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Movie "2012" commentary copy

Movie "2012" commentary copy

coincides with the bad start of 2020, the earth is always happening a lot of things, many doomsday theory of people once again stood out claiming that the end of the world recorded in the Mayan calendar should be 2020, not 2012, however, all kinds of strange power of God said will eventually become everyone's after-dinner laugh, rumors will always be unbreakable, but then again, I wonder what everyone is doing on December 31, 2012, I am At home 'waiting for death', well just kidding, today the dog to tell you is a disaster movie about global destruction "2012", we now look at the end of 2012 said, feel like a joke, but the film release time is in 2009, so at the time was a great success, caused a small sensation, the film Although the plot of the film is false, but the Mayan calendar is real, which also allows the audience to feel the film's many sense of panic.

The movie opens in 2009 in a very deep mine, as a geologist, Black learned from his friends that the Earth ushered in a so-called the strongest solar eruption in history caused by the number of neutrino outbreaks, and these neutrinos also mutated into a nuclear particle, constantly heating the Earth's core, let's put it simply, no matter what neutrinos, or nuclear particles, in short, is now This small black heard the news immediately rushed back to the country, reported to their superiors, and is organizing a fund-raising party superiors half a day finally in the small black forced to read the report, which does not know, look at the whole scared piss, the superiors look at no, this thing is too big to go, you go take a shower, small black side is still confused, this is what time, let me The first thing you need to do is to take a shower, to say that you are a big fat man who has this kind of strange hobby, gay in gay gas, and then the superiors directly told him that you have to go see the president later.

Movie "2012" commentary copyThis all of a sudden came to the second year 2010, the president also finally after layers of examination, to determine the truth of the matter

Prepare to tell the truth to other presidents. After learning the truth about the disaster countries also began their own work, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau began to secretly build the Noah's Ark base, 1 billion euros of astronomical tickets also began to slowly sell up in the rich circle, a variety of rare collections were replaced one by one, protected, these covert actions but always hidden from the public, the streets began to appear large cracks, roadside began to hold a small sign telling you that the end is coming Arrived, and at this time our protagonist is rushing to his ex-wife's home to pick up his son and daughter to Yellowstone Park camping, in Yellowstone Park met a strange big long hair, big long hair told the big white, the world is different, the world is undergoing great changes, human beings will soon face the end, I have a map here, it says a place, here is the secret manufacture of Noah's Ark base, tickets are 1 billion a (here I deeply suspect that the big long hair is the scriptwriter wrote himself into the), but our protagonist, the big white heard this, thinking: brother de, you Ya and I put here bragging about it, the next step should say that meeting is fate this map a few thousand dollars to sell me cheap it. So the big white casually deal with two sentences on the go, the next day to send the children back to his ex-wife, as a super-rich old fat boy's part-time driver, and panic to the big fat boy's two curly-haired son big fat boy, little fat boy sent on a private plane, the landlord's son is generally in addition to silly or mouth, before the plane also mocked the big white: we have money to buy tickets to the ship, you poor, you can only wait for death.

Back on the road, the Great White, thinking about the words of yesterday's big long hair, coupled with the recent frequent earthquakes, road teeth big cracks, immediately the most expensive watch to pawn their whole body, rented a small plane, and then drove to his ex-wife's home to pick up the children, ex-wife, and ex-wife's current boyfriend (your family of five live quite well ah) just arrived at the airport to find the pilot of the rented plane to send dead, before learning a A little bit of airplane driving ex-wife now boyfriend cuckold, forced to catch the duck on the shelf, in the earth is about to collapse at the last moment with everyone in the sky, to be precise, said the success of take-off, then the Great White took time to explain to everyone, the end of the world is coming, we have to find the big long hair, he has a map there, there is a map we can still live, or we will go to heaven together, a line of people struggling to find the big long hair when the The big long hair is live volcanic eruption at the top of the mountain, shouting the old iron 666, the big white family took the big long hair of the car, found the map in the car, only to find that the map is marked on the location is the Tibetan Plateau, but the distance is not as simple as from the west end of the village to the east end of the village, on the plane before the big white almost killed the green, wow a run, finally caught up with the plane (trot after the plane? I have a lot of small question marks), small planes do not have much fuel, certainly not fly to China, a line of people can only come to the airport in Las Vegas to try their luck and see if there is no other way.

Just to the airport, the big white they met their rich boss old fat boy, old fat boy's plane is also broken in the halfway, bodyguard big strong here to find a big plane, but they can not drive, someone has to be a co-pilot to drive together, which gives the old white happy, immediately recommended the small green hat, this large group of people and quickly drive a big plane to the next mission site Tibetan Plateau, at this time around the world is happening in a huge The black president chose to stay to inform the people of the truth of the matter, believers around the world also began a variety of pilgrimage. A group of people because of the movement of the earth's crustal plates soon reached the Tibetan Plateau, but bad luck came a little faster, the plane's engine all broke down, they had to make an emergency landing on top of the snow, the crowd drove the plane's luxury sports car out of the plane, bodyguard Dazhong piloted the plane to ensure the safety of all, and finally the crowd landed safely, while the great merit Dazhong but with the plane crashed into the valley, the surviving crowd was passing by the The survivors were saved by a passing helicopter and arrived at the ark, but the old fat family could not get on board because the top of the ark collapsed, and the family followed the little monk they met on the way and his brother who was an ark builder to enter the ark through the back door. He decided to lobby the people alone to open the hatch to let everyone on board, treating other people's lives like grass, so that the future is forged, no one can live with peace of mind, and was persuaded by the leaders agreed to open the hatch to let everyone on board, several arks opened the door smoothly, while the ark 4, where Da Bai and his party were, was not closed after opening the door because Da Bai and others went to the animal barn to get on board, and the ropes wrapped around the gears, and the little green hat was also Seeing the hatch closed to half of the old fat boy with his last strength to throw his little son little fat boy on board, fell into the abyss, alone to meet the death, and always can not close the hatch has become the biggest hidden trouble, see the flood is coming, but the gear is still stuck by the rope can not turn, the hatch can not be closed, the engine can not start, the ship along with the current is about to hit the Himalayas In order to make up for his mistake, the Great White decided to take the risk to free the gears, and finally, with the help of his son, the ropes stuck in the gears were pulled out, the hatch was closed, the engine started, and at the moment when the ship was about to be destroyed, the ark turned, and everyone survived. It has become the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, and human beings are about to develop a new home in Africa.

The whole movie is finished, there are some things I want to share with you, usually we look up to the gods and goddesses, the rich and powerful in the time of disaster, in fact, all people are equal, unity is the central idea of human prosperity, perhaps we see only a disaster movie, and the ending is also a good, human will have a new home, however, the reality tells us that life can be more than a movie so simple, we want to destroy Earth, will eventually be retaliated from the Earth, we have to do is not to save the Earth, we have to do not just to save the Earth, but more importantly, to save themselves.

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