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Suspense drama "Forbidden Girl's Wonderful Wall" narration copy

Thai suspense drama"Forbidden Girl's Wonderful Wall" comment ary copy

Suspense drama "Forbidden Girl's Wonderful Wall" narration copy

Hello everyone, today we are sharing with you a short story from the Thai suspense drama

Forbidden Girl", a short story "Wonderful Wall".

The main character, Jasmine, is an ordinary high school girl.

She is the manager of the soccer team at school.

She is the manager of the football team and is responsible for the logistics of the players.

In her sophomore year, Jasmine falls in love with the captain of the soccer team, Mr. Ou.

In order to get close to this handsome boy and get his favor.

In order to get close to the handsome boy and gain his affection, Jasmine relies on her authority to open the back door for him.

But this kind of thing is done more and more.

But when you do this kind of thing, it's inevitable that others will find out.

This makes many of the team members discontent.

They wanted to get a fair deal with a new logistics manager.

I thought this situation would last until the end of my senior year.

But the school actually assigned a new assistant to the soccer team.

The new assistant is also a girl named Nano.

Compared to Jasmine, she was prettier and softer.

In a few days, Nano captured the whole soccer team.

Even Mr. Ou is no exception.

Even Mr. Ou was not the only one who watched the men who used to surround him.

Now they were NANO's protectors.

Jasmine was so jealous.

In the influence of this resentment

Jasmine gave NANO a lot of manual work.

She was also the one who told her what to do.

NANO never resisted, and did as much as she could.

NANO never resisted and worked as hard as she could.

All this was seen by Mr. Ou.

He was so kind that he couldn't bear to see NANO suffer, so he came forward to help.

In the side of the Jasmine is very angry she really did not expect that

She really didn't expect that the two people's relationship would heat up dramatically because of her help.

The situation will not take more than a few days to determine their relationship.

The two of them are going to be in a relationship in a few days, so she sat in the bathroom and sulked.

Like a child, she took out a pen and wrote on the cubicle wall.

She took out a pen and wrote on the wall of the cubicle the words "Nuno the bitch".

Then she left in anger.

Maybe it was just a prank on Molly's part.

But she must not have imagined how much more would happen with such an act.

But she must not have imagined how much would happen next.

After coming out of the bathroom, Jasmine runs into NANO.

When NANO approached, Jasmine was surprised to smell

There was a foul smell coming from NANO's body.

Not only Jasmine, but also the players smelled it.

No one expected that a beautiful girl like NANO

The smell was so bad.

Looking at the strange look of the others, NANO also sensed that something was wrong.

But the smell was like coming from inside her.

The smell was like it was coming from inside her, and it wouldn't go away, so NANO almost cried.

Jasmine sneaked back into the bathroom with a smile on her face.

Looking at the words written on the wall.

Jasmine realized that perhaps this was a wishing wall that would answer all her requests.

She wrote on the wall that Mr. O liked Jasmine.

She hopes that her wish will come true, but the reality disappoints her.

She was disappointed that Mr. O was as unfaithful to her as before.

It seems that the wall is not perfect either, and Jasmine feels disappointed.

The team's players are still on the sidelines, sneering at her.

The team's players are still sneering at each other, mocking her for wanting to eat the flesh of a swan.

The team's players are still sneering at each other.

She runs back to the bathroom and writes his name on the wall

and cursed him to bite like a dog.

The curse came true, and the astonishing thing happened.

The curse came true and the dogs barked in the playground.

Teng went crazy and bit people like a dog.

Jasmine then realized that

This is not a wishing wall, but a wall of evil curses.

But it didn't take long for Jasmine to realize that

But it didn't take long for Jasmine to realize that both the stench from NANO and the crazy male teammate

All back to normal.

NANO felt very strange she went back to the bathroom to see.

She went back to the bathroom and saw that a cleaning lady was cleaning up her writing.

Jasmine rushed to stop her but was reprimanded by the aunt.

She also went to the teacher and told Jasmine off.

Mala is so angry about this that she runs away when the school is empty.

She runs back to the bathroom when the school is empty and

She writes the name of the cleaning lady and curses her to die of suffocation.

This originally good girl

This originally good girl is being lured by her inner sin to the point of no return.

The next day Jasmine came to school and found that something had happened.

It turns out that the cleaning lady had hanged herself.

The incident caused a stir in the school and the students came out to watch.

Just then Jasmine's class president called out to her.

She said she saw the writing on the bathroom wall.

She asked Jasmine if there was some kind of magic on that wall.

Jasmine realizes that she has now become a murderer.

She rushes to get cleaning tools and

She rushed to get cleaning tools and destroyed the evidence.

Strangely enough, the words disappeared and even the cleaning lady came back from the dead.

Although she doesn't know the reason, Jasmine is relieved and

I'm glad I made up for my mistake in time and didn't really harm other people's lives.

Although it was a cliffhanger that did not lead to bad results.

But Jasmine always felt anxious that she had done something wrong.

The only way to get around the house is to keep your head down when you meet the cleaning lady in the hallway.

Even at night, Jasmine has nightmares.

She couldn't escape the condemnation she felt inside.

After a few days, Jasmine's condition improved.

But then something more terrible happened.

A student in the classroom went straight to the window and jumped out of it.

He broke his neck and died instantly.

Jasmine thought of the cursed wall.

She ran to the girls' bathroom and ran into the class president.

Jasmine then remembered that the class president had just had a conflict with the classmate a few days before.

Since then, the school has been in chaos and curses have been occurring frequently.

She knew that the class president must have leaked the news.

This time when she came to the bathroom again, Jasmine's heart became extraordinarily fearful.

She felt terrible when she saw the wall full of curses.

It was as if the familiar classmates had turned into evil spirits and were pouncing on her.

It turns out that hatred can really make people crazy.

Jasmine wanted to bring her classmates back to their former selves.

She grabbed a rag to wipe off the writing on the wall.

She takes a rag and tries to wipe the writing off the wall, but sees a creepy curse that will kill anyone who wipes it off.

Jasmine hesitated.

She doesn't have the courage to risk her life by looking at the evil curse.

The situation in the school is getting worse and worse.

Even Jasmine's favorite student, Ou, has been cursed and turned into a handicap.

Jasmine never imagined that the curse she wrote in a moment of recklessness

Jasmine never thought that her reckless curse would bring such bad consequences to the school.

At this moment, she really feels regretful and wants to make up for all this.

At that moment, Jasmine gathered her courage.

If she could save everyone's life, even if she died, it would be worth it.

Her classmates noticed the difference and came to stop her.

Jasmine locked herself in the bathroom and tried to erase the writing on the wall.

But it was hard to erase the handwriting with an oil-based pen.

Outside, the students were still banging on the door of the cubicle.

Molly was so scared that she took a pen out of her pocket and

In a panic, she wrote on the wall that she wished everyone would disappear.

The next second the curse came true and the toilet fell silent.

The next second the curse was fulfilled, the bathroom was silent, and all the students who were outside had disappeared.

The only person left in the school was Jasmine herself.

Not only that, but the people outside the school had disappeared.

Not only that, even the people outside the school had disappeared, the cars were parked motionless on the road and the world fell silent.

When Jasmine returned home, she turned on her cell phone to try to contact her family.

But she found that her contacts had been emptied.

Jasmine was left alone in the world.

She went to the bathroom to wash her face to clear her head.

When she looked up, she was stunned by the scene in front of her.

The reflection in the mirror was gone.

Not only the others, but also Jasmine herself was cursed.

Jasmine cries with a headache, but it's all irrevocable.

This is the end of the story.

Compared to the other stories in "Forbidden Girl,

The Wall of Wonder is less gory, but more human.

But the analysis of human nature is more thorough.

As if to tell us that

As if to tell us that even good people have an ulterior motive inside.


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