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Movie "Assassination" review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Movie "Assassination" Review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

This woman and this man

A few minutes ago they were strangers to each other

They just came here for a cup of coffee

But soon they will become the target of each other's death

This is the Korean anti-Japanese spy film "Assassination" released in 2015.

Movie "Assassination" review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

The film has won several best picture awards at major film festivals in Korea

The story is set in 1933

Shanghai and the capital of Korea are occupied by the Japanese

Before the commander is about to return to Japan

Before the commander returns to Japan, the Chosun Provisional Government prepares to assemble a three-man assassination team

To carry out an assassination mission in Shanghai

The team is headed by a tall, thin agent, Captain Lian.

He had been working for the organization for over 10 years.

The first person he's looking for is the girl Yoon.

This is a prisoner on death row for shooting his superior.

But Yoon was an advanced sniper.

But Yoon is an advanced sniper. She has poor eyesight, but she never misses a shot.

She had two other team members who were neighbors in the prison.

They were in the middle of a prison break when Division found them.

But they couldn't open the door with a set of keys.

It was only after Captain Lian gave some pointers that they found the right place to open the lock

I wonder if these two people are here for a laugh

The person responsible for meeting with them is the leader of the organization

This time their mission was not only to assassinate the commander who was guarding Korea.

There was also a traitor who had frequent dealings with the commander.

After setting up the work, the leader was going to take a photo of them as a souvenir.

At that moment, gunshots rang out from downstairs.

There is a windy man is fighting with people in the night

That is to say, this firefight a few minutes further back

An underground gambling house in Shanghai is overcrowded and in full swing

A bearded man with a cigar got up and left a note

It said that the Hawaiian pistol would be here in 5 minutes

The people in the room immediately quieted down when they heard this

After a few moments, they all packed up their things and left in a hurry, even the shopkeeper disappeared.

Only a few Japanese people were left.

They didn't understand Chinese and didn't know what was going on.

Before they knew it, bullets were flying at them from afar.

This Hawaiian is the man Yoon met at the cafe.

He's a professional killer, known as 300 dollars.

That is, 300 dollars for each target killed.

The bearded man was his partner.

Yoon glanced at him in front of the window and did not care for such a person.

They closed the window and continued the photo shoot.

The assassination team was officially established.

After Hawaii finished this order, a new client came to the door.

They took out three photos of Yoon and her team members.

This client is Captain Lian

Aren't these three people the team he just formed?

Why did he turn around and find someone to kill them?

It turns out that this Captain Lim has been a traitor for a long time.

He was captured by the Japanese over 10 years ago while on a mission.

In order to save his life, he became a spy, so he helped the organization form a team.

The other side to help the Japanese to destroy the team

The assassination he did was related to Yoon.

He just didn't know it because Yoon was a baby at that time.

She had a twin sister and her father was the traitor, Kang.

He was attacked by Captain Lian when he was having dinner with the Japanese

When he got back, he found out that his wife had revealed the information.

That night, his wife took the twins with her, and Kang sent his men after them.

One of the two babies was taken away by the nurse and the other by the housekeeper.

The others didn't survive.

The one taken away was Yoon, who grew up and joined the revolutionary Independence Corps.

The one left behind was her sister.

She had a Japanese name and was going to marry the commander's son.

The assassination was scheduled for the day the two families were going to attend the event.

The place was a gas station where they had to pass.

Such a big deal, of course, Captain Lian rushed to inform the news

But the commander felt that backing out of the battle seems too humiliating and gutsy

So he insisted on going ahead

But the old Kang left an eye to let everyone change the car

The assassination team had made thorough preparations.

Only when we reached the front did we realize that the target was not in the original car.

It was too late.

Yoon found their car and chased them with machine gun fire.

She had forced Kang and the others into a dead end.

She was about to change places when Hawaii showed up with a gun pointed at her.

Hawaii saw that Yoon was wearing the scarf she gave her at the cafe around her neck.

She couldn't do anything about it.

Suddenly the gas pipe downstairs burst and Yoon took the opportunity to shoot at him.

Hawaii fortunately ran fast or he would have died

Yoon's comrades who were on the ground were all killed due to their weakness.

The old Kang and his group also changed cars and escaped, but left her sister behind.

This was the first time the two twins met officially.

Looking at each other, Yoon's thoughts stopped.

Then she got shot in the arm.

Hawaii had been hiding in the shadows waiting for a chance to strike.

Only Yoon was caught and he didn't get away.

The two of them were put in a car and taken back together.

The Japanese didn't allow them to have sex with each other.

In order to get out, Hawaii made a suggestion to Yoon.

Then the two of them managed to escape.

On the way, Hawaii found out who Yoon was.

It turned out that it was not what Captain Lian said.

Only a traitor would accuse someone of being a traitor.

At least Hawaii has a patriotic heart.

So he decided not to kill Yoon and sent her to the hospital.

The bearded man was still waiting to get the money.

As a result, Yoon was let go by Hawaii.

The sister went home and asked about her twin sister

And she found an address in her father's study.

This was found by Kang when Yoon went to the department store to get glasses.

According to the address, she found Yoon.

Before the two sisters could talk to each other, there was a commotion outside the door.

She told her sister to hide and she would take care of it.

It was Kang. Sister was relieved.

He thought she was Yoon.

He thought she was Yoon. Yoon, who was in a state of shock, was at a loss downstairs.

The cab she called was still there.

She wanted to leave, but finally she went back to her sister's house.

She wanted to leave, but she went back to her sister's house.

Hawaii and the bearded man came out and ran into the Japanese army.

The gendarme told him to get in line too.

He went up and slapped the man, and he started to pretend to be a Japanese officer again.

He was recognized as an officer on the train before.

And he met Yoon's sister's fiancé, the commander's son Kawaguchi.

Speaking of Kawaguchi, he was here, and Hawaii almost forgot his name.

Kawaguchi asked him to be the guard at the wedding.

While we were talking, some flower girls were passing by.

A little girl's flower pot hit Kawaguchi.

He ended up killing her.

When he saw his own people being killed by the Japanese.

Hawaii felt very bad.

He decided to take this job and get rid of Kawaguchi.

Before the wedding, Hawaii came to meet Kawaguchi at the old Kang's house.

Yoon came out of her sister's room.

She was going to pretend to be her sister and hold a wedding with Kawaguchi.

She mentioned the cafe in Shanghai and hinted to Hawaii that she was Yoon.

On the day of the wedding, Yoon finally fulfilled the mission of the organization.

In order to escape, she and Hawaii kidnapped Kawaguchi.

They were about to get out.

But Captain Lian recognized Hawaii and chased after him.

He thought Hawaii was the one who kidnapped Kawaguchi and his fiancee.

Under the heavy siege of Captain Lian, Hawaii could only agree to release them

Of course, Kawaguchi couldn't kill him for sure.

He asked Yoon to continue playing his sister and return safely to the old Kang's house.

Before they left, they agreed to meet again at the Shanghai Café.

Hawaii and the bearded man escaped through a secret passage.

But they never escaped this time.

Captain Lian had already set up a net there.

Yoon couldn't wait for Hawaii at the cafe.

In 1945, the war against Japan ended and the Korean people gained their freedom.

In 1949, Captain Lim stood in the defendant's chair in the court case against the nationalist act.

By this time, he was 62 years old and a police officer in the Republic of Korea.

He pleaded not only not guilty.

He showed the scars of war on his body in front of everyone.

He disguised himself as an anti-Japanese hero

He was eventually acquitted and released from court

After his release, he was in a good mood

Strolling alone to buy something to eat

Then he saw Miss Kang.

He followed her all the way into a courtyard where a man was sitting

When he looked at him, he saw the comrade he had assassinated when his whereabouts were exposed.

He was still alive.

On the other hand, Yoon pulled out his gun and they had to settle something here.

This is the end of the movie. The revolutionary mission of the comrades is complete.

Some people said it was the best anti-Japanese spy movie he'd ever seen.

Others said that if anti-Japanese dramas were shot like this, they'd want to watch them every day.

Anyway, I think it's good.

The pacing is tight, the story is rich, and there is humor in the rigor.

Not to mention the performance

Jeon Ji-hyun and Ha Jung-woo who will not like it


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