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Plot "Custody" movie commentary copy

Plot"Custody" movie comment ary copy

Plot "Custody" movie commentary copy

Hello everyone, I am XXX

Today I will tell you about a

The brutal murder of a two-year-old boy

The perpetrator is only ten years old

In the public perception

A guilty murderer

Look fierce and vicious

Are unremarkable and hypocritical

Are always adults

Innocent children

It's hard for them

Associated with those dark words

But there are always exceptions in this world

These two men appeared in the interrogation room

Misfit figures

They are Boone and Lolis

He's a ten-year-old boy, not even a teenager yet

A two-year-old boy named James was brutally murdered.

They're the prime suspects.

Boone looks panicked.

He often looked at his mother who was with him

The police just started questioning

He immediately denied

He had been to the mall where the boy was first seen

And Lolis seemed much calmer.

Even after seeing the surveillance footage of him and Boone taking James Jr.

He didn't panic.

He denied it.

Even when asked if the person's jacket was the same as his.

He was also able to answer calmly

There are many people who have the same jacket as him.

There was no proof that the person in the surveillance was him

After several rounds of questioning by the police

Lolis reversed his earlier statement.

Admitted that those two people were Boone and himself

But the only one who took James was Boone

He didn't do anything.

After knowing that Lolis explained that she and he had been to the mall

Tears were welling up in his eyes.

Suddenly emotionally charged

Logic began to be confused

From the initial denial that he had been to the mall

To later admit that he had been there but denied seeing James

And never robbed him.

His mother, who had always believed him, was incredulous.

She couldn't stop questioning him.

Boone cried harder and harder.

He broke down more and more

On the other side, Lori remained calm.

Still denied that she had touched Junior

The police said

There was an old lady who saw them by the reservoir

They were with Junior.

The bruises on Junior's head caught her attention

When asked about them

They lied and said they found him at the bottom of the hill

The bruise was already there when she saw him.

The grandmother didn't doubt it.

So she missed the chance to rescue Junior.

Later on

Lolis confessed.

They took James Jr. together.

But it was Boone who carried him.

She didn't touch him at all.

Said they put him by the railroad and left.

But knowing that Lolis had put the blame on herself.

Boone's face was red with excitement.

Called Lolis a liar.

And he started to bite Lolis in the ass.

He said he threw the baby away.

Boone kept denying, lying and playing the poor guy.

He jumped into the arms of the police and told them his grievances.

You can tell.

He's very good at using his innocence.

to get what he wants.

The interrogation room was in chaos.

The police said to Lolis

They found Junior's blood on both him and Boone.

They found Junior's blood on both him and Boone.

That they were both present when Junior bled.

And perhaps did something to cause Junior's bleeding.

Ten-year-old Lolis didn't know

There's a DNA test through blood.

So she's still trying to explain that the blood on his body

It came from his own slashed neck.

This, of course, did not fool the police.

Lolis was finally broken down by the questioning.

After being persuaded by her parents.

Boone finally confessed to all of this.

They killed the baby.

They had seen Junior by the butcher store.

Boone thought he might have gotten lost.

So they took him everywhere to find his mother.

But having lost patience.

They took him down to the canal.

They picked him up and threw him down hard.

That's how he got that head injury.

Because Loris hated her brother.

And he saw his brother in Junior.

So he was disgusted with him as well

So he opened the paint can

And threw it in Junior's face

He insulted and tortured him.

Finally, they took Junior to the railroad tracks

Throwing bricks at him

Hit him hard in the head with a crowbar

After seeing him pass out

they immediately ran away

And James Jr. was left behind

was run over by a passing train and killed

This short film is based on a real case in England

In the real case

Boone and Loris explain their

More gruesome motives

and a more brutal account of the killing.

On February 12, 1993.

Boone and Lolis, who had skipped school, were shoplifting in a mall

After being kicked out by a clerk

They had the idea to kidnap a child

They had the idea to kidnap a child and use the items they stole to make fun of him.

Their initial target was a pair of toddlers

But the toddler's mother caught them in time

They did not succeed in stealing the child.

After that, they set their sights on little James, who was left alone.

After luring Junior out of the mall.

They wanted to push him into the road and let a car hit him.

But because of the fear of too many people on the road

they would not be able to run away

So they took him to a remote train station

They began their hellish torture methods.

After finding Junior tortured to death.

The two men also put his body on the tracks

Trying to fake a train crash.

When the police found Junior's body.

He had already been run over by the train and cut in two.

After forensic examination

James Jr. had more than 40 fractures and stab wounds

He had more than 40 fractures and puncture wounds.

Ten bone fractures in his head alone

His eyes and face were covered in blue paint.

His clothes were stripped naked.

His mouth was filled with batteries.

There were also violent lacerations on his lower body

Interrogated by the police

Boone and Lolis initially tried to get by

rolling around, crying and screaming.

seemingly to no avail.

They started pushing, shoving, punching and fighting with each other.

But the evidence was overwhelming.

Finally, they confessed to the crime.

The police interrogated them one last time

Because the details were too outrageous

Couldn't be played in the courtroom

So four tapes were withheld

Never made public

In the end, the two men were found guilty of murder and kidnapping

Sentenced after several trials

In the end, it was set at only eight years

After serving the sentence

They could live a new life under different identities

And could keep it strictly confidential

Because they were only 10 years old

They became the youngest murderers of the 20th century

Not every child is an angel.

Sometimes children are more pure in their evil.

Even more reckless

It's scary.

This movie is from the short play "Custody

XXX says movie, stay with you every day

I'm XXX See you next time

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