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Science Fiction "Ex-Destination" Movie Commentary Copy

Sci-Fi "Ex-Destination" Movie Commentary Copy

Science Fiction "Ex-Destination" Movie Commentary Copy

A girl meets a man at the best age.

The two fall in love and conceive a life.

Only to find that the man suddenly disappears.

The child is stolen.

Decades later the girl who has changed her face.


accidentally traveled back to the day she met a man

found out that the

the scum was herself.

Hello everyone.

I am XX

The episode just now may be more or less familiar to you all

It is from the science fiction movie I introduced before

Former Destinations

Because the main character repeatedly travels through multiple points in time

This movie is very brain-burning

And today, I'm going to discuss a concept with you through several science fiction movies with similar themes

I want to discuss a concept with you

is that most of the travel works either burn the brain

Or is full of bugs time paradox

But before we start the video, let me tell you

The relevant content mentioned below is limited to science fiction works

After all, the concept of the time paradox itself is born in science fiction works

And it is based on the premise that humans have achieved time travel

So let's first introduce what the time paradox is

Time paradoxes are interpreted in different ways in different works of science fiction

The grandmother paradox

Suicide paradox, etc.

But we don't need to discuss them all

Because no matter which one it is, the essence of it is a logical contradiction.

For example, let's say you are 20 years old and you travel back in time.

You managed to kill a 3 year old you

Then you should have died when you were 3 years old

And how can the 20-year-old you travel back in time?

According to this logic, many different scenarios can be derived

For example, the next two science fiction movies

In "The Time Machine", the hero is trying to save his lover from accidental death

Invented a time machine that can travel through time and space

Let's assume that the hero succeeds in saving his lover

Let's see what problems will occur in logic

First of all, in the movie

The reason why the main character forgets to invent the time machine

is that he wants to save his lover from death

If his lover was successfully saved by him

And has lived until now

Then he will not bother to research the time machine

But if there is no time machine

How did he travel back in time to save his lover?

Similarly, in "Timed Shot

The main group of characters obtains a camera

This camera will take a picture every night at eight o'clock

And the photo shows the content of tomorrow night at eight o'clock

In other words, it is a camera that can predict the future

At the end of the movie

The female protagonist had a conflict with her boyfriend

Killed her boyfriend

She wants to use the camera's ability to predict the future

She wants to use the camera to predict the future and remind herself not to have conflicts with her boyfriend yesterday.

How to do it is

Put a note on the glass

On the note, she wrote a way to avoid the conflict

As long as yesterday's self used the camera to foresee the future

She can see her reminder

So that she would not have a conflict with her boyfriend

The present tragedy would not have happened

I have to admit that the heroine's reverse thinking is indeed very good

But if her plan really succeeds

Then there would be a big problem in logic

Suppose she really received a reminder yesterday.

Then she wouldn't have killed her boyfriend.

Since her boyfriend didn't die, she wouldn't have posted the little note.

So the contradiction arises again

It's this contradiction in logic

Let the science fiction works of time will always have such and such bugs

And in order to solve this problem

Science fiction masters have also come up with various solutions

These two works to avoid the contradiction of the method is

Let the protagonists' plans all fail so as to ensure that the outcome remains unchanged

In "The Time Machine", the hero travels back in time a thousand times

Tries to save his lover a thousand times

but also fails a thousand times

The lover dies a thousand times

Timed shooting" is more dramatic

When the heroine was taken away by the police, the note did not stick and fell down

So she still ends up in conflict with her boyfriend and kills him

No matter how the process changes, the result remains the same

This is one of the most common settings used in the early works of science fiction to avoid the paradox of time

But this setting is more or less fantasy

In "The Time Machine", the hero's lover will be hit by a carriage if he avoids the gunshot

If he avoids the carriage, he will die in other ways

It's like space-time has self-awareness.

Once you find out that someone is trying to disobey and change themselves

And then it steps in and fixes the problem

Let everything back to the original track

But there are also some science fiction works

They use special techniques

Or add a new setting

Even without the self-correction of time and space, they have managed to circumvent the paradox of time

For example, the film "Ex-Destination", which we introduced at the beginning.

Ex-Destination is based on a short story by Robert Heinlein.

All You Returned Corpses

The circular life setting in the movie was a mystery to many viewers at the time

A normal person from life to death

From the past to the future

The whole life trajectory is linear

But in the movie, the life path of the protagonist is like an articulated snake

It is circular

It is not clear which is the beginning and which is the end

If we understand this point

The whole movie will become relatively clear

Let's first sort out the main plot

The female protagonist is an abandoned baby growing up in an orphanage

As an adult, she falls in love with a man and accidentally gets pregnant

However, the man disappears without a reason

She has to give birth to the baby alone

A few weeks later, her baby is stolen

The first half of her life is a mess to this extent

The heroine is already very miserable

But fate didn't leave her alone.

The midwife told her one more thing

In fact, she is an intersex person

She has both male and female reproductive organs

But neither is fully developed

Her female reproductive organs were removed because of the problem of giving birth

Only one set of male reproductive organs remained

So she had no choice but to become a man

A few years later, the female protagonist, who had adjusted to being a man

She met a man in a bar

He claims to be a time agent.

After learning about the heroine's tragic experience

He said he could let the heroine travel back in time to settle the score with the scum

But the heroine will have to take over her position as a time agent after this is done

The heroine agreed

The story proceeds to this female protagonist's life trajectory is still clear

This is the familiar linear life

But from the time she traveled back in time, her life began to close up

The first person who falls in love with the heroine and makes her pregnant

is actually herself

She becomes a man and then travels back in time

She conceived a baby with herself.

Then the baby was stolen by a time agent

She traveled back in time with it

And was abandoned in front of the orphanage

Yes, this baby is also the heroine herself

The whole process is that she and herself gave birth to herself

Since then, she can not find the starting point of her life

This is similar to the question of whether the chicken or the egg came first

And then the plot shows that the time agent is also the heroine

And the time agent has been tracking

And in the end, the enemy he successfully killed was also the heroine

This is where the whole loop comes full circle

From the time I gave birth to me to the time I killed me

The heroine's life is always a one-woman show

Her life trajectory is like a circle

Can not find the beginning and end

So the past can also be the future

The logical contradiction caused by the time alarm theory is thus bypassed by her

After all, no one is sure

Which life point caused which life point

The above mentioned process changes but the result remains the same

and the two settings of the circular life

Both successfully avoid the logical contradictions that may arise in time travel

But these stories repeatedly jump across the time nodes will always make the audience feel brain-burning

And if you want to avoid the big hole of time shock theory more directly and clearly

In fact, there is a simpler way

That is to start from the world view of the whole story

Turn the single cosmology into a multi-universe theory

Simply put, in the time travel

Add a very familiar setting parallel universe

We gave an example at the beginning of the video

That is, the future me travels back to the past

Killing me in the past doesn't work logically

But in a parallel universe

This problem can be solved

I travel back in time and enter another parallel universe.

So even if I kill myself in that universe

I would still be able to survive

Because this me and the other me are in two different universes

There is no connection between the two.

For example, in the movie "Regeneration Gate

In the story, the main character leaves his daughter at home alone in order to date his lover.

He left his daughter alone at home

However, when he returns home, his daughter has already drowned

After five years of remorse, the man

He happens to walk through a cave

What he didn't expect was

The other side of this cave

was the world of five years ago

He seized the gift of fate

He was able to save his daughter before she drowned

At the same time he also had the idea to stay here with his daughter

And in order to achieve this goal

He had to kill his five-year-old self

According to the worldview of the single universe.

He died five years ago.

The present him will also be finished with him

So there will be contradictions

But the hero is very lucky

Because this story is based on a parallel universe

He was killed and now he is not in the same universe

So he can still live when the other side is dead

The time paradox is simply and directly bypassed

Considering that today we are talking about the time paradox

I will not continue to extend the parallel universe movies

But it is indeed the easiest way to avoid the time paradox

The most simple and easy to understand one

In the time travel genre

Time paradox is a problem that has to be faced head-on

Many works just can not get around this pit

The plot is either repeatedly nested or has become a bug-ridden area

But it is also because of the existence of this theory of surprise

Let many science fiction masters and science fiction fans are happy to think and solve the logic of the problem

So which one is the most rigorous science fiction work in time in your mind?

Well, that's it for today's show.

Welcome to follow XX

See you next time!

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