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Dream China TV series commentary copy

Dream China TV series commentary copy

Episode 01.

During the year, rumors about the Queen's distortion circulated in Tokyo, the Imperial City Division commander Bu Qianfan had to take the people involved back to the Imperial City Division to extract a strict confession, and finally learned that it was directed by Wei Ying, the governor of Renhe, and that there was a Viping, which was in Qiantang. Qianfan got the news, immediately to rush to the front hall, food shit Lei actually appeared, specially reminded him must take the flowers back to Tokyo, to get rid of all officials in the know. Zhao's tea store maiden Zhaopa while opening a tea store in Qiantang, is waiting for Ouyang Xu high school to pick him up to Tokyo, in Qiantang happy waiting for news, Zhaopa Ouyang Xu high school will be worried about her throwing things, so in advance in Dengzhou to buy a good house, waiting for Ouyang Xu to pick him up to Tokyo, he will lie that he is the mother-in-law from Dengzhou, do not let people in Tokyo know where he came from.

Gu Qianfan to Qiantang tea talk things, rested in the tea store, then was attracted to the photo, when the tea store came a group of private salt dealers looking for trouble, the old Jia saw the situation is trying to strike when Gu Qianfan stopped him, do not want to get into trouble, the upper body photo child and Sun Sanniang with, at once the private salt dealers to solve, Gu Qianfan then in the photo child fight in danger when the hand to save the photo child. Our people took away the private salt dealer, Gu Qianfan this brightened up, took out a plate of samples of the Imperial City Division, to his gratitude for the photos, a moment to thank the tea to pour. Photo child to the stubble, looking for various reasons not to give not Qianfan tea to drink, but not Qianfan refused, had to drink his tea brewed, photo child refused to step Qianfan will want to almost on the hands and feet, let Gu Qianfan drink after suffering a little, did not expect to be broken by Gu Qianfan several times.

After the photo child was recognized by Gu Qianfan, he said all the previous performance of the photo child, proving that the photo child was definitely a woman selling art, never what a good person. The photo child does not want to tell his past, but can not Qianfan know it like the back of his hand, to check his details is also easy, so he had to confess his past. Gu Qianfan did not let him say more after Photoer talked about his disconnect, just as a little lesson to him and left directly, and did not want to make things difficult for Zhaopa. Gu Qianfan from photo child's words and actions to understand photo child's family suffered back then, may be the Imperial City Division so-called, so understand the photo child's behavior, photo child because Gu Qianfan remembered the past, for him to be forced to become a selling woman's heartache tears. At this time Sun Sanniang's son father and son side smashed a thing. Waking him up, Song Yinzhang came to Zhao Pan and wanted Photo'er to take a look at Zhou She to see if he could fake it. Photo'er took a look at Zhou She and knew that Zhou She was a drunkard who went in and out of places of prostitution and was also a gambler, so he strongly disagreed with Song Yinzhang's marriage to Zhou She. The man was so angry that he got up to leave and got angry at Song Yizhang.

Song Yinzhang then went to the photo child, and again about the photo child, the attitude is very firm, never let Song Yinzhang marry Zhou She, and let Song Yinzhang do not listen to the lies of Zhou She, think married to Zhou She can get rid of the can, send seals just do not listen. Zhao Pal could not persuade Song Yinzhang, only to threaten not to return Song Yinzhang stay here in his business of silver money, so that Zhou She marriage, Song Yinzhang into the door before willing to return the silver money. Song Yinzhang refused to listen to Photo's advice and ran away with Zhou She. Photo'er knew, immediately rowed to chase, but did not expect to catch up with Zhaopapa instead of Song Yinzhang, only to bring heavy gifts to the pass judge Yang Zhiyuan, can he help Song Yinzhang off, that is, Zhao Pan'er just into Yang Zhiyuan's home, Gu Qianfan barged in with people, in order to get the night banquet map in the hands of Yang Zhiyuan, Yang Zhiyuan learned Gu Qianfan's intention, the goal is not her is the only. To give the chart to Gu Qianfan. Unexpectedly at this time Mrs. Yang came to make trouble. Gu Qianfan found out that the night banquet diagram was fake when Mrs. Yang was making trouble and asked Yang Zhiyuan to give an explanation.

Episode 02.

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