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Crime movie "Hand Rolled Cigarettes" movie review Explanation of the material after viewing

Crime movie "Hand Rolled Cigarettes" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Crime movie "Hand Rolled Cigarettes" movie review Explanation of the material after viewing

This little bald guy who smuggled money turtles was hung by a gangster

The reason is very simple

Originally the gangster wanted a small turtle on the road accident

All dead balls

The little bald man was prepared to let the gangster who had paid the deposit

bear the risk of transport

This people can be happy with it

As a middleman, Chao had to come over to help Han

After all, it is the territory of others

A Chao advised the little bald head or give up

Brother wants three times the deposit compensation, so give it

After all, a good man does not want to lose in front of him ah

It took Chao a long time to save the man

Guess what, the little baldy can not stand the aggression on the head

The end is also imaginable

Although Chao tried to save the little baldy's life

But still by the turtle shell with the black boss

Snapped the U shiny bald head a knock

The last blow little bald head died on the spot

Leaving the hero Chao a little confused

Now we have to get out of this gangster's lair

Back to the Hong Kong before the incident

The British left after the handover in 1997

Chao, who had served as a soldier for them, was dumped on the land of Hong Kong, China

After he was discharged from the army, his life was very difficult.

He had to work in the triads as a middleman

He could only earn some commission to make ends meet.

Today he was involved in a business of smuggling money turtles

Tai, the gangster in sunglasses, wanted to buy some turtles for fun

Little Baldy happens to be a professional smuggler of small turtles

And look, this turtle is great!

Chao also very kindly gave Tai a price cut

The boss is the boss, very happy to ask for 100 small turtles

When it was Chao's turn to ask for commission after the business deal was done

But Tai refused to pay

This makes Chao very helpless, after all, he is the boss

It is impossible to steal from his pocket, right?

Where does Chao live?

A mixed South Asian community of poor people

Put a thousand clean hygiene on the public screen

When he got home, Little Baldy was waiting for him early

Apparently these two are working together to set up the gangster Tai

Chao also said that Baldy's price was too high

As the saying goes, there is no business, I offer a high price, he can bargain

If he does not return it, then I can not blame me for making more money

Little Baldy was not stingy, and when the deal was done

In addition to the commission, he promised to give Chao 40% of the profit

Let's take a look at another important character in this movie

South Asia's Manny in Hong Kong

He and his cousin Cappy make their living by selling powder

This is a day when Kinder Chick Egg gets hurt

They would hide the drugs inside the eggshells and sell them covertly

Vinnie had a little brother.

The two blended in with a group of yellow-skinned Hong Kongers

Speaking authentic Cantonese.

They are Hong Kong people but they are not Hong Kong people

This is perhaps the dilemma that these minorities have to face

Chao is having a hard time

The crane machine business he invested in also failed

He still owes a few million outside

The commission he earned went into Uncle Buddha's pocket

He gave Chao a final order

Within two weeks must pay back the money

Otherwise, don't blame him for not being polite

He had no choice but to go to Wah who was working on the ferry

But his former comrade was barely making ends meet

How can he get a million dollars out of your mouth?

Wah said to help him ask some other brothers

Once the words came out, Chao's face changed

Because there was a change many years ago

Now no one except Wah's comrades would care to step on him

In the busy bazaar

Vinny used his brother's school bag as a cover to sell drugs

This idea was cousin Cappy's idea

Vinnie thought it was bad

We are doing something illegal

Why involve an innocent child?

Cappy didn't think it was necessary to get involved in such trivial matters.

It's not going to make any money.

He was ready to make a lot of money.

The next day, when Vinnie went to pick up the goods at his usual place.

He was shocked by the bag full of drugs in front of him.

Apparently, Cappy had stolen the goods from a major drug dealer.

Vinnie called his cousin anxiously.

But he couldn't get through. It seemed like something was going on.

Whose stuff is this?

It's Tai's, who bought the turtles.

The goods were swallowed and he sent his little brother, Hot Chicken, to track them down.

Vinnie took a look downstairs and the situation was not good.

He told his brother to hide at home alone

He was ready to take the goods and run away

But Hot Chicken is very sharp-eyed.

A glance to see that this weak-minded South Asian boy has problems

So a chase began

Vinnie ran away and entered the apartment building where Chao was

At that moment, our Chao just opened the door to throw the garbage

This gave Manny a chance to survive

Hot Chicken's men soon followed him here

They saw the figure turn into the area

So they knocked on Chao's door

Tai was angry because Nanya had swallowed $10 million of his goods

He had no choice but to let them in for the sake of the gangster.

Chao can only let them into the house to search

At this time, Manny secretly hid in the messy room

And very lucky to avoid the search of the hot chicken brother

As soon as he left, Manny made a noise when he touched something beside him.

A Chao caught him in the act

He was in debt, and the money came to him.

Chao asked for $1 million.

So he agreed to let this South Asian boy hide in his house

Manny now also has no other choice

Out is certainly a dead end can only agree to Chao's request

But he still kept an eye out

He didn't say that he had the drugs.

Instead, he secretly hid the goods somewhere in the room

As soon as Chao went out at dawn

Vinnie finally took the drugs out of the crane machine

Then he hid it in another more secret crane machine

On a rainy day, Chao went to see his deceased comrade Arden

He sat in the rain with an umbrella and smoked a hand-rolled cigarette

Some sadness and despair

Afterwards, he would patronize Arden's wife's massage parlor as usual

The relationship between the two is also very subtle

There is nothing that can't be extracted under torture.

It was only a matter of time before Cappy, who was in hiding, was caught.

The two fallen people are enjoying the afternoon comfortably

Chao would always take some tobacco from his blue metal box

and make hand-rolled cigarettes to smoke

Vinnie kindly reminded Chao that your hand-rolled cigarettes had actually gone stale

But he didn't know

What Chao smokes is not a cigarette but a memory of the past

At that moment, Manny received a call from the school

His brother was fighting at school again.

If no one goes to school, his brother will be expelled from school

But Manny couldn't leave.

So Chao had to reluctantly go to the school to run

The little brother's mouth is still hard a sorry not willing to say

Finally, Chao can only come to some hard

Only then the boy confessed to the teacher

Faced with the problem of the children of the minority Zai Chao is not reasonable

But the teacher does not seem very satisfied

The reason why the little brother beat up the others is also very simple

It's because these yellow-skinned kids don't play with him and isolate him

Chao thinks that you will only make the relationship worse

But in the isolated environment of a child's mind

Besides using violence to prove that he is not afraid of you locals

He can't think of a better way to survive in such a foreign country

It is definitely not possible for a child to stay home alone

So Chao took Vinnie's brother to Arden's wife's house

I hope she can help look after him for two days.

The two adults did not have the slightest warmth on their lips

But Chao, as the one who owes the child

One after another, the eyes between the two people have become full of deep meaning

Unfortunately, Cappy was caught with the drugs.

From this point on, the plot took a sharp turn

Chao settled down his little brother and thought that Vinny would hide for a while longer

Everything will be over and he will get his $1 million.

But another difficult event disrupts his plans

The gangster Tai called and asked Chao to go there

He came to this tiger's den

The first thing he sees is Vinny's cousin Cappy, who was killed.

Then there is the little bald turtle who was hung up

Then came the scene at the beginning of the video

We all know that our poor little bald guy was shot to death

Fortunately, the two collusion was not discovered by Tai

Chao also picked up a life

Now that the man is dead and the deposit is gone, Tai is very angry

So it's fair to deduct Chao's commission

Good man, this big brother is a little risk can not take

Can't lose any money

Faced with such a madman Chao panic ah

He went home and kicked Manny out

Once Tai knew he was harboring the man he was looking for

He would be dead for sure

Vinny was so confused that he didn't know what he had done wrong

Faced with such a situation he thought of his comrades

But obviously, except for Wah

Several other brothers hate him to the bone

Even if Chao died in the street today

They will definitely see the death will not save

So why would the former comrades in need become such a mess?

This also goes back to the Asian financial crisis

Hong Kong stocks plummeted

With the encouragement of Chao

Arden, who had borrowed from loan sharks to speculate in the stock market, lost all his money.

10 million of debt instantly crushed the man

So Arden jumped to his death

Everyone blamed Chao

If it wasn't for him, Arden wouldn't have thought about getting rich from stock trading

Would not have ended up in such a situation

So the brothers broke up with Chao

Vinnie said he had left something in his room

Chao opened the door for him

Now he realized that the eight kilograms of drugs had been in his house.

Chao couldn't contain his anger and pushed Manny to the ground

These are two pathetic people

One was being hunted by the mob and the other was carrying millions of dollars in debt.

After he calmed down, Chao told Vinnie about Cappy's death.

Different communities

But they are experiencing the darkest moment of their lives together

So two people in trouble choose to support each other

The eight kilos of drugs in their hands became their only bargaining chip

Chao used the goods to offset all his debts from Uncle Buddha's side

The rest of the money he wanted to give to Manny

But the teenager didn't want the black money

He wanted to set a good example for his brother to start a new life

Manny needed to go into hiding for a while.

His brother, Chao, will always help take care of it

The two of them can finally breathe a sigh of relief this night

Chao once again took out the blue iron box to make hand-rolled cigarettes

But reality is sometimes cruel

The mistake was when Manny went back to his place to pack his bags

Then the hot chicken who has been watching here was caught

During the questioning, the familiar blue box rolled to the ground

Tai suddenly realized

The answer was always with him

Tai was not the only one who wanted to find Chao

Little Baldy had been missing for some time, and his brother was looking for Chao.

Just when he didn't know how to explain

Tai's phone call came

The drug story had been exposed and Vinny had been arrested.

After hanging up the phone, he wanted to make up for his brother Seng.

But when they put the gun on the table

Chao had another plan to save his life

Brother Sheng wants to find Little Baldy, then take them together to see Brother Tai

The car slowly drove into the drug dealer's lair

Not far away, Vinny was hanging in mid-air

The three men soon faced off with Tai

The ruthless gangster himself would not let Chao off easily

But the side of the Sheng brother does not have the patience to watch you play

He needs to know what happened to the little bald guy in the end where

Who is Tai? He wants to ask me for a man and ask me for money

But sorry, he came prepared

The gangster boss actually did not have a gun

By Sang's small hand gun to kill all the naked

The last is even more despicable to use the little brother Hot Chicken as a shield

Faced with the threat of small pistols Tai was afraid

Put the responsibility of killing the little bald man on Hot Chicken's body

Sympathy for the little brother who was used to block the gun

Money turtle small business you see I have more than a billion dollars of drug business

Take you to join the gang and make a fortune together ah

And then the money-minded Brother Sheng also did not give his brother revenge

Two big brothers are ready to cooperate ah

Chao's little brain turned bad fish and clam play finished in advance

This time to take me to start

Wow here Chao and little brother fighting long shot is really a masterpiece ah

Two big brothers sitting on the mountain watching the tiger fight

Just see Chao lighter a throw a little brother instantly engulfed in flames

Two rooms panning conversion this is what a gangster fight should look like

In the end, it was amazing that Chao could fight so well

All of the boys were beaten up

Fighting is really a physical job

At this point, Chao had no more strength

Facing Tai who beat Manny with a crowbar

Chao could not do anything anymore

But the fortune teller said that Tai would have a bloodbath this year

And guess what, our hot chicken brother has not yet died

Before he dies, he has to kill this thing that has no sense of righteousness

You do not say that the fortune teller really his aim is accurate

Brother Sang smoked a cigarette and watched the whole show for free

Then left a message and left the scene

To the death and then to life

Two people were lucky to survive

At the end of the film, at the behest of Chao

Vinnie gave an envelope to his comrade

Inside the envelope is the story of Chao's self-redemption.

The 20 million Hong Kong dollars owed by his comrade Arden

Chao actually paid it all back

Maybe he let go of his past

Maybe he will still suffer for the rest of his life because of his comrade's death

There are some sufferings and sins that we have to bear

This is perhaps the meaning of existence on earth

The movie has a lot to say but I can't explain it well.

I hope the audience will bear with me


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