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Explanatory text of "The Penetration Era" After the movie

One morning an old man drove up a car and wanted Howard to help him troubleshoot it, Howard had no contact with cars, the most he had in the store was a pump and all kinds of bicycle tires, but he had to take the business in hand. In the newspapers he claimed that a new era had dawned, and it was indeed the same as Howard thought, his company got bigger and bigger, but it didn't last long.

Explanatory text of "The Penetration Era" After the movie

It didn't take long for the United States to usher in the economic crisis, and by four o'clock in the afternoon, the stock market had surprisingly dropped nearly ten billion market value, and over the next two weeks, the situation continued to worsen, with 25% of the population facing unemployment, and the Howard Corporation hit hard.

However, the good times did not last long, but the thin camel is bigger than the horse, Howard is still a successful person, after dealing with those anxious finances, Howard left in a car, looking at his distant father, Howard's son was very happy, he immediately drove a small car to the mountains, but the child is after all a child, which he knows how to drive, and soon died in a car accident at the scene, this accident brought Howard a great This accident brought Howard a big blow, perhaps in this life he can not cross this hurdle, more desperate is, the wife that the death of his son and Howard's negligence can not be unconnected, she left home in anger, just a few days, a successful entrepreneur has become a wife and middle-aged man in despair, in order to find the lost things, Howard came to the race track, the race track running horses let this sad man forget some troubles In real life, young girls fall in love with older men, and Bella falls in love with Howard, and with the comfort of Bella, Howard rides a horse again. Howard found the lost love, his heart was filled again by the beautiful Bella, in a short period of time the two completed the wedding, Bella likes to ride, spending money Howard immediately decided to buy a few horses, and then find a seasoned trainer, midnight Howard met a cowboy named Tom, Tom is wild and unruly, but kind-hearted, he saved a horse that was about to be He saved a white horse that was about to be killed, the white horse had a broken leg, and when the horse stopped running it lost its value, almost everyone was convinced of this statement, but Tom did not think so, born to be useful, perhaps this horse will come in handy, no one can use a standard of good to evaluate anything, it was clear that Tom and Howard were very close, he was called Seabiscuit, Seabiscuit Seabiscuit was a son of the famous horse Hard Biscuit, but he wasn't as strong as his parents, instead Seabiscuit performed poorly, as if he wasn't a racehorse but a lead horse. Howard saw a rider named Ryder, who was once a famous boxer and won numerous prizes in his career, but after an accident, he had to change his career and came to the training yard. In the training ground, the sea cookie showed a very strong running talent, but it can not control their own body very well, Tom pointed out the sea cookie's shortcomings, in the previous days the sea cookie's master always let it run in circles, its life is like a donkey pulling the mill as boring, perhaps the sea cookie needs to re-learn to be a horse, facing the unobstructed grass, the sea cookie unrestrainedly vent their wild nature, the back of the Reed very After a short recuperation, Ryder took Seabiscuit to the racetrack, and this time Seabiscuit showed an amazing explosive power, breaking the record in the stable, and now everything was ready. Soon Howard brought Red and Seabiscuit to the race, for the first time in this level of competition Seabiscuit did not have stage fright, but Red was a little uncomfortable, the riders around him behaved very badly, often shoving Red, after all, they were bloodthirsty boys, Red was angered by the rider's approach, he decided to return the favor, and so the whole race Red was fighting back, he lost his chance to win He lost his chance to win the championship, and came backstage Reed was acting very emotional, while Howard was acting very sophisticated, he calmly told Reed you did this, is it really worth it, Howard's words woke up Reed, anger makes the strong stupid, in the next race Reed managed to suppress his temper, he rode Seabiscuit all the way forward, and took the championship without any effort, Howard was very confident about Seabiscuit Howard was very confident of Seabiscuit, facing the reporters he had a lot of golden words, Seabiscuit is the horse that leads us to the future, if a horse does not know that it grows smaller than others, then it will definitely be successful, in the outsider's view Howard's words were very conceited, they began to sneer at Seabiscuit, however the fact is the opposite of what those people said, Seabiscuit took one championship after another, its supporters more and more, reporters around it But Tom didn't think it was the right time, as Seabiscuit had a mountain to cross, a horse called Warlord, which was much bigger than Seabiscuit and had won more prizes than he could count, but Howard wasn't afraid, he took the initiative and challenged Warlord, and the time was so big that this The battle of the century jackpot rose to 100,000, in the United States at the time this is already a very significant number, people do not know what Howard gourd is selling, only know that they bet on God of War will never go wrong, soon ushered in the game moment, God of War is really very powerful, but Reed and Seabiscuit are not afraid, they sped forward with everything they had, Reed still lost the game because of a momentary oversight In fact, this is not to blame Reed, he only has one eye to see, visual blindness out of the horse, Reed simply can not respond quickly, see this scene Tom was very angry, he decided to replace Reed, but Howard thought that the young man should be given a chance, despite the unanimous newspaper reports at the time Reed is a faint-headed rider, in order to save face, Howard faced the press again issued a war letter, no matter In order to win the race, Tom and Reed had to teach Seabiscuit to lead the sprint, and Seabiscuit would never have a chance to win again once Warlord came out on top. Originally Reed's training has achieved some success, the result of a man found Reed, he wanted Reed to ride his horse to show buyers, in the ride on the road the horse was disturbed by agricultural machinery became unusually wild, Reed was instantly thrown to the ground, he was seriously injured for a short time simply can not ride the horse, had no choice but to find another rider to replace Reed, in Reed's help the new rider and Seabiscuit grind The new rider and Seabiscuit were able to bond well and came into the race, and War God was as strong as ever. The audience was very excited and Ryder in the hospital room was also very excited, some time later Ryder was received to the countryside, where he will recuperate until he recovers, Ryder did not know that at this time Seabiscuit has suffered an accident in the race, his ligaments are all broken, for the horse is fatal, once Seabiscuit galloped like the wind, but now After a few days, Seabiscuit was sent to Ryder's side, both men and horses had foot injuries, they began to motivate each other and inspire each other, Ryder never gave up on Seabiscuit, as time went by Seabiscuit's injury was much better, Ryder began to ride him around, at the same time Ryder reduced the amount of food, it is clear that he is ready to return to the race, but unfortunately Howard refused Ryder's invitation, his Howard had already experienced the death of his son, and he didn't want to see anyone else suffer, but the young man was so determined that Howard couldn't stop him. The race is a gold race, and the opponents are very strong, and soon Reed was left behind, and with the help of a rider Reed and Seabiscuit found confidence, they rode all the way back to the front of the team, and as usual, Seabiscuit burst out a powerful burst of power, no doubt, it got the championship again. After his son's talent for horse training, he ruthlessly entrusted him to a horse trainer, time passes, the strongest of the mall life of the weakest, Mr. Howard purchased a horse, and to find a suitable rider for it, defiant and distinctive personality of Reed, so came to Mr. Howard's stables, he had to tame the horse called Seabiscuit, from this horse to accompany him to fight the size of the race, the meaning is extraordinary, concise but throwing branches The two men who have fallen on hard times trust each other to support each other and give their all for each other. The horse is a very spiritual animal that endures humiliation and loyalty and calmness, it symbolizes struggle and courage, symbolizing the hope of omnipotence, as a typical inspirational film, the plot of "The Galloping Era" is not surprising, it is just the process of man and horse from strangers to taming to bonding and then to tacit understanding, the race The scene is also very complete, frustrated warm-up small successes big setbacks eventually thick and thin, inspirational film characters often have to do what seems impossible by common sense, this is a leap of life, by wisdom or courage faith or will, it does not matter, the important thing is that the audience can be inspired by it, virtual power is also valuable, just like the people who help push the car when uphill just dry yell, people in an emotional depression, the should come to see this "galloping years", it is not a myth or a fairy tale, but a legend, well today's movie is here!

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