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Forbidden Season 1

Forbidden Season 1

London 1814

Mrs. Gillis is at the church for the funeral of her father Delaney

Mrs. Chris is surprised by the arrival of an unexpected guest

The man is clearly her brother.

A man who had long been dead.

After the funeral, Chris caught up with the man.

And found out that it was indeed her brother James.

Delaney's lawyer told James that according to his father's will.

James was to be given a piece of dangerously barren land in Africa.

The East India Company's henchmen are gathering to celebrate Delaney's death.

They thought they would get the land in Nootka that Delaney had left behind.

But the return of James went awry.

So they investigated James thoroughly

James was a brilliant man.

He excelled in the military academy

He had also worked for the East India Company

Did a lot of crazy things

James returned home and met his old servant Brace

The two of them start catching up.

They talked about the land in Nootka that Delaney had left behind.

Brace wanted James not to take over the land

lest it lead to trouble.

But James is determined.

James searches his father's books and journals.

Trying to find some clues, but finding nothing.

All he knows is that Sawit, the lawyer, tried to buy his father's shipping company.

James goes to his father's abandoned shipping company office.

Found it had been turned into a brothel.

Chris's husband wants Chris to go to James to ask for the land.

James meets Mr. Ibbotson at the dockside.

Ibbotson had helped the Delaneys raise a boy.

But instead of thanking him, the old Delaney often threatened him.

Ibbotson wanted James to ask for payment for his previous support.

And James agreed.

James had his father's body exhumed with the intention of performing an autopsy.

He suspected that his father's death was unnatural.

Experiments also proved that Delaney had been poisoned.

The letter from Mrs. Chris didn't stop James from inheriting the land.

James sent the money to Ibbotson himself.

He took another look at the boy from afar.

James went to the East India Company office with the intention of negotiating with them.

Nootka was located right between the border of the British and American colonies.

It was very strategically important.

So the East India Company wanted James to give up his land.

So the East India Company wanted James to give up his land, whether it was to motivate him with national glory.

Or enticing him with money.

James was simply unmoved.

Finally the East India Company lost patience

And James simply left.

James received a letter from his sister.

Mrs. Chris didn't care about the inheritance.

but hoped that James could continue to hide the secrets of the past


(Episode 1, 740 words)

All 8 episodes of this series complete narration text (txt file) please see the attachment below ↓↓↓↓

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