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Movie "Ebola Virus" movie review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Movie "Ebola" Review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

In Africa

Poultry is scarce

People who want to eat meat often have to eat bats and monkeys

Grandpa bought a bat with blood on it

His hand got stuck to its blood

Inadvertently he touched his own eye

The Ebola virus found a gap

A few days later Grandpa had a fever

He couldn't stand up

It wasn't long before he started vomiting blood

When the nurse arrived

Grandpa had already passed away

The nurse said

It could be Ebola.

It comes from the flesh of animals

But can spread from person to person

No one noticed that mom covered her eyes with her hands in pain

Her grandfather's blood was left around her eyes

The nurse said that even if a person dies

The virus doesn't die, either.

It stays in a person's sweat, tears, snot, saliva, vomit, urine, feces, breast milk, and blood.

Movie "Ebola Virus" movie review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

When a healthy person touches an infected person's body fluids

Ebola virus can enter the skin through a small opening

Enter the skin

Or it can enter the body through the eyes, nose, and mouth

The body of an infected person can become a huge source of infection that no one can touch.

The nurse took the family and washed their hands with soap.

Professional burial teams were also contacted.

They donned layers of protective clothing

They sprayed grandpa's room and his body with chlorine water.

They killed the virus and then bagged it.

They burned his mattress and clothes.

The nurse instructed the villagers

Use soap and water several times a day

Remember to remember

From this day onwards

The little girl's family was told to stay at home

Every day someone would come to check if they had the disease

Because the virus has an incubation period

Symptoms could appear within 21 days

A few frightening days passed

They didn't get sick

But just when they were about to be relieved

Mom had a fever

The little girl was afraid to touch her

Dad came

He wanted to take her to her uncle's house in the next village.

She was afraid that after she was in the hospital they would never see each other again

It was stupid.

But the little girl bravely stood in front of them

She said, "We must trust the professional

Mom and dad were filled with misery

But they agreed.

Sure enough, mom tested positive for Ebola

They wore thick protective clothing

Although it looked scary

But they gave very thoughtful treatment and care

The little girl missed her mother

But could only talk to him on the phone

Many patients died.

But his mother was getting better.

Soon he was able to see her from a safe distance.

Finally, one day

She was discharged from the hospital

The village actively cooperated with the medical center.

When someone was sick, they were taken to the hospital.

When someone leaves, they are immediately sent to a burial team.

Finally, they always wash their hands with soap carefully

These actions also hope that you who are watching take note of

Palm, back of the hand, fingertips, thumb, and finally crossed fingers

Wash your hands for no less than 20 seconds

Even when Ebola is rampant

Meat is scarce

Africa, where medical technology is backward

They can still beat it

All vitality comes from our respect for life

Starting with you and me

Please respect wild animals

Keep your distance from them

And in the midst of a life full of fear and death

Often the power of life is born to shine

They always appear as angels in white

Please believe in them

Please rely on them

And please always respect them

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