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Drama Rylan TV series "thirty only" full version of the narration text_Original narration

Drama Rylan TV series "thirty only" full version of the narration text_Original narration

Recently there is a new drama screen "thirty only". All the major charts are the first, today about it. Jiang Shu Ying plays this woman named Wang Manni, in a luxury store as a sales, work very hard, but the life of the big city, ah, just hard can not be enough, you do not see her appearance bright, every day in and out of the CBD ah, but in fact, ah poor group. Mom and Dad often advised her to go back home, but young people do not fight a, how can be willing, Manny is so said, if 30 years old before the work did not break through and can not find a good husband, then listen to you, go home. This year is the deadline, and today will be dark. This is so, this evening the company party, deputy store manager for personal reasons to resign, she and Manny's relationship is very good, so it has been on the phone to the store manager said, I hope the future deputy store manager let Manny when she finally saw hope, good sister really did not go back on her word, within a few days, the store manager in front of everyone to help her stand up, listen to ah, before the headquarters decision ah, deputy store manager by Manny agent, all listen to Manny Arrangement ah. Manny is very happy, finally boiled a head, feel this time stable, now even overtime are motivated, she rushed out the next quarter sales plan overnight, and in the next day arranged in order, she wanted to let everyone see herself capable of this position, but the plan can not catch up with the change, the next day, the store came to a new person, deputy store manager by the headquarters inventory, airborne, she was dumbfounded, this person came up to give Manny a dismay . (I just recommended the two sprays the main ingredient is deionized water, so absolutely no corrosion of clothing. I can see every day at the headquarters how our design team carefully selects materials, polishing design, the top group of people to make the most perfect clothes, how can just spray some messy things on it?) You say angry, you do not see her young ah, this girl tactics are quite old, internal wear small shoes, external rob customers. (In fact, both of them are quite good for you, this one is more young and elegant, more suitable for casual, like this one, I think it is more elegant some. Stop it, say something we can understand.) It's a pity that this customer has a good relationship with Manny, and rolled over, the, but ah, the official level crushed people, the plant sooner or later find back. For example, one day, Manny was late in the morning, the road traffic jam, just a few minutes, the result she came up on a spray, a colleague wanted to come over to relieve the siege, then come on, together with the spray. (That Nini she is usually not late, she must have something today ...... I know, the previous deputy store manager on you all is to turn a blind eye, you will be so loose, late and early, after the lunch break does not return to the store, you feel in your heart that this is nothing, but in the future in my here impossible, I want to re-regulate the leave system.) No move, the new official took office three fires, she had no place to say, so she could only continue to bow 90 degrees, with a smile and work to paralyze themselves, then she looked up to see a person, this person is to help her out. The young handsome man was rich or richer at first glance, and the deputy store manager immediately greeted him personally, so she really did not look away. The deputy store manager asked him if he could add a WeChat, but he refused on the spot, holding the things he just bought, and quietly walked behind Manny and said in front of all the faces, "These things are for my girlfriend, I am now considered a key customer. This waiter ah, accompany me for a moment, deputy store manager, can you? In the most down time, the prospective boyfriend confessed to her, which who can top ah, Manny cried, 30, work feelings, she is at least half done. The big city kept, but there is a phrase, she forgot


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