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Suspense TV series "forbidden girl of the fantasy wall" full version of the narration text _ original narration

Suspense TV series "forbidden girl of the fantasy wall" full version of the narration text _ original narration

Hello everyone, today we are sharing with you the Thai suspense drama.

Forbidden Girl, a short story called "The Wall of Wonder".

The main character, Jasmine, is an ordinary high school girl.

She is the manager of the soccer team at school.

She is the manager of the football team and is responsible for the logistics of the players.

In her second year of high school, Jasmine falls in love with the captain of the soccer team, Mr. Ou.

In order to get close to this handsome boy and get his favor.

In order to get close to the handsome boy and gain his affection, Jasmine relies on her authority to open the back door for him.

But this kind of thing is done more and more.

But when you do this kind of thing, it's inevitable that others will find out.

This makes many of the team members discontent.

They wanted to get a fair deal with a new logistics manager.

I thought this situation would last until the end of my senior year.

But the school actually assigned a new assistant to the soccer team.

The new assistant is also a girl named Nano.

Compared to Jasmine, she was prettier and softer.

In a few days, Nano captured the whole soccer team.

Even Mr. Ou is no exception.

Even Mr. Ou was not the only one who watched the men who used to surround him.

Now they were NANO's protectors.

Jasmine was so jealous.

In the influence of this resentment

Jasmine gave NANO a lot of manual work.

She was also the one who told her what to do.

NANO never resisted, and did as much as she could.

NANO never resisted, and worked as hard as she could.

All this was seen by Mr. Ou.

He was so kind that he couldn't bear to see NANO suffer, so he came forward to help.

In the side of the Jasmine is very angry she really did not expect that

She really didn't expect that the two people's relationship would heat up dramatically because of her help.

The situation will not take more than a few days to determine their relationship.

The two of them are going to be in a relationship in a few days, so she sat in the bathroom and sulked.

Like a child, she took out a pen and wrote on the cubicle wall.

She took out a pen and wrote on the wall of the cubicle the phrase "Nuno the bitch".

Then she left in anger.

Maybe it was just a prank on Molly's part.

But she must not have imagined how much more would happen with such an act.

But she would never have imagined how much would happen next.

After coming out of the bathroom, Jasmine runs into NANO.

When NANO approached, Jasmine was surprised to smell

A foul smell came from NANO's body.


The complete narration text (wps document) please see the attachment below ↓↓↓↓

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