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Science Fiction "50 Feet Tall Woman" Movie Commentary Copy

Sci-fi"50 feet tall woman" movie comment ary copy

Science Fiction "50 Feet Tall Woman" Movie Commentary Copy

Hello everyone, I am xxx

Today I will tell you about a

A tender wife transformed by aliens

Becomes a huge woman

The story of a cruel and abusive husband

Sheila is a standard white rich beauty

She has a beautiful body

Elegant temperament

Such a girl could not have a perfect family

Because her father was like her husband

They were both sons-in-law

So after the death of her mother

She had all the property

Her husband Bert did not love her

And had a lover outside

Because at the request of Sheila's father

He signed a prenuptial agreement

Even after the divorce

He won't get any money.

So now he is barely able to stay married to Sheila.

Sheila's father asked him to sign this agreement

Not to protect his daughter.

but that he too was greedy for the money

He was worried that the money would flow to others

Their little plan

Sheila knew all about it.

But never wanted to admit it.

She had already lost her mother.

She didn't want to lose the only family and love she had in the world.

Conflicted and depressed, she

She had to go to a psychiatrist for help and relief

Because of Sheila's blind eye.

Bert and his lover were getting more and more reckless.

Even when she knew that Sheila was downstairs.

She didn't panic at all

Because she knew

She wouldn't even come up here.

Sheila did not come upstairs to settle the score.

Instead, she cried and drove away.

And that's when

A bright light chased her and made her stop the car

And then a giant flying saucer appeared in mid-air

A red beam of light was directed at the pendant on her chest.

It came as if it was dedicated to this task

And when it was done, it just left.

Sheila rushed back in a panic.

What happened to her did not cause Bert any concern.

Instead, it gave him a little something to think about.

No one would think that Sheila's talk of flying saucers was real.

It means she's mentally ill.

A person with mental problems

is not fit to own a large fortune.

So he went home immediately.

So he immediately went home and paralyzed her with falsehoods.

while secretly making plans to put her in a sanatorium.

To prove she wasn't crazy.

Sheila took Bert to the field where the flying saucer had appeared.

But also because of this

She was taken away by the flying saucer

When she came back again

She had intermittent amnesia.

She had no recollection of what had happened to her.

Father and Bert got into a fight about her.

Words were spoken about Sheila's dead mother

Sheila tried to get them to stop.

Sheila yelled and screamed in agitation.

As soon as she finished yelling, she felt something was wrong.

Her body gradually expanded and grew larger.

Soon the ceiling was pierced.

Sheila, who had become a giantess.

She had to stay in the warehouse.

She had to take a shower in the pool.

Sheila's personality also changed as she grew bigger

From weak and bullying to tough and strong

The doctor told Bert

Sheila's current physical condition

Sheila should not be overly excited

Because her oversized body

Increases the strain on the heart

Any violent mood swings

Could put her life in danger

Hearing this

Bert had a bad idea.

He insulted Sheila.

He called her a giant monstrosity.

Sheila was so angry that she fainted on the ground

The warehouse was instantly crushed

Seeing that his goal was accomplished

Bert happily ran to celebrate with Junior

But Sheila didn't go straight to her death as he had hoped.

Sheila just passed out.

When she woke up, sheila was furious

Sheila was furious and wanted to go after Burt.

Her appearance

Her appearance sent people running through the streets in fear.

Sheila soon found the house where they were staying.

Junior wanted to finish her off with a gun.

But before she could do it.

The gun in her hand was flicked away like dust

Looking at Junior, who was in her hands.

Sheila did not take the opportunity to retaliate against her

Instead, she said some words of wisdom

and let him go.

Bert tried to drive away.

But he couldn't avoid Sheila's five fingers.

Sheila picked him up with his car.

At that moment, two helicopters came from the sky.

They drove her to a telephone pole.

The police told Sheila to put Bert down.

And asked her father to intervene.

But Sheila's father continued to act like he was above her.

He reprimanded her as if she were a little girl.

Sheila was no longer as stoic as she had been.

Sheila no longer held back like she used to, and she snapped at her father for not loving her mother and not loving her.

He was a profit-oriented villain.

When he was caught in the crossfire

He told the police to shoot Sheila.

The air force, having heard the wrong orders.

fired directly at Sheila.

Even though she was big.

She was too big to resist their repeated attacks.

Fell on the wire

Electrocuted to the point of immobilization

And that's when

The unidentified flying object suddenly appeared

And saved her.

On board the flying saucer.

There were two other women in the same situation as Sheila.

Three giantesses looking down on their imprisoned husbands.

Like a hamster in captivity.

Only through sincere self-examination

before they can leave the cage.

The film is a remake of the 1958 black-and-white film "Revenge of the Giantess".

On the big screen where Sheila passes in the movie

This is the film being shown

This arrangement

It's also a tribute to a classic

Strangers like Sheila and Bert.

In real life, they are everywhere.

But no one can be like Sheila.

With the help of aliens

To become a giant that can crush everything

Resist the oppression of the other side

So, it's better to make your spiritual world

Become strong and fearless

Become a spiritual giant

This movie is from the science fiction movie "The Woman 50 Feet Tall

XXX says the movie, accompany you every day

I'm XXX See you next time

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