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Thriller "Borrowed Knife Murder" movie commentary copy

Thriller "Borrowed Knife Murder" movie commentary copy

Thriller "Borrowed Knife Murder" movie commentary copy

Cab driver Blackie was stunned.

He never thought he was waiting for a customer on the road.

A murder has occurred.

Smashed in his own car.

Just as he was dazed.

The guests arrived in a panic.

Look at the scene in front of him.

He was not surprised at all.

Tentative questions

Did you do this?

The guest replies coldly.

It wasn't himself who killed the man

It was the bullet that killed the man

Then he also coerced Blackie to help him

together to carry the victim into the trunk

Blackie became an accomplice in this way in a confused manner

A few hours ago

He still thought today was his lucky day

When he first went to work

He picked up a woman who looked like his aesthetic

Blackie looked for a chance to strike up a conversation

Suggested a relatively time-saving route

But the woman said she took this route every day

According to her route should be Z fast

The two also made a bet on this

Blackie is a conscientious and ZY driver

The two of them opened their conversation

The woman said her name was Beauty and she was a prosecutor

Blackie also introduced himself

He also said he always had a dream

To open a luxury cab company

To give each customer a tourist-like ride experience

After saving enough money, he would travel to the Maldives

Her humor and witty talk could not help but open up her heart

Work makes her spirit very tight every day

What she lacks is Black's open-minded optimism

Looking at the frowning beauty

Take out the Maldivian photos in front of him to give

This makes the beauty of him more good feeling

When he got off the bus, he also left his contact information

Black was happy to drive the car and continue to work

Then he met the current customer, Lao Wen

He is very easy-going

Just get in the car, he took the initiative to talk to Xiaohei

He said he was here on a business trip

He had to go to several places in a day

He was also willing to pay double the price to hire Hei's car

Let him serve only himself for a day

But who would have thought

The man who looks elegant and gentlemanly is actually a professional killer

Xiaohei is now in a difficult position

He had to be coerced by Old Man

He drove him to the next location

On the way, he persuaded Old Man to stop

This is a waste of human life

But Old Man just told him indifferently that this was his job

Hei was feeling the cold-bloodedness of this man

There were two policemen on patrol in front of him

They made a routine check

Asked Blacky to open the trunk

Because he knew

Once the trunk was opened

These two police officers will also die under the gun of Old Man

So he deliberately delayed to find an excuse

Old Man followed by touching the pistol at his waist

He saw that a battle was about to break out

Suddenly, an urgent call came over the intercom

The police immediately turned around and rushed to the scene

Black's heart finally fell down a big stone

Under the direction of Old Man

Two people got on the car and arrived at the next station

In order to prevent Xiaohei from escaping

Old Man put his hand KB on the steering wheel

But just when he was about to leave

The intercom came from the boss of small black ranting

Said Xiaohei neglected his duties

And crashed the car

Asked him to bear all the costs


He doesn't care about the safety of his employees

And he is mean

Blacky was at a loss as to how to explain

The old man on the side picked up the walkie-talkie and taught Hei to dislike him directly

He also lied that he was a prosecutor

To sue the boss for oppressing employees

The boss was instantly scared

Black looked incredulous

This is the first time he dared to defy his boss

It was also the first time someone helped him to redress his grievances

But after Old Man left

He quickly recognized his current situation

Hope to attract LR's attention

Seeking help

Two men came to hear about it

Xiaohei thought he saw hope

But they took advantage of the situation and robbed him

They stole Black's wallet and briefcase from the back seat

Old Man came down after finishing his business

Called the two men who were about to leave

The two men took out their pistols

But the next moment

Old Man returned the wallet to Blackie

He also untied him

When they arrived at the gas station

Old Man proposed to find a bar for a drink and rest for a while

He also said he liked jazz music

Blackie saw that he did not want to continue killing

He gladly followed him

They met a boss who opened his own store and played himself

The three of them had a good conversation

From music appreciation to life philosophy

Hei found that although Old Man was a killer

But he was a man of substance

But just when he was about to change his mind

Old Man suddenly mentioned the name of a person

The boss's expression suddenly changed

followed by

So this boss is also one of Lao Wen's targets

Xiaohei woke up like a dream

After all, he was still too young

He angrily accused Lao Wen of being a hypocrite

But Old Man still insisted that it was just his job

The two of them had a heated argument

The boss's voice came over the intercom again

He said Xiaohei's mother couldn't dial his number

She was in the hospital and was very anxious

Xiaohei immediately went to his mother to tell her that she was safe

Lao Wen followed him all the way

He also bought a bouquet of flowers on the way

The mother saw Lao Wen and thought he was Xiaohei's friend

Warmly talk

And said his son is very impressive

Running a luxury cab company

Old man also cooperated and did not expose

On the contrary, Xiaohei looked embarrassed

But Lao Wen was still anxious mother continued to say

He grabbed Lao Wen's briefcase and left the door

It was full of important customer information

Old Man rushed to catch up with him

The two came to an overpass

Blackie made a shocking move

The man took the client information of a top killer

Old Man angrily pushed Blacky to the ground

But soon he calmly came up with a solution

Because he never showed his face when dealing with others

So he asked Blacky to impersonate himself

to get the backup information from the client

But such a move will undoubtedly expose Blackie

The frequent murder cases

The police had already launched an investigation

They concluded that the killers hired by Lao Wen's clients were responsible

Because the victims were all FD cases committed by the client

Witnesses who were about to appear in court

So the police locked up Blackie as soon as he appeared

They followed them all the way to the bar

A witness was partying inside

With the sound of Old Man's gunshot

The police launched an operation

But they still took Blackie as the target

Aiming with infrared

In the nick of time

Lao Wen came to the rescue

This solved the crisis of Blackie

But just when Xiaohei was in a daze

In a moment of confusion

Old Man pulled Blacky away from the scene

Now there is only one last target left

And after the fierce gun battle between them

Relationship has changed subtly

On the way, they also talked about life in a heartfelt way

Blackie once again pointed out Old Man's sins in a painstaking way

For him

Killing is just a well-paying job

Instead, he felt that Xiaohei, who knew he would not succeed

Or he was already old when he succeeded

But still clinging to the pathetic principles

This is more pathetic

It seems to hate Old Man's stubbornness

It also seems to hate himself for not doing anything so far

Blackie seems to be stimulated to step on the gas

Totally disregarded the old man with a gun

Although he could not stop Old Man

to the last destination

But Blacky got rid of him in a radical way

But when he accidentally looked at Lao Wen's computer

He found that the last target was Beauty

It turned out that Beauty was the prosecutor in charge of this case

He didn't have time to think about it

He hurriedly called Mei Mei

while running to her place of work

But while he was trying to explain in a panic

Lao Wen had arrived first

In order to prevent Mei Mei from calling the police

He cut the electric switch

Then he quickly went to the floor where Beauty was

Fortunately, Blacky arrived in time

He used a gun to wound Lao Wen

Then he took Beauty all the way to escape

The two of them went through the tunnel to the subway station

In order to avoid Old Man's pursuit

They crawled forward

They didn't dare to sit on the chair until the train left

Little did they know

Old Man is like a beast of prey

Step by step, he was approaching the two of them

Blackie in order to protect the person he loves

He had to shoot hard

He slowly sat down on the seat

He ended his life gracefully

Maybe Old Man was indifferent

But for Blackie

After he helped himself to angrily rebuke the boss

Grabbed back his wallet

Buy flowers for his mother

Even save his own life at that moment

He is warm

It's just that the cold world

He became a lost grain of dust among the thousands of stars

Murder by Knife

is one of the most powerful films I have ever seen

If you like it, you can see the original film.


I'm XX.

See you next time

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