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Drama Rylan TV series "Together" full version narration text_original narration

Drama Rylan TV series "Together" full version narration text_original narration

2020 is a different year from the past

This year there is no reunion dinner

There is no family and friends

This year is not the joyful atmosphere of previous years

There is only the determination of the whole nation to work together

The determination to fight the epidemic together

We have won a battle without smoke and mirrors

This is a must-see film "Together".

There are 20 episodes, and every 2 episodes tell a story.

The name of the episode is "The Turning Point of Life".

Old Zhang is a hospital director who is about to retire

One day he received a call from his successor and disciple

Director Tan called

Something has happened to his master

There was a case in the hospital

Even the experts from the CDC couldn't handle it

President Zhang, who had experienced SARS

immediately noticed the seriousness of the matter

The emergency clinic was shut down immediately.

From now on.

No more leave will be granted. Those already granted will be cancelled immediately.

The eighth and ninth floors are vacated

As a quarantine area

Tomorrow morning before work at 8:00 a.m.

The entire hospital will be systematically disinfected


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