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The Last Man

The Last Man

There is only one man left on earth

He doesn't lack money

He just needs a woman to keep him company

It is said that the most painful thing in the world is that people die without money to spend

But today's story may be more painful

Everyone in the world is dead

He is still alive

The story begins in the year 2020

At this time, a year has passed since the global outbreak of the apocalyptic virus

The main character, Phil, is driving a bus he found.

He shouts hello in 18 languages.

He has traveled all 50 continents of the United States

He still hasn't seen a soul.

He returns to his hometown of Tucson in despair.

And leaves a sign on the highway saying there's a living person in Tucson.

If there's no one else in the world

So why live in his own doghouse?

He chose a mansion of his choice and lived in it.

I also redecorated the mansion to my liking

It was a long day of work.

Phil was so excited before he went to bed.

Talked to God and said he was doing well.

It would be nice if God could send him another woman.

The life of a fat man began to be whatever he wanted it to be.

At first he was having a great time.

Wearing the robe of the founder of Playboy

Bringing food home by the truckload from the supermarket

Drinking $10,000 bottles of wine

After eating and drinking

There had to be some entertainment

He started to play bowling

But what's the point of just bowling? Phil had an idea.

No one was there anyway

What's the point of smashing something?

What kind of beautiful lamps?

A nice glass fish tank

All take out all smashed

Play to the end

Phil was no longer satisfied with smashing glass

He began to smash the car

He strapped explosives to a luxury car


(Total 1238 words)

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