went to the middle of the ogre

Finally, he was eaten to death.

Years later, the officers sent new men to guard the lighthouse.

And now John has become the old bearded uncle

The man who was lonely and lacked love.

The end of the play

It's a great movie, The Legend of Ice Skin.

Based on the novel of the same name.

Two men on an isolated island fight a monster

A horrible ogre keeps trying to devour them.

And these two men are trying to conquer the monsters.

This is a fight between man and beast

But what they didn't expect was

In the end, both of them became monsters.

Generations of tower guardians have been devoured by evil.

Only love (humanity) can stop the beast in the heart

Those who fight with monsters must always guard against becoming monsters themselves.

Those who stare at the abyss will also be stared at by the abyss

A very good movie


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