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Animation movie "Food Adventure of Hero Chowder" commentary text Commentary

Animatedmovie "Food Adventure of Hero Chowder" comment ary text commentary

Animation movie "Food Adventure of Hero Chowder" commentary text Commentary

Hello everyone, today I will tell you a

Little Bun learns kung fu from Old Bun

After coming down from the mountain, he fights with sushi again

In order to save the noodle goddess

The story of Little Bun and Sushi becoming brothers

It is said that back then

The female pot used the five flavors of "sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty"

To cook all kinds of delicious food in the world

The food suddenly had a soul

After a Kung Pao chicken ate the five flavor stones

gained the ability to dominate the world of food

All the buns, buns and dumplings were cooked into porridge

It is really a hell on earth!

At the very moment of crisis

The bun master was born

He took the rolling pin in his hand and waved it

Like a god from heaven

He beat the Kung Pao chicken into a pot of chicken soup

Since then the world has been at peace again

Many years later

As the sixty-sixth generation of the master of steamed buns

Bao practiced martial arts diligently every day

Seeing that he had achieved something

Master decided to send Pao down to the mountain to experience the training

When Pao was leaving, the master mistakenly gave the ancestor's rolling pin

and gave it to Pao as a weapon

Pao followed his master's orders and carried the rolling pin

He went down the mountain with a small package

Hearing that the food city is holding a food competition

Pao also wanted to show off his skills

And his opponent was a sushi Musashi that looked like a dumpling

Poor Pao was crippled by Musashi within three moves

At that moment, the Noodle Goddess came to give a lecture

He wanted to drive Pao out of the food town.

Hired Musashi to become a member of the expeditionary navy

After Pao was kicked out

by a doughnut uncle to do hard work

Although he was working as a laborer

But the accommodation here is good

Boiled dumplings in a soup pot

Deep-fried dumplings in the frying pan

Steamed dumplings in the steamer

Xiao Bao sleeps comfortably in the steamer

In this way, the small package followed Uncle Doughnut also went to sea

And also tragically encountered an army of pirates squid brother

A time dumplings, rice balls, buns all together to fight

Dumplings threw off the hat everyone knew

This thing was sushi ah

He is Squidward's undercover

Noodle Goddess and her minions were all caught by Squidward

Xiao Bao wanted to rescue them

The result and Musashi fought again

When Musashi was fighting with Pao

Was hit by the wave into the sea

Relying on a wooden board, the two managed to survive

As a Japanese sushi

Musashi follow the samurai spirit

He had to bring Pao to Squidward alive

Pao himself wanted to save Noodle Goddess

And Squidward's lair

is in the lake where the kung pao chicken was turned into chicken soup.

It's not easy to get there.

First, you have to cross a bridge made of potato chips.

There are also monkeys turned into crab sticks here

Only after falling off the bridge did they realize

This forest is all made of trees made of western bluebells

And the rocks are all roots

The ground is full of small grass grown by golden mushrooms

The buns were really tired at night

The soft bun was so tired that it became a dry bun

So he built a fire and made a steamer

Lie in the steamer can not mention how comfortable it is

While Xiao Bao was eating the garlic and enjoying it

The fire of the steamer ignited the sugar tree in the forest

All of a sudden the forest began to melt

The flour on the ground suddenly began to bulge into bread

Xiao Bao even had no place to escape

Fortunately, a corn explosion

Before the two were blown out of the forest

They came to the cheese field where onions were scattered

Musashi's eyes were blinded by onions

But Bao did not intend to assassinate Sushi

He even helped him to go to the chicken soup lake together

Musashi was touched by Pao's kindness all the way

The two have slowly turned from enemies into brothers and sisters

Noodle Goddess, with the help of Uncle Doughnut

successfully escaped from the prison cage

And grabbed a bow and arrow

Aiming at Squidward, she is about to start making trouble

Squidward's sushi boy No.2 Yamazaki

The knife skill is simply crazy

The boat once again opened a food fight

A time to fight

On the other hand, after arriving at the chicken soup lake

Xiao Bao remembered that the master said that chicken soup can cure all diseases

He took two sips and was immediately revived

Musashi tasted a few bites of chicken soup

Not only did he regain his eyesight

And the brain are brighter

The two little ones drank the chicken soup and rowed the boat

leisurely to look for squid brother's fleet

Squidward has landed from the chicken soup lake

Ready to go in search of the year

After the hiccup of Kung Pao chicken, he left behind the Five Flavor Stone

Pao wants to rescue the noodle goddess by himself

Musashi faked a duel

To stop Pao from getting killed.

But Yamazaki is not soft.

Bao was beaten into a lime cave.

Soon he would become a dry-fried bun

After the bun is dehydrated

In his dream world, he met the master of buns

Suddenly he realizes the mastery of bun martial arts

When he woke up

Saved by a group of monkeys

Squidward took his captives to the chicken soup lake island

Finally found the entrance to the Five Flavor Stone Cave

Once we get the Five Flavor Stone

You can dominate the taste of food

And thus rule the world of food

Just when he was about to do whatever he wanted

Xiao Bao came out again

This time it was different

Xiao Bao's stick skills had been upgraded

First, he killed the little brother

He rescued the Noodle Goddess

Then he went to rescue Musashi.

And they have to hurry to the cave

Stop Squidward from eating the Five Flavor Stone

Musashi will fight with Yamazaki.

Xiao Bao to fight with Squidward

But by now it was too late.

Squidward absorbed the energy of the stone

Began to turn him into a huge thing

Blending with the snowflakes in the cave

It turned into a giant octopus.

Pao and Musashi teamed up together.

However, they were still unable to defeat the octopus's eight-clawed tentacles.

Musashi to save Xiao Bao

He was buried under the rock and died.

Xiao Bao seized the opportunity to find the original five flavor stone on the ground

Using the soul-sucking technique taught to him in his dream world

He sucked out the energy of the stone from Squidward's body

Without the energy of the Five Flavor Stone

He was instantly defeated by the bun

When everything was over

Noodle Goddess led the group to run for their lives

In the collapsed snow mountain

Pao finally failed to save Musashi

The five flavor stones were once again sealed in the snowy mountain

Xiao Bao also became the bun warrior to save the world

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