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Love "Love you Rosie" movie commentary copy

Love "Love you Rosie" movie commentary copy

Love "Love you Rosie" movie commentary copy

hello everyone

I am XX


beautiful wine

The crowd coming and going

Rosie with messy curly hair

Wearing a dress.

Sitting alone and disappointed

The lost bride

Her mind dwells on the two little ones with the groom.

Lying in a tent together as children.

Interlocking their fingers

Listening to Red confide in another ridiculous dream he had last night.

Girlfriend rings the bell to remind Rosie to speak.

She looks across the table at the groom.

Says it's "the happiest day of my life."

Turns out the girl wasn't the bride.

The groom is him.

Back 12 years ago

Rosie and Red are in a noisy bar.

Alcohol wrapped in hormones.

Gives the girl the courage to kiss her bamboo horse for the first time.


neon lights and gongs are blurred by it.

But the next second Rosie falls.

It was this fall that made the sparks start to turn into tears

The boy comes to visit early in the morning of the apparent day

Rosie regretted the drunken ugliness that Red had seen

Forgetting the first kiss of each other

So she described last night as "awful".

I didn't notice the silence that came over the boy.

Ryder and Rosie, who had been childhood sweethearts

Best friends

They were the closest thing to family.

They loved each other unconditionally.

But by mistake

They never got to be together.

Soon it will be the high school graduation party

The boys and girls are looking for a date to say goodbye to their "first time."

Julie, the school beauty, takes the initiative and asks Red.

The boy stumbles over how to say no

It seems the rumors are like the hem of a girl's skirt.

Rosie, who has been inseparable since childhood, and Ryder talk about everything.

The more the two cherish this precious emotion

Because "having is the beginning of losing"

Not to mention Rosie's first kiss, which she described as "awful".

The boy is hesitant to go ahead

Finally said yes to Julie's invitation

And the moment he walks up to Julie

but did not see the loss in Rosie's eyes behind him.

Within a few days

Ryder was given "first blood" by the school girl.

Rosie couldn't hold back her curses for a moment.

Before the prom.

Ryder knocked on the door of the girl's room across the street.

With a guilty conscience.

And the girl tried on her dress without a care in the world.

To Ryder's delight and deep disappointment

The girl who used to be so passionate

And it wasn't him who was holding her hand

Hormones take over the body again

Disguising the lack of concern in each other's hearts

On impulse

Rosie did the impulsive thing

Tom nicknamed himself "Rooster Skin"

"A true driver.

"who takes every safety precaution seriously."

And yet it ended before it began

Who can understand the pain of this autumn heart

At the age of 28

premature ejaculation at a young age

But what's more devastating for Rosie is that

The old driver left his helmet in the car

There was no sign of the target in the reversing mirror.

When Rosie panicked, the first person she thought to ask for help was Ryder.

When they returned from the hospital

The end of a tumultuous and absurd day

They looked at each other.

Waiting for the "right" time to confess.

The boy wanted a new environment.

A new life

A life with Rosie.

They agreed to go to the same college in Boston together.

Rosie's mother was strongly opposed to the idea.

The father, as always, supported his daughter

Rosie's father was always supportive of his daughter and worked hard to make her dream of opening a hotel a reality.

Although her father is still just a doorman

Rosie finally seized the opportunity to change her fate.

When she looked at her acceptance letter and ran

She ran across the street to Red's house

Only to hear the boy upstairs singing with Julie in the same room.

Rosie couldn't stop throwing up.

As opposed to hearing about Red's insistence on not giving out.

The bigger shock was that she had gone to the hospital and still "won"

Rosie finally decided to swallow all the bitterness and grumbling alone

Ryder came to see the girl happy with his letter of notification

Just like Rosie at that time

But he didn't notice the red, swollen eyes across the room.

Rosie said she would not leave until a few days later.

The boy believed that they would be able to go together

To achieve their common dream.

Parting at the airport

Only Rosie understood

They might really have to separate from each other

Behind the reluctance is the emotion of asking for a kiss

Within reach but always one step away

Once thought that each other would be the only choice

But when that person went on to a life without herself

Rosie suddenly found her heart

inexplicably hurt.

She couldn't talk herself out of the baby.

She was at a loss.

Her best friend suggested that she could give the baby to an infertile family

Rosie was enlightened.

Then she could still follow in Red's footsteps.

Her parents are open to the idea of their daughter being pregnant out of wedlock.

The parents were very open-minded.

The family is optimistic around the baby.

Rosie gradually could not use her reason to cut off her mother's love

Once the baby was conceived and delivered

In the end, she couldn't let go of her flesh and blood

Finally decided to raise their daughter alone

And all this

Ryder, who is studying in America, does not know about it.

The girl who had the forbidden fruit was trapped in the life of a housewife

But the birth of a child

After all, it is not a small matter

A lot of hidden but suddenly returned to the boy found out

When he heard that Tom, the second shooter, had a daughter

Ryder looked at the little life in front of him

He said he wanted to be the child's godfather.

What he didn't say was that he wanted to be Rosie's husband

The girl liked the fact that Ryder was full of dreams and was brave enough to follow them

She can not reach the place at least he can go to

And a little to make up for the lack of their own hearts

When it was time to say goodbye

Again, they looked at each other without saying anything

Continuing to look at each other's backs

Rehearsed countless times in my heart to confess

Whenever we meet

I return to my original position as if nothing had happened

Besides the pain

Rade's life had lost its direction

In that strange city

I'd never wake up

Only a glass of wine knows the heart

Youth continues to stride

"What should I do?" They pause for a moment

They become two parallel lines forced to look at each other

Maintaining a polite distance

Watching each other's lives

When their former best friend goes off to one of the world's top universities

Julie, the most hated girl in high school, is on the cover of a magazine.

Rosie resents the fact that she has to work as a small hotel cleaner.


On her first day of school, her daughter

sees her mother in bed with a police officer

asks curiously, "Are you my dad? "

Rosie rushes to interrupt

In a rush to get her daughter to school

Even too late to untie last night's bondage game

The love affair was just a relief from loneliness

Only her daughter is Rosie's little darling

With her, even when it's cold

Sunshine in my heart

When she saw the family she had dreamed of

Rosie realized

Her daughter needed a father

In five years

Ryder had a prosperous life

But the spiritual world became more and more corrupt

Whenever he had a strange dream

To tell his girlfriend about it

The other person was always mocking

Ryder began to miss the girl who really understood him

The girl who protected his dreams

Five years apart.

He wanted to see that girl in person again.

There was a stirring of "missing" in the words.

Rosie didn't write back.

Instead, she appeared directly in front of Red.

This is her reply

The surprise was probably the sight of the unexpected meeting.

An all-night party. It's like being 18 years old again.

They got wet in the pool.

Running around in the sun.

Laughing on the lawn.

But when Rosie looked forward to getting closer

All she got was a silent no from Ryder.

At dinner.

Rosie got her answer.

Ryder's girlfriend was pregnant.

After hearing this, Rosie's world was like a coffee without sugar.

Afterwards, she went with Ryder to visit a painting exhibition

For several years the man has been lost in the dream of the frenetic pomp and circumstance at the top of the pyramid.

The cult of money, the pursuit of status

Only Rosie did not fit in with the glamour of the world

Turning away from the hustle and bustle of this boring party

Ryder's life no longer needed her.

Rosie just wants to go back to her daughter.

Ryder wanted to help her.

At least have a decent job.

Instead, the girl thinks he's the poor guy who's lost himself.

Faced with the revelation that his life was in shambles

The man's pride made him choose to hurt

"At least our future children will have a full family."

Rosie came with expectations.

A trip that was supposed to bring back a father.

A trip that was supposed to be about love.

After a big fight

Rosie returned home sad.

Also returned home was the old driver who ran away

Once young and wild

Now with a face full of frost

Rosie, who has raised her daughter alone, realizes how perfect she is.

Tom is back in hot pursuit of her.

Given that his daughter had always dreamed of a family.

Rosie makes an exception and puts him to the test again.

Like any happy family.

Seeing his daughter's smile grow brighter every day

And Tom's toned abs.

Even though he was still a second shot.

But the mouth is like a dog drinking water

Fingers like the devil

But also enough to comfort

Looking at his daughter and his little friend

It also brought a wistful smile to Rosie's face.

Ryder received an invitation to their wedding

At the same time, he moved out of his girlfriend's fancy apartment.

He wanted to say goodbye to the past.

To find himself.

And the news of Red's disappearance comes from his ex-girlfriend.

She's been having an affair with the artist at the show.

And the baby on the way has nothing to do with Ryder.

Another five years of rushed time

The scars of growing up are lightly smoothed over

The daughter and the boy were grown.

And the father was killed in a car accident.

At the funeral, Ryder rushed back.

He didn't just come to give his uncle a message.

but to see if she was happy

The rebelliousness of a man who used to say what he didn't mean

The hesitation to say something else

All in the long-lost embrace into warmth

The way Tom looked at the funeral.

And it made Ryder regret it.

Chasing without stopping

Missing each other

Like cogs in a wheel

A mistake is a mistake

Before he left, Red wrote his heart out at the airport.

For the first time, he wanted to be with her.

But the heart sent was intercepted by Tom

The man finally did not wait for a reply

The sun rises and the moon sets, spring and autumn come and go

I don't know how many more years

One day her best friend discovered that Tom had quietly booked a bridal suite at a chain store.

Rosie was surprised by her husband's romance.

But no one answered her phone.

Only a message from a business trip.

The tough, stubborn woman went to the hotel.

She punched the man who was still trying to explain.

You can shoot in seconds.

Why can't you answer in seconds?"

Only then did Rosie discover Red's original letter

Loved as a friend

Missed as a friend

All these years

They didn't lose out on time

They lost to distance

But they lost to their own lack of courage

So much love that they didn't want to take the slightest risk

But when Rosie had the courage again

The video shows the school girl Julie

She caught the man's heart that had grown cold with anxiety after years of not getting an answer.

Rosie and Red were speechless for a long time.

Julie was talking to herself.

Inviting Rosie to be her bridesmaid.

It's just that the weather is not good

The bitterness is not sweet in the end

I can't tell you how much I've been hurt

I've been forced to be the only one who wants to

Good thing my girlfriends are on the side to fan the flames

It seems that the wedding battle is about to take place

The gang rushed to America

Rosie put on her dress

But in front of the church

They were still a step too late

What's done is done

Only a bitter smile wrapped around their hearts

Here back to the beginning of the movie wedding reception

The heartfelt words that should have been spoken during the wedding robbery

can only become heartbreaking words

"Choose a person you can spend your life with?

"For each of us"

"is the most important decision of all."

"Because when you make the wrong decision"

"your life will go from color to black and white"

You have brought splendid and magnificent colors to my life"

"This gift has kept me alive from the doldrums."

"Once I naively took it for granted."

"But that doesn't matter anymore"

"Because no matter where you are"

What you're doing

Or who you're with"

"I'll always be




"Totally ...... in love with you"

The sun rises in the east and returns to the west

When the heart dies, it stops at love

Even if there are a hundred kinds of illnesses in this world

Only love is the hardest to cure

The dance is still going on

My daughter ran away because of a sudden kiss from her friend

She felt that it was a betrayal of her "childhood friend"

It's like Mom and Red never kissed.

It reminds the man of his first kiss, which was described as "awful".

Tell it like it is

Every frame is still so clear

Never Forgotten ......

Rosie finally figured out why Ryder accepted Julie's invitation to be her date back then

And thus missed

Then the mistake was repeated

12 years of mistakes

But expecting to be in the wrong tense

Trying to find the right moment

And then to be sad in their new relationships

Rosie returns to her quiet English town.

She sells the house her father left behind

And opened her dream hotel on a hillside with a gentle sea breeze.

Facing the sea

Spring blossoms

It goes round and round

Fate comes and goes

Fate finally played a harmless joke on Rosie

If that person had existed in the world

Everyone else will be just like that

Two cowards in love finally learn to be brave

Ryder didn't bring his luggage

Leaving everything behind

Best friends who were never meant to be

Once brave enough to cross over

They will become destined lovers

Trial and error

The man and woman who keep squandering their feelings

Finally ushered in a long and lasting love

Only the "face"

to be "free"


Rosie and Ryder's looks are to my liking

Let's say it's the unkind "lovers will be together"

And I hope that you, who are timid

Be brave and not deceitful

Love will be much less frustrating

"Happiness" never falls from the sky

It requires the persistence of not letting go no matter what

When love is our own

The word "love" is an alias for self-restraint and sacrifice

So please cherish the people you see together

Maybe at the next corner

Life will wave goodbye

One day they will all be yellowed on the paper of the years

Recite a small poem

Write a touch of longing

Just for the light-colored years

Learn to be forgiving and grateful

When the green silk is covered with frost

When I look back

If there is still warmth

It will be the brightness given by time


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