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Thriller "Rainy Night Strange Case" movie commentary copy

Thriller"Rainy Night Strange Case" movie comment ary copy

Thriller "Rainy Night Strange Case" movie commentary copy

How should a rainy day pass more matching?

Is it music, chocolate

Or romantic love

No, none of these

This is a mysterious case

Today we will bring you a movie

A movie with three cases in a row on a rainy night

The truth of the case is puzzling

Let's watch the movie together and find out the truth

The story starts in

A rainy night in 2016

In this night

A series of cases happened

It's called the Rainy Night Strange Case

The sheriff to pursue the case

And sacrificed a leg as the price

In the end, the case became a headless one

Five years later

The sheriff's friend's son wanted to become a police officer

His friend did not want

Let his son pursue his career

Let the son go to the sheriff

Let the sheriff convince his son

to give up the idea of becoming a policeman

That day a young man came

He wore a hat

Called himself the Hat

He was the son of a friend.

Cap told the sheriff

He wanted to be a police officer

It was because of the strange case five years ago on a rainy night

He investigated and learned that

On that rainy night

Three rich kids

Driving a red car while drunk

Hit and killed an unlucky man

Put him in the trunk

They planned to dispose of the unlucky man's body

in order to escape the punishment of the law

but never thought

Halfway down the road, they encountered a traffic police check

The traffic police insisted on towing their car to the station

The three men did not want to do so

They stabbed the traffic police and ran away

Speaking of which

The hat brother stopped

Said he only knew this

Sheriff then followed his words

Continue to say

At that time the next day

He went to work early in the morning

He received a call from a newspaper man.

The newspaper man told the sheriff

He had found a man shot dead

He found a man shot to death on that road

After listening to his story, the sheriff

Then let the newspaper man leave

But he just walked to the door of the police station

Then he shouted

There was a white car in front of the police station

And when he came out

The white car then drove away again

The man who delivered the newspaper told the sheriff

He also saw the white car at the crime scene

At that time, a new police officer

Conan told the sheriff his doubts

He said that the man who shot him

There is a high probability that it was an homicide

And the three rich kids in the neighborhood often carry guns

They are most likely to be the murderer

The sheriff agreed with his reasoning

So he drove to the rich boy's home

Here the sheriff briefly

Ask them some things

From their reaction, it was clear that

They are not the murderer of the man who shot him

But the three also hid other things

After the questioning, the sheriff opened the

The trunk of their red car to check

But nothing was found

The sheriff was on his way back

Received another report

A girl Mei Mei suddenly disappeared from her room

And her room was full of blood stains

The caller was Mei Mei's best friend, Ah Li

Ally claimed to have come here this morning

She saw what she saw

And chose to call the police

That's when the sheriff got a message

Mei Mei had called the police

A man named Mano often harassed her

The sheriff searched his mind for this name

He remembered that among the three rich kids

The man in the yellow suit was named Mano

Thinking of this

The sheriff hurried back to the

The rich boys' residence

At that time he saw the newspaper man

and three people were together

So the sheriff took all four of them

All of them to the police station for questioning

During the interrogation, Mano told the sheriff

He didn't know Mei Mei well

Not to mention harassment

But he was the only one around named Mano

The case was once again at a standstill.

The sheriff investigated the case again.

He found that the blood stain in Mei Mei's room was type B blood

And Mei-mei is blood type 0

She also had a fiancé

The blood type of the man who shot her is B blood type

Conan took the photo of the man who was shot and killed

Asked Mei Mei's neighbors and got a positive answer

But by accident

The police chief from the video taken by the young photographer

found the license plate number of the white car

He also saw Ally in it

That night, she came to look for Mei-mei

But when she reported the case

But she said she came here the next day

Why would Ally lie?

Obviously she knows more clues

Thinking of this

The sheriff took Conan and went to hunt for Ally

But she had already disappeared without a trace

Ally's trail was closed

But the three rich kids have a breakthrough

They finally couldn't stand the pressure

They confessed to the rainy night hit-and-run case

But when they tried to dispose of

The body in the trunk of the car

But they found the body was gone

The man who delivered the newspaper

The reason why she appeared in their room

It turns out that she witnessed the three rich kids

Hitting people

She wanted to blackmail them

The sheriff thought that the newspaper man

Probably knew more information

So he interrogated him again

That rainy night

The newspaper man first found

The man who shot him was lying in the rain

Next to a white car

Then he saw the unlucky man

Hit and killed by three rich kids

The reason why he only reported the case of the shooting man

Because he wanted to blackmail three rich kids

The newspaper man also denied

He denied that he stole the body from the trunk

He said he was only after the money

The body was useless.

Later, the sheriff received a tip-off

A white car dropped a package into the river

But the sheriff took Conan with him

Came to the river but found nothing

However, on their way back

But found the white car on the side of the road

When Conan drove close

But the sheriff set off the alarm to scare off the car

Conan drove full speed

But was involved in a car accident

As a result, his face was completely disfigured

He was in a coma in a hospital bed for five years

The sheriff also broke a leg

Since then, the trail has been broken

The murderer also went unpunished


The sheriff continued to say to the hat in front of him

Later Ally found him

Explaining the truth of the whole incident

It turned out that the man who shot him

Is the one who harassed Mei-mei Mano

After shooting a man and raping Mei-mei on that rainy night

He was with that unlucky man

They took Mei-mei and Ally as hostages

The two of them got into a white car and prepared to leave

Just then Mei-mei's fiancé caught up with them

He shot the man with a gun

The unlucky man was so scared that he went over the railing and tried to run

But unexpectedly the drunken passing by

Three rich kids hit and killed

Brother Cap, after listening to the sheriff's story

He pulled out his gun and pointed it at him

So Brother Hat is that

Conan who used to follow the sheriff

Cap recovered

See the fiancé killer

And the sheriff's intimate embrace

Then he shot and killed the sheriff

Cap was also killed by the police who came here

It turns out that the fiancé killer

Is the sheriff's secret son

This is the end of the story.

The whole content is full of

many reversals

But I think in the movie

So many victims

The most realistic one should be Cap

Well, this is a kid who likes to deduce

A movie not to be missed

Worth watching

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