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Fantasy romance movie "Covered Time" commentary copy

Fantasy romance movie "Covered Time" commentary text

Fantasy romance movie "Covered Time" commentary copy

After the death of a 14-year-old girl in some car accident, Xiulin moves to Hanano Island to live with her father. Although her stepfather is very nice to her, Soo Rim thinks her mother's death is caused by him, so she is always distant from him. When Soo Ryeong saw Sung Min playing ball alone, he thought he was lonely like himself, and the fact that he was connected to the same life made him feel good about Sung Min. Sung Min was sent to the orphanage by his father, and he always remembered his father's words when he left, that no matter where you live, you must be able to live well. Since he first met Soo Rim, he was also attracted to Soo Rim, and he carefully looked at Soo Rim's blog, taking the opportunity to get closer to Soo Rim. Soo-rim is cared for for the first time and starts to accept Sung-min. The two of them learn to communicate with expressions, small animal simplifications and other secret languages during their time together, and then they also find an old two-story cabin in the woods, where Sung-min carves Soo-rim's likeness with soap. The soap was not picked up, but Soo-rim was so moved that she made a verbal lovers' contract with Sung-min on the spot to love each other for the rest of her life. Soo-rim's stepfather works in the construction team and has recently been mainly responsible for tunnel blasting, and Sung-min and the three kids, Fatty, Tai, and Eye, agreed to go into the woods to watch the blasting, and after Soo-rim found out about it, she also followed him.

The four of them hid in the woods and waited for the blasting, but the four of them did not wait for the blasting. soon a group of four people climbed to the end, the end of a pool of clear water, the bottom of the water there is a larger than a duck egg stone eggs, the whole body emitting a luminous green light, Cheng Min went into the water to take the stone egg up, did not expect that the thing out of the water will be no bright light, the small partners scared immediately climbed out of the tunnel, viewing the stone egg has been black, Xiulin found hairpin dropped in the tunnel, that is her mother left her, to her Very important, Xiulin a lone line into the tunnel, found the pool of water and green light, followed by a loud rumble, the tunnel shook violently, the debris and dirt constantly falling, Xiuling could not look closely, pick up the hairpin to run back. But out of the cave, she only saw the ground stone egg fragments, Cheng Min small fat A Tai all missing, she kept calling out Cheng Min's name, but never got a response, the night she was also trapped in the woods, fainted, small fat A Tai's parents found the next day the children missing, from the glasses know that the children went to see the tunnel blast, found Xiu Lin stepfather, hope to suspend the blast, so that the children are not injured by the explosion, Xiu Lin stepfather heard a Xiu-lin's stepfather, hearing that Xiu-lin was also missing, became anxious and the police sent a large number of officers to search the mountain, but eventually only found a deflated Xiu-ling. At that moment, a police officer came to inform that Fatty's buried body was found. A shadow was cast over the hearts of all the people, what had happened to the three missing children? Soo Ryeong returns to her normal life on the surface, but she can't let go of Sung Min in her heart. She runs into the woods whenever she can, looking for that tunnel, and one day a scruffy adult man comes to him, and keeps calling her name with his mouth, and says he is Sung Min. Soo Ryeong, in a moment of shock, shakes off the man and runs away, her stepfather learns about it and calls the police, who start searching the mountain again. There are a lot of cute expressions, he thought that Soo Ryeong lost it, Soo Ryeong received the notebook and found that it was actually a diary written to him by Sung Min, at that time only he and Sung Min knew the language, through the diary Soo Ryeong learned that when he drilled into the tunnel, Sung Min three people broke the stone egg, then they found that everything was still, the leaves were suspended in the air without moving, the water became gelatinous, the sea also stopped flowing, they came to the city, found that everyone was also fixed, they were in the supermarket in the fast food restaurant casually eat and drink and play, at first also feel very cheerful, until the fat because of asthma died, Chen Min and Tai only began to realize the seriousness of the matter, but they do not know how to go back, only with grief buried the fat, since then the two rely on each other, in the woods of the cabin life. In contrast, Tai lost his confidence, and in despair, he threw himself into the sea, and after learning of this, he also threw himself into the sea, only at that moment, the sea water flowed, and he was washed back to the beach and returned to the original world, while Tai sank to the bottom of the sea, never to return, and Soo Ling After reading the story, she immediately told the police that she had lied, and that there was no one in the woods. Although Officer Baek, who was in charge of the case, thought that Soo-rim might be hiding something else, he ordered the team to close. In order to convince people that this Sungmin is the same Sungmin who was lost a few days ago, the two of them plan to find glasses first. He thinks that he is the one who kidnapped Tai and killed Fatty. The parents thought that Xiu Lin was helping the murderer and asked Xiu Lin's stepfather for an explanation. The parents think that Soo Rim is helping the murderer. When Soo Rim's stepfather came home and didn't see Soo Rim, he thought that he saw a picture of Soo Rim and Sung Min on her cell phone, so he came to the house overnight. The police immediately chased the two of them, but Soo-rim let Sung-min escape alone in order to stall the police, and the police officer interrogated Soo-rim, but he did not believe Soo-rim's words. After winning Xiulin's trust, he brainwashed him and then took the opportunity to kidnap Fatty and Tai. When Sungmin heard Xiulin's defense for Sungmin, he also thought that Xiulin had Stockholm Syndrome. Seeing that even the police did not believe him, Xiulin sneaked out of the police station at night and ran into the woods. This time, she did see the tunnel again, and she looked at the moon in the sky and finally understood that the last time she saw the tunnel was the day of the full moon, and today happened to be also He went into the tunnel and took out another stone egg. She wanted to break the stone egg in front of the police and the victims, so that everyone would enter the world of stillness and believe that what Sungmin said was true. At this time, police officer Bai learns that Xiulin escaped and also leads the police all the way to the woods and to the edge of the cliff, Xiulin desperately explains that he will not let the police shoot, but Sungmin is still attacked, Xiulin is knocked off the cliff when he comes forward to block, police officer Bai comes to the rescue, the two hang on the edge of the cliff and are in danger, seeing that Xiulin does not have the strength to fall off the cliff, Sungmin immediately breaks the stone egg and time He saved Soo Lin and Officer Baek, and when Soo Lin and Officer Baek woke up on the beach, Officer Baek finally believed Soo Lin's story, but he knew that even if he opened his mouth, no one else would believe it, and Fatty Ah Tai's family wouldn't believe it, so that Soo Lin wouldn't be attacked by the public in the future and live a normal life, he told Soo Lin to change her story and say that it was Sung Min who threatened her to cooperate, and that's why he kidnapped Fatty and the three of them. story to the psychiatrist and allowed the psychiatrist to write this story into a book, at the end of the book, she attached a small poem that only she and Chen Min could read, a few days later, Xiuling had transferred to school outside the city, on the boat, she saw a vicissitudes of the back looked like Cheng Min, she went up to say hello, Cheng Min turned his face, the original black hair mixed with white hair, and his face was covered with fine wrinkles, in order to just Xiuling, he Broke the stone egg, he lived alone again in the still world of only black night for 16 years, at this time an old man and a young man four eyes, obviously the same age, but because of a fantasy journey, love but not.

   Today to recommend a time to prohibit all are not long, only I grew up in the film "covered time", from the small beauty of the death of his mother, small beauty which accompanied the skin together to move to the island, life is like this. He met Xiao Ming who lived in the orphanage, the two became good friends, because the background of the two people are very miserable, but also with only each other recognize the symbols exchange diary. Even in the abandoned hut that only the two of them found private life, promised to love each other forever together. And one day Xiao Ming and Xiao Mei ran with a few students from school to play in the mountains. Xiaomei again to find a tree hole. Due to the curiosity of children, but also relatively simple. Do not know that there are many things that kill them in the world round. So a group of people were very excited. Are entering the tree cave, and found that there is a large hole in the ground inside, there is a pool of water in the middle, there is a glowing stone in the middle, Xiaoming entered the water and took the stone up, but the stone out of the water is no longer glowing. After everyone took the stone out of the cave ready to study, but then Xiao Mei found that his mother gave him a hairpin missing, they can only go back, Xiao Ming and his friends looked at the stone in motion, so they broke it, to see what is inside, only to feel a gas out after nothing, but the tragedy began at this time. Xiaoming went back to the cave to find Xiao Mei, found Xiao Mei on is someone pressed the pause button like a motionless. Xiao Ming and friends back to the city found the whole city is motionless. Then engaged in some, began to study how to let time continue, did not study for a long time, asthmatic fatty but died of asthma attack, after that, buried the fatty in the playground near the sea, and then time passed so more than ten years, everyone grew up. In the process, they do not worry about food and clothing, but gradually they can not stand such loneliness. Another little friend also jumped into the water and killed himself. Xiaoming also followed and jumped in. The hero brought his own halo, but accidentally unlocked. In away from the button world began to function normally. At the same time, Xiaomei also began to move. As far as he was concerned, the world did not stop at all. He found Fatty climbing out of the tree hole and found that his friends were gone, in fact, he did not know that he blinked when time had passed 10 years, the police uncle began to look for missing persons, for them, it was a few people went to the mountains to play, only Xiao Mei came back, the others were missing. The police found Fatty's body on the beach. At this point it was felt that things were not simple and thought it was a kidnapping homicide or something like that. At this time when Xiao Mei was at home, he heard a sound outside the house and ran towards the back of the mountain, so he chased out. So he saw a strange man approaching on the hill, and told him that he was Xiao Ming, and kept trying to take some notes on him. Xiao Mei was terrified, thought he met a pervert, down the mountain to run home, the police uncle savings to Mt. listen to Xiao Mei said there are strange people on the mountain, they naturally think that this strange man kidnapped and killed the child. And they did not receive anything on the mountain, only received a notebook, they thought it was Xiao Mei gave him. Take a look back to the room in this book recorded Xiao Ming. These ten years of aggression, and only two people created their own symbols. Xiao Mei believed that the strange man just now was Xiao Ming. So he ran to the hut that only the two of them knew and found that Xiao Ming was really inside, and there were scars on his body that Xiao Ming should have, and the two cried bitterly. Waiting to say that after he returned to the real world, he did not know what to do, and could not go to his family. Afterwards, Xiao Mei helps Xiao Ming live in the book house, and they also study how to let everyone know that he is Xiao Ming, who tries to go back to the orphanage to say things that only the dean knows. Of course it was considered by the dean as a pervert who eavesdropped and peeped and called the police to deal with it. These two people still decided to elope and escape to somewhere else, but the two people just ready to buy boat tickets, security saw the suspect in the TV, and then sent a photo of Xiaoming grow up like, everyone on the island appeared on the obvious, the two people were soon discovered by the police, they ran into the sewers, Xiaomei was ready to leave a section after Xiaoming had to escape and was brought in. Xiao Mei has been trying to explain that Xiao Ming is encountered time suspension, only to become the current appearance. The police, of course, did not believe, but also Xiaomei said Xiaoming's current location. So Xiao Ming had to escape when everyone was not paying attention. Xiao Mei ran to the previous tree hole, to prove that there really is a time pause, but also really found the luminous stone, he came out and found, also came to find the stone Xiao Ming. He wanted to use the time pause in the second time to avoid the wanted. This time suddenly earthquake touched missing, the police also rushed to. They coincidentally ran to the edge of the cliff. Xiao Mei tried to explain the police is pretending not to hear, they just think a perverted brief little girl, the police and Xiao Mei fight in the process, Xiao Mei accidentally lost his footing Xiao Ming this time fell shattered the luminous stone. In saving Xiaoming at the same time, but also gave himself the opportunity to escape, but it also means that he has to continue to live many years of a person's life, Xiaomei woke up again, has been Xiaoming safe to the beach, the police eventually could not explain, can only say that Xiaoming jumped into the sea and disappeared. Xiao Mei was also sent to see a psychiatrist, because he still kept saying that Xiao Ming met a time pause after a few years, Xiao Mei chanced to meet Xiao Ming who became better once on the boat, and chased after him. Well, today's commentary is here, like to remember to pay attention to ah, we will see you next time.

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