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Plot "Donkey Skin Princess" movie commentary copy

Plot"Donkey Skin Princess" movie comment ary copy

Plot "Donkey Skin Princess" movie commentary copy

The king vowed to marry only a woman more beautiful than his dead wife

He didn't expect to be choosy

Finally chose his own daughter

What's more unexpected is that

At first the daughter

actually had to say yes

The movie XXX brings today is

The Donkey Skin Princess

Long, long ago

There was a small country

This was a treasure

It was in the most prominent place in the palace

That was the king's donkey

Just eat the grass

And it pulled down gold and gems

Since he had him

The king's life was prosperous

But not for long

The queen suddenly fell seriously ill

Before she died

She made the king swear

If you marry a new queen.

You will be more beautiful than you are.

Then she passed away.

The king was devastated.

But the ministers were never idle.

Urging him that for the stability of the country he must

Take a new wife as soon as possible

The king remembered his vow

He instructed his ministers to search for the most beautiful woman

So the ministers searched everywhere

portraits of women of the right age to present to the king

The portraits were presented to the king

But these women were not rich

They were not beautiful

They were too old

The king did not see any of them

Finally a portrait caught his attention

The woman in the painting was gentle and beautiful

The king liked it very much

He asked who it was.

To his surprise

It was his and the queen's only daughter

He looked at the beautiful and simple princess

He offered to marry her

The princess was confused

She loved her father very much

But how could she marry him?

But the king was a stickler.

She was given only one day to think about it.

The princess was torn

She had to sneak off into the woods

To the fairy godmother for help.

The godmother helped her with an idea

If she asked for something the king couldn't do

Then you can not marry


The princess returned to the palace

She offered the king to make a dress

The same dress as the weather

She would marry him

The king was very happy.

What's so difficult about a dress?

The next day, he gave her the finished product.

The princess looked at it

It was not difficult enough

The dress had to be the same as the moon and the sun.

The king did it again easily

So the princess had a heart attack

Asked the king for the skin of that precious donkey

To make a dress out of it

The king was also determined to marry the princess

That night, he skinned the donkey

and brought it to her bedchamber.

When the princess didn't know what to do

The godmother appeared

She made the princess put on the donkey's skin

She blackened her pretty little face

Gave her a carriage

And sent her away from the palace in the night.

The princess rode in the carriage to a small village in a neighboring country

A toad woman was short of dishwashers.

So she took the princess in.

And placed her outside the village

In a dilapidated hut

The princess thus began to live a self-sufficient life

Meanwhile, she was afraid of being found by the king.

She wore her donkey skin all the time

When the villagers saw her like that

They teased her

They gave her a nickname

Donkey Skin Woman

It was in

A prince from a neighboring country passed by the village on his tour

A talking flower guided him

He came to the princess' small art house

At this time, the princess took advantage of the absence of people

She had secretly changed into her gorgeous dress

She was dressing up.

The prince was immediately attracted by her beauty

He asked the toad girl for her name

He also complimented the donkey skin girl on her name

After returning to his country

The prince got lovesick

He lay in bed every day

He was depressed

His parents were very worried

The prince said

If only he could eat the cake made by the donkey skin lady

and he would regain his strength

Upon hearing this, the king and queen

immediately sent for the donkey skin lady

When they saw the attendants sent from the palace

The princess thought to herself

I must make the most of this opportunity

She put on a beautiful dress

She made a cake with all her heart

And secretly hid her ring inside

After the prince got the ring

He missed the princess even more

He stared at the ring every day

He even saw a vision of the princess

The doctor told the king and queen

The prince was suffering from lovesickness

If they got married, they would be cured

Then the prince took out the ring and said

He would only marry

The girl who can wear this ring

So the king ordered

To hold an election

Whoever could wear the ring

Will be able to marry the prince

When the news came out

All the girls in the country started to try their best

To make their fingers long and slender

The rich made pills

Poor people just squashed their fingers

Others had a whimsical idea

Bone cutting with boiling water

Up to ninety-nine

Down to just walking

Girls all over the country are lining up to try them on one by one

But the rings are too small

Nothing fits


The princess appeared

She put on the ring with ease

To the amazement of the eyes

She took off her donkey's skin

She returned to her original noble and beautiful appearance

At that moment, the prince also happily took her hand

The two of them walked together into the marriage hall

From then on, he lived a happy life

This is the end of the movie

The fairy tale happy ending

The happy ending of the fairy tale cannot be achieved without the princess' own efforts

When she fights against fate

Giving up her originally rich life

Pay attention to the timing

Seize the opportunity to approach the prince

When everyone is faced with a choice

A choice has to be made

May we listen to our inner voice

Courageously pursue our own happiness

I am XXX See you next time

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