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Horror "Corpse Covenant" movie commentary copy

Horror"Corpse Date" movie comment ary copy

Horror "Corpse Covenant" movie commentary copy

Two girlfriends who are only 18 years old

agreed to commit suicide in an unfinished building

But one of them is afraid

breaks their promise

left her best friend's body and fled in panic

Years later

I thought it was over

I didn't expect a series of strange events in the family

The living suffer revenge

Mei Mei and Lina were good sisters

Both of their families were very rich

These two families have been doing business together


Just built a joint venture building

On this day, the girlfriends went to the building

They drew their palm prints on the wall

Agreed to live together in the building in the future

But what I didn't expect was

The financial crisis suddenly broke out

Two financial chains broke

Overnight, he owed a large amount of loans

All assets under her name were mortgaged

Lina's father was depressed by the debt

He often took his anger out on his daughter

And Mei Mei's life was not good either

From time to time, her mother was angry with her over a small matter

She gets angry at her over a small matter

Mei-mei tried to argue

But she got a slap on the wrist

After her father went bankrupt, he became mentally disturbed

Talking to the air all the time

Pretending to talk to customers about business

Mei Mei saw this scene is very difficult to feel

Gradually, both of them suffered from depression

On the day of Mami's birthday

She called Lina in tears

She thought that life had no meaning

She asked her to leave the world together

At ten o'clock at night

They went to the top of their building

and made a wish to end their lives together.

Before she died, Lena said

Don't let me die alone.

Mei Mei nodded her head

Lina said happy birthday to her

Then she drank the bullet and killed herself.

The sound of the gunshot gave Mei Mei a shock

She saw Lina fall to the ground bleeding profusely

She was at a loss for words

And it was 12:00 a.m.

Fear of death

Mami chose to renege on her promise

In the eyes of Lina's dead eyes

She fled in a hurry

Twenty years had passed.

Mei Mei has a family of her own

She gave birth to a lovely daughter

And has become a famous local developer

She was planning to restart the abandoned building project

But then something strange happened.

While Mei-mei was leading her team on a site visit

But her daughter slipped away to play alone

And inadvertently came to

The place where Lina shot herself in the first place

and found the handprints on the wall.

Just then

A gust of wind blew by

The door behind her was slowly opening

The girl was playing alone in a rotten building

At that moment the door behind her slowly opened

She heard the sound and turned her head sharply

And did not find anything

Curious, the girl walked up to check

Inside the dark room was empty

She turned on the light of her cell phone

Looked around the room

But then the camera suddenly auto-focused

Face recognition into the air

She put the phone down.

But there was no one inside

The call startled her

On the way back

She picked up a broken pager

There were two blurry pictures on it.

It looked a bit old.

The girl thought it had collector's value

So she put it directly into her bag

At night she took out the pager

Reinstalled the battery on it

And found that it still worked

Looking through the past text messages.

But the girl looked at the death appointment on it

The expression gradually became alarmed

She thought it was bad luck

It was unlucky to keep it around

So she hurriedly put away the pager

Late at night, Mei Mei was sleeping.

Suddenly awakened by a sound

She got up and went out to check

She found the living room in a mess

And there was a noise from the cupboard on the side

She trembled and went forward


Mei Mei was so scared that she rushed into the room

Immediately called the police

However, when the officers arrived

searched the house carefully

And did not find any abnormal

But at that moment

Mei Mei suddenly saw a pair of handprints on the wall

Her face instantly became frightened

She immediately remembered her dead best friend

They rushed back to the house to retrieve the surveillance

The picture showed her daughter opening the door of her room

She was moving strangely

And she seemed to be holding something in her hand

Then she painted her handprint on the wall

And then smiled wickedly at the surveillance

Mei Mei saw this scene

Was directly scared out of a cold sweat

She also realized that it was not simple

So she installed surveillance in her daughter's room

But when Mei Mei retrieved the surveillance late at night

She found something on her daughter's bed

There seemed to be something

She rushed to the bedroom to check

But lifting the covers was a stuffed animal

But her daughter was nowhere to be seen

She went to the living room to look

But she saw her daughter open the door

Like she was greeting something

Then she sat down on the couch again

Talking strangely to the air

But there was nothing across the room

At that moment, my daughter was holding a glass of juice

Standing in front of her

What are you standing there for?

Mei Mei looked back in horror

The glass of juice just now was empty

At that moment there was a singing sound

When she went to the balcony to check

She found her daughter sitting on the parapet

She was singing Lina's favorite song.

At this moment, Mei Mei finally realized

That her daughter was not sleepwalking

but that Lina's spirit had returned.

As the haunting of her home

The noise of the haunting was getting louder and louder

She also finally realized that the spirit came to claim her life

So Mei Mei took the sacrifice

To the building where Lina committed suicide

Praying that she would spare her daughter

But as soon as she said that, a gust of wind came

Apparently Lina did not appreciate it

Just as Mei Mei was about to leave

She accidentally saw a little boy

He looked at her with a frightened expression

Mei-mei went up to ask about it and learned that

A woman in a red dress was following behind her

This made Mei Mei's back a cold

She rushed home

But she ran into her daughter's suicide

But she was saved by Mei Mei in time

After all this trouble.

Mei Mei felt haggard

After all these years

She renounced her vows and chose to live alone.

In fact, she always felt guilty inside

Now, as a mother

How can you bear the thought of your daughter making amends for her own sins

Now she must stand up for herself.

To put an end to what happened in those days

Otherwise, her family would be implicated

So she wrote a suicide note.

She drove alone to the basement.

Grabbed a gun, ready to keep her promise

But she pulled the trigger and didn't die

But the gun was loaded with bullets

But still can not kill themselves

This Mei Mei was completely furious

She drove into Lina's house in a rage

She pointed the gun at Lina's mother

She also yelled at Lina's portrait

How dare you hurt my daughter?

Your mother will be buried with you.

But Mei Mei still couldn't bear to do it

After all, it was all her own doing

Then she told the secret of that year

And admitted her mistake

Pleading with Lina to spare her daughter

But received no response

Going home

The daughter didn't want her mother to get hurt

So she secretly put sleeping pills in a cup

Ready to sacrifice herself to save her mother

When Mei Mei woke up it was already night

She hurried into her daughter's bedroom

Seeing the handprints all over the wall

Mei Mei realizes that her daughter's life is in danger

She rushed to the unfinished building

Seeing her daughter trying to commit suicide

Mei Mei went up to rescue her in desperation

As a result, she accidentally slipped and fell downstairs


She saw the ghost of Lina

standing next to her daughter

As if to say something

Although the ghost did not appear

But the atmosphere is good

Did it scare you?

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