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Drama film "Ambition is hard to resist" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Drama movie"Ambition is hard to resist" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Drama film "Ambition is hard to resist" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

This man is really hateful

He went to the church to collect protection money from the priest.

When he saw a man with a scar on his forehead in the church

He was immediately scared out of his wits.

What is it that men are afraid of?

In the vast American West

There is a happy family of three

The son, Qiang, is innocent and pure

His parents were kind and warm

This day before dinner

The family prayed with folded hands

Just at that moment

Suddenly there was an ear-splitting knock on the door

When Xiao Qiang's father opened the door

His face immediately showed a frightened expression

The other person came into the house

He spat directly on the table

He also put the two golden guns on his waist on the table

He and Xiao Qiang's father had a deep hatred for each other

Knowing that he was going to kill him

The father begged him to spare his family


They didn't seem to agree

To prevent Qiang from escaping

A man with a scorpion tattooed on his hand held him down

Xiao Qiang's parents were killed by the other side's gun


The other side did not kill Qiang

He took out a knife

He stabbed a deep wound on Qiang's forehead

Why did they treat Qiang's family so cruelly?

No one knows the answer

In the blink of an eye

Many years have passed

A man came to the church as usual

He came to collect protection money from the priest.

The man had a scorpion tattooed on his hand

He was the same man who was in the presence of Xiao Qiang

The priest had long since gone into hiding

The man standing in front of him

He has a cross scar on his forehead

The original

When the young Qiang was young

Now has become a full-faced brother Keung

The scorpion man understood everything

He pretended to be aggrieved and wanted to explain something

While sneaking to get the gun on his waist

Without saying a word, Keung took out his gun and killed his opponent

Robberies are rampant in the American West

On this day

The masked gang robbed the bank

They rode their horses to escape quickly

Marshal hid behind the mountain

After aiming at the robbers

He killed one of them directly

The robbers immediately hid behind a rock

Desperately fought back

Marshal suddenly stopped shooting

The leader of the robbers, Dali, then ordered his men to stop as well

He decided to wait for the marshal to show his head

Then all the firepower would be directed at him again.

Then the other side would be dead for sure

At that moment

Another man, Xiaojun, walked leisurely behind the robbers

Xiaojun is a famous fast gunner

He took out two robbers directly


Xiaojun is a good friend of Marshal

Some of the robbers were not convinced

He said Xiaojun's gun speed wasn't the fastest

There's a man named Wei

His gun speed was much faster than Xiaojun's

Xiaojun argued with his opponent stubbornly

The two men did not care about Dali next to them

Dali intended to pull out a gun for a sneak attack

The result was a shot to kill the pistol

Xiaojun out of the gun is so fast

That night

Qiang came to the tavern in the town

Sister Jin, the owner, came out

She improvised a song for everyone and then

She walked straight up to Keung

They didn't communicate much

They kissed directly


They were originally lovers relationship

But then

Jin told Keung to get out and punched him

When Keung was at a loss for words

The waiter Xiao Bin quietly told him to go to the 3rd room on the left of the 2nd floor

Keung understood

He entered that room

Sister Jin was waiting for him there

Sister Jin loves Keung

Keung was so focused on revenge that he distanced himself from her

That's what caused her discontent just now

Now Keung had killed the scorpion man

The man who carved the words on his head

Because he was sentenced to life imprisonment

So it's hard for Keung to seek revenge on him

After Jin and Keung had a few words.

The two of them did something indescribable

Da Shuai and Xiao Jun were both Qiang's men

They handed over Big Li, the leader of the robbers, to Keung for disposal

Qiang wanted to kill Big Li

But Big Li brutally told Keung

The money they got

was all robbed from the bank run by Daejang

He had the exact information

Da Zhuang was about to be released from prison

Now the money was in Keung's hands.

So when the time comes, Da Zhuang will definitely not spare Qiang

After listening to Big Li's words

He was very happy

Because years of blood revenge can finally be avenged

This man is really ruthless

Facing the top officer of the town

Two more blows

The opponent's teeth were knocked out

Is this man crazy?

Keung fired one shot

The bullet broke the rope tied to Dali's hand

Finally Qiang let him go

Dazhong was to be transferred to another prison to serve his sentence.

The train transporting him was moving slowly.

Suddenly the driver noticed a man on a horse

Not far from the train

Even though he tried desperately to sound the alarm

He did nothing.

The experienced driver stopped the train.

After the driver stepped out of the car

The woman, Ah Zhen, shot him dead directly

Ah Wei and Ah Zhen were both Keung's men

They rushed into the car

Soldier Chang nervously raised his gun to guard

Wei told him to put down his gun immediately

Otherwise he would have his men kill the whole carriage

Soldier Zhang had to compromise

In the compartment where Dazhuang was being held

There were more than 10 heavily armed soldiers

Wei's gang was ruthless and ruthless

Just after a few words with the officer in the carriage

Zhen fired a shot directly at Zhang

It turns out

Zhang is the son of the officer

And then

Dazhong's men shot him again

The officer gave in

And so

Dazhong was released.

Da Zhuang asked who knew how to drive a train.

As a result, only Xiao Zhang came forward

Dazhong gave the order.

The others all died under the gun

The train slowly moved away

Da Zhuang regained his freedom

Police officer Uncle Black came to the bar

Because the masked gang robbed the bank.

And Keung's men stole the money from each other.

That's why Uncle Black came to see Keung to ask him about the crime.

Keung was not directly involved in that operation

So he easily dealt with the other side

But because Keung had committed so many crimes.

Uncle Black still took him away

Dazhong led his men to Redwood Town with great bravado


He found out about the money robbery by the masked gang

Brother Beard was the mayor and sheriff of Redwood Town

When Dazhong found him

He relied on his high position of authority

directly gave Dazhong a punch

At this point

Dazhong began to show his strength

Dazhuang knocked the mayor to the ground with three punches

Two more blows

The mayor's gold teeth were knocked out

Da Zhuang hit him with the butt of his gun

The mayor spat out blood.

Dazhong became the ruler of Redwood Town

Uncle Black didn't really want to arrest Keung

It was just a ploy of Keung's

Dazhong was released from prison.

Keung definitely wanted to take revenge

He doesn't want Jin and the others to take part in the revenge

He didn't want to involve Jin and the others in the revenge

So he and Uncle Black put on a show for them in the tavern


Sister Jin and the others still saw what Keung was thinking

Then they chased after him

After Daejang ruled Redwood Town

immediately imposed a heavy tax of $50,000 on all families

People were very unhappy about it

One man also protested strongly

As a result

Sister Jin, in order to find out about Dajiang for Dajiang

He rode his horse directly to Redwood Town

Just after she got off the horse

Dazhong's men pointed their guns at her

Sister Jin lied and said

She was here to talk business with Dazhuang

After Jin saw Dazhuang

She pretended to propose that Dazhong join her tavern

Da Zhuang knew about Jin's relationship with Qiang

So he didn't trust Jin at all

Zhen shot Jin and knocked her to the ground

It was dawn.

Sister Jin still didn't come back

Keung knew that something had happened to her

After rushing to Redwood Town

Zhen threatened to kill Jin

She asked Keung to stay alone

The others retreated immediately

Keung had to agree

He was hung up

Big Strong's men punched him hard punch after punch

The two men competed to see who had the faster gun

On the count of five

The competition could only begin

But when this man counted to 3

The other man shot at him in a despicable way

Dazhong mentioned the scar on Keung's forehead

He explained that he did it at that time

He explained that he did it so that when Keung came to seek revenge on him

He could recognize him

Keung's ring fell out

The ring

was given to him by his father

Dazhong picked up the ring and put it in his hand

Then he made this request

The masked gang stole his money

And Keung stole the money from the masked gang

Before Friday

If Keung returned all the money he had taken over the years.

Then he would let Jin go

After Dazhong said this.

He also threw a small gift to Keung

Qiang opened it.

Many years ago

Dazhong used this knife

left a scar on Django's forehead

Dazhong used it in the most peaceful way

gave Keung the greatest humiliation

The money Keung had taken from the masked gang over the years

He had already spent much of it.

In order to raise enough money.

He decided to rob a white man's bank.

Keung asked Bin, the doorman of Sister Kim's tavern, to dress up as a girl


The two entered a bank in a white town

As soon as they entered the door

Everyone gave them strange looks

The salesman also laughed at him with abandon

Because black people can't have accounts here

Xiao Bin raised his gun directly

Keung cooperated

He started laughing at the white bank clerk with abandon

The white man got scared

He meekly handed over his gun

Qiang and Xiao Bin took a lot of money

Just outside the bank

The alarm sounded immediately

The white man fired wildly at them

Under the cover of Xiaojun

They managed to escape

Keung pulled a carload of banknotes to Redwood Town

Among the banknotes in the car

A large amount of explosives was placed

Sister Jin was brought over

Da Zhuang said that if Keung unlocked the horse on the wagon

Jin could ride on the horse

to leave Redwood Town safely.

But after Qiang did as he was told

Dazhong's man Wei pointed his gun at him

Seeing that Dazhong had gone back on his word

Xiaojun immediately pointed his gun at Wei

Xiaojun wanted to compete with Wei to see who could shoot faster

Wei agreed

After the count of 5

Both sides can only shoot

When Xiaojun counted to 3

Wei fired his gun in a despicable way

He also shamelessly complained that Xiaojun was too slow to shoot

Marshal, who was hiding on the roof, fired frantically at Wei

But Wei still got away

Keung was completely furious

He gave an order

Marshal shot and blew up the explosives in the car

The money in the car was also blown up everywhere

A fierce gun battle ensued

Sister Jin also joined the fight

After two shots

The gun in her hand ran out of bullets

So she could only watch Precious leave

Keung threw a gun to Jin

The two of them back to back

They started the show

Jin took the gun and found Zhen

The two decided to have a fair fight

The fight was very intense

Both of them wanted to kill each other

Jin seized the opportunity

She bit her opponent's hand

Precious was not to be outdone either

She hit Jin with a wine bottle

Keung was quick

He directly slashed

He killed one of Dazhong's men

The knife was thrown

Another man was killed

He fired several shots at the wooden door

The man behind the wooden door fell out

Police officer Uncle Black's marksmanship is also very good

No matter where the enemy is hiding in the dark

He can kill one with one shot

Sister Jin seized the opportunity

She punched Ah Zhen again and again

After knocking her opponent to the ground

She picked up the butt of her gun and smashed her opponent directly to death

Just as Keung was avenging Xiaojun's death

A bullet hit him in the shoulder


Uncle Black pulled him aside in time

It turned out that

The mask gang wanted to make a profit

So they also came to loot

Keung and Uncle Black relied on their bravery

They killed them all

Marshal took out the coin on his waist

He was glad that the coin had saved his life again

Just at that moment

Wei behind him ended his life with a shot

Faced with the despicable Wei

Xiao Bin no longer hesitated

He shot him directly in the neck

Ah Wei walked out of the house


He fell to the ground and died

Qiang walked into the house

He wanted to have a final showdown with Dazhong

At that moment

Dazhong told Keung about the old grudge

When Dazhuang was very young.

Dazhuang's father used to beat him and his mother.

Dazhuang's father also killed and robbed.

He did all kinds of evil things.

One time

Dazhuang's mother tried to protect Dazhuang

She was beaten to death by her husband.

Dazhuang's father didn't feel any guilt

He took all the family's belongings and left

Dazhuang was only 10 years old at that time

Dazhuang only wanted to avenge his mother's death

He also learned that his father had been rehabilitated

He married again and had children.

He still wanted to take revenge

Dazhuang's father was Qiang's father

Dazhuang and Keung are half-brothers

At that time, he went on a killing spree at Keung's house

In fact, it was to avenge his mother's death

Qiang did not want to believe what Dazhong said

But in the end

He still had the courage to shoot Dazhong to death

Then he got back the ring that belonged to him

Keung buried Marshal and Xiaojun.

He also built a tomb for himself

He wanted to make a clean break with his past

He got on his horse and rode off with Jin into the distance.

With his wisdom and courage

He succeeded in avenging his parents' death

But when he learned the truth

He must have felt very uncomfortable inside


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