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Action film "Chasing the Dragon" movie review Afterthoughts Explanatory text

Action film "Chasing the Dragon" movie review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Action film "Chasing the Dragon" movie review Afterthoughts Explanatory text

This place is called Kowloon Walled City

Before the return of Hong Kong

It was a no-go area

Not only was it untouchable by law

Even the PC is afraid that there is no way out

If you want to hang out here

You can't speak Cantonese

But as long as you are one of his people

Don't worry, no one dares to touch you

His name is Ng Sai Ho

He's known as Ah Ho

Because he has a crippled leg

He was known as Crippler

There is a real person in reality

Started as a gambler and then changed to selling DU

Sold more than 30 tons of DU products

The profits obtained amounted to more than 300 million

His single-handedly established the gang

In just a few years, he became one of the

One of the four major families of HK drug

But no one would have thought

When he was young

He was a poor and destitute

A punk who couldn't eat a single meal for four days

In 1963

Ah Ho smuggled his brothers to Hong Kong

He had no power, no money, no influence

Vowed to make a fortune here

But at that time, Hong Kong was

Under the rule of the British colonial government

The police and the black colluded with the S traffickers

Gangsters were doing everything

Even though Ah Ho was strong and powerful

but also can only be reduced to fighting to make up the number of small gangsters

But he's a tough guy.

The fight is no doubt

Seeing his compatriots being bullied by British L

Ahao didn't say a word

He just went to fight

This scene was seen by police detective Leroy

He arrived in time to stop

But he didn't hand Ah Ho and the others over to the British L

Instead, they were sent to Shau Kei Wan, where Lui Lo has jurisdiction

He thought that here

British L would not come to his door

But they came anyway

They beat up Ah Ho

Luckily, Lui Lo showed up with the newspaper

The British L then stopped

After this incident

Leiluo decided to draw in Ahao

Not only did he send his men to visit him

He also gave money to live

Ahao finally got a foothold in HK

He thought his life would gradually become better

But his brother Davy was caught by the local gangster Chiu for stealing money from a gambling den

He was arrested by the local snake Chiu

Knowing the news, Ah Ho

rushed to save him

Chao heard that Ho was a good fighter

He wanted to see how good he was

For the sake of his brother

Ahao didn't say anything

Chao admired Ho's ruthlessness

So he took him on as a pawn

He told Ho

What he hated most was betrayal

Once he found out

He would cut off his hands and feet

Having made a living, Ah Ho

started to make a living in HK


Creating Du

S people

With his vicious and cruel methods

To make a good living

He made a lot of money

Ahao, whose business was getting bigger and bigger

soon thought of Leroy

But when he really paid for the favor

But the other party refused with a smile

Leiluo's reason was simple

When I need you, you'll come.

I'll be there.

You said

I said

Two men shake hands

And so the two men of the world were born.

Half a billion dollar detective, Leroy.

You may not have heard of his name

But you need to know

Before his return

The wealth he holds

Even Li Ka-shing dare not match him

He had purchased properties in many areas of Hong Kong

He bought properties with a market value of over $3 million at that time

He also bought a whole building in one go

29 Shau Kei Wan Road is one of them

If it hadn't been auctioned off

The market value is about 120 million

But in his younger days

Leroy was just a small-time agent

With his skills and guts

And years of experience.

He slowly rose to the position of district detective.

But he wasn't satisfied with that.

He wanted to be bigger.

He wanted to reshuffle the whole HK underground industry

Then he wanted to set up rules to collect money.

That day Lui Luo came to Kowloon Walled City to negotiate business with Master Ding

Who is Master Ding?

He was the one who controlled most of the loan sources in Hong Kong.

Originally, Lui Luo had already taken care of the preliminary arrangements

But unexpectedly, the other side's men shot and killed Master Ding

And then put the blame on Lui Luo

Why did his men dare to do that?

It turned out to be Lei Luo's rival

Detective Yan played a role in it

He wanted to keep Leroy from talking about the loan source.

He contacted Chao and his men secretly

He had planned everything in advance

But unfortunately

Ho's brother Wai overheard the plan

Knowing that Si Ren was framed

Ah Ho didn't hesitate for a moment

In the critical moment

He saved Lui Luo

But two fists are no match for four hands

Soon the two were blocked in a dead end

Even so

Ahao didn't back down

After settling down Leiluo

He stepped up to fight alone

Although Ahao is a good fighter

But can not resist the gangsters to trip ah

Soon after, Chao came out

He hated betrayal the most

He directly picked up the brick

Ruined Ahao's leg

Just when the two were desperate

Leroy's men arrived just in time

I'll take you to the hospital

Ah Ho!

I know

Half of the patient's leg bone is fractured

The kneecap is displaced.

Looks like we'll have to amputate his leg.

Even if we can save his leg.

He will walk with short legs.

He will become a cripple.

Thus the name Cripple was born.

Leroy touched Ahao's broken leg.

He knew he couldn't just let it go

So he first arranged for his men to arrest Chao

Justice milk tea torture X forced G

He sent him to prison

Then he and A-Ho became brothers

Each share half of the world

Together, the two of them

Control all the underground industry in Hong Kong

Lui Lo seized the opportunity

Once climbed to the position of Chinese chief detective

And Ah Ho slowly devoured other gangs

Became the largest gang in Hong Kong

But as his power continued to grow.

Ho became more and more unruly

Not only did he buy a lot of PCs

Got the first-hand information of the police

He even bribed the riders in the race

The British gamblers lost all their money

All these behaviors made the British PC executives unable to sit still

They are afraid that Ah Ho is growing too fast

out of their control

So they ordered Leroy to divide the business into four parts

A-Ho and the other bosses would divide it equally

The meaning is obvious

It was to keep A-Ho in check

to prevent him from becoming a monopoly

Knowing that he could not compete with the British PC, Lui Luo

So he advised Ah Ho to be more restrained

A-Ho tolerated it at first

But when he found out that the black bosses of the Four Points business

In addition to his own Hua Zai Rong and the newly promoted Rose

He also wanted to give a share to Chao who broke his leg

Ah Ho was instantly angry

C is for C

But business must continue

Lui Lo knew that Ah Ho was still angry

So he came up with a solution

That was to send Ahao to the Golden Triangle

To negotiate with General Nai-Mi, the largest supplier of D products in Asia

As long as the price was right, we could negotiate.

Then the HK underground deal

After all, it's still up to the two of them

Ahao agreed after hearing this

But when he arrived in Thailand

But he was ambushed by Fa Chai Wing

Luckily, Ah Ho spotted it right away

He took his brothers and fought his way out

But one of the four, Wai

But he died here

After taking care of his brother's funeral

Ah Ho found General Naomi

But he didn't want to do business with him

He said someone was willing to pay a higher price

Rose presented the box

Open it and see

Fa Zai Rong you bastard offered $6,000

You really deserve to die

You have so much money to give people?

That's right, Rose is Ho's man

She is Ho's trained S-player.

This time, she was the one who hid around Fa Chai Wing.

She managed to get information and beheaded him.

Without Fa Chai Wing

General Nai-Mi agreed to cooperate.

But before they could return to Hong Kong.

A Ho's brother Wai was beaten into a vegetable

It turned out that Wai was already addicted to DU products

In order to X powder he even begged Chao

But the other party has a requirement

That is to drink the drink of the British PC Hunter unique C

With ice and orange juice

And with special ingredients

Will Wei drink it?

No he splashed it directly

This action made Hunter angry

Wei was in trouble

Although Wei did not die in the end

But he never woke up again

Looking at his brother in the hospital bed

Ahao wanted to kill Chao and Hunter immediately

But before he could do it

He was stopped by Lui Luo

The reason was simple

British L cannot be killed

HK is still their world nowadays

If they move, everyone will be finished

But Ah Ho didn't listen

Because this is his bottom line

It's fine to touch him

But don't touch his family

And at this time

HK set up the Independent Commission Against Corruption

This department is responsible for the investigation of corrupt W by H police officers

As long as the evidence is implemented

Then the official position is also a big wing can not escape

Leiluo knew that it was difficult to escape this disaster

So he plans to flee overseas for refuge

He hoped that Ahao would also go with him

But Ho didn't agree.

He still wanted to kill Hunter to avenge his brother's death.

After sending his family out of state.

Aho started to move.

In the darkness of the night

He drove his cart straight into Hunter and knocked him over

After a series of vents

He drove him into the wall

But just as he was about to pull out his gun to end it

Chao came with his men

Ahao hid in the fortress

He fights back with his scattergun

After taking care of Chao

Ahao blocked Hunter in the sky

Just when he was shooting at him

But Lui Luo appeared

So he didn't leave

Because he was afraid that Ho had an accident

So he came to the rescue with his men

He advised Ahao not to do it again

Otherwise, his family would be implicated

Ahao didn't say anything

He looked at his good brother in front of him

Then he shot Hunter and killed him

With a few gunshots later

All the grudges and grievances

Dissipated into clouds of smoke in the wind

Ah Ho was arrested

He was sentenced to 30 years in prison

And Lui Lo fled to the sea.

He never set foot in HK again in his life

At the end of the film

Ah Ho is released early because he has lung cancer

He came to the beach

Receives a call from Lui Lo

The two former kingpins

Now they are both in their twilight years

Ahao asked Lui Luo

If he were to start over again

Would the choice change?

Lui Luo replied

The times make the heroes of an era

How can there not be one or two heroes appear?

When I was young, I always thought

Life and death are destiny and wealth are in the sky

But when it comes to the end

All things cannot be taken away

Only sins haunt me


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