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The movie "Crazy Stone" commentary copy

Movie "Crazy Stone" commentary copy

The movie "Crazy Stone" commentary copy

A dying craft factory in Chongqing found a piece of jadeite of great value when renovating a public toilet. In order to alleviate the embarrassment of eight consecutive months of no expenses, Xie factory director against the pressure of the construction developer Feng Dong and his assistant manager Qin, decided to hold an exhibition of jadeite, the location was chosen in the Guandi Temple near the craft factory. For the preparation of the exhibition, the only factory went to the police academy security section chief Bao Shihong to take up the exhibition security work. In the package of Shihong carefully deploy security measures, the television news broadcast such a news: the mountain city, a number of consecutive burglary cases, the thieves to the moving company as a cover, waving through the market, repeatedly. The main culprit of the burglary was named Dao. At this time, Brother Dao is with his two little brothers Blackie and Xiaojun in the subway staged a double act, using the Coke for prizes trick to cheat a woman's money, but ultimately did not succeed.

The three had no choice but to try their luck at the airport, and that's when an international thief, Mike, flying in from Hong Kong, was spotted by Dao. Then Brother Dao and Blackie slightly skilled, by hand to take just out of the airport Mike's suitcase. Mike is a real estate developer Feng Dong instructed Manager Qin to hire a master in order to get the jade found in the craft factory. Opening the suitcase, Dao found that the visitor was a peer, combined with the newspaper and television news about the discovery of jadeite in the craft factory, Dao inferred from his years of experience in the world that the visitor was coming for the jadeite. Soon after, Dao took his brother to stay at the Night Paris Guest House near the Craft Factory's exhibition. Coincidentally, Dao's room was only separated by a thin wall from Pao Shihong, who was ready to "stand tall and in control". From this day on, Bao Shihong on this side of the wall and colleagues San Bao study how to prevent, a wall of the other side of Dao and his two brothers in thinking about how to break through. At the same time, Mike is also secretly stepping on the investigation, and Xie Xiaomeng, the son of the director of the Xie plant, a claim to engage in body art research but doing idle and sticky young man, in order to please those beautiful girls, also played the idea of jade. At this time he is flirting with girls, and flirting with Dao's girlfriend Anna, in the second night of the exhibition, Dao and others began to act, when the package Shihong is in the exhibition hall and colleagues while jerking off and chatting, suddenly outside the door came the sound of the fire truck siren, but when they went out to check, found no fire at all, the package Shihong then realized that he had fallen for the other side of the tiger's plan to leave the mountain. As expected, the alarm in the showroom also sounded, Bao Shihong and others rushed into the showroom, chasing Blackie and Xiaojun all the way, and Xie Xiaomeng also began to act, he used the civet approach to get the jade, and the jade used to Anna, then the two were caught in bed by Dao and others, Xie Xiaomeng was beaten and bruised, Dao asked whether the jade was real or not, he answered yes or no were severely beaten. Finally unconscious Xie Xiaomeng was put into a suitcase by Dao to take back, I have to say that these three people are also silly, the jade they are ready to change into a fake.

The three men were also stupid, they were prepared to exchange the jadeite for a fake. The other side, Mike and others and Dao also began to act, just when Mike stole the jade, Xiaojun came with the real jade, when Mike was not paying attention, to a prince for a civet cat, Xiaojun also pitted Mike when leaving, and he was not good to go, fleeing intersection by Mike's BMW crushed, the next day, Dao with a fake jade to do business with Feng Dong, the results were identified as fake, so angry that Dao took Xie Xiaomeng again In the meantime, San Bao also returned from Beijing and was beaten by Bao Shihong. When the two of them were fighting, the security guard found out that Xie Xiaomeng dropped the bag by checking the surveillance.

The first thing that happened was that Xie Xiaomeng was blackmailed by Dao, who asked him to find his father to exchange him with the jade, but his father simply ignored him, so he had to call Bao Shihong, Dao asked Bao Shihong to bring the real jade for Xie Xiaomeng, Bao Shihong came as promised, but did not bring the jade, and Dao did not bring Xie Xiaomeng, when they met on the street, Dao grabbed Bao Shihong's bag The result was a car accident, which made Bao Shihong look confused, and then Bao Shihong received a call from San Bao, saying that he had found Xie Xiaomeng, Bao Shihong immediately rushed over, holding the fake jade smiles, from the passage of Mike once again fully armed ready to get the jade to Feng Dong, who accidentally killed Feng Dong, the end of the film, Dao also received a box lunch with Feng Dong, Xie Xiaomeng, Mike and Xiaojun were also sent to the hospital. Mike and Xiaojun were also sent to prison, only Bao Shihong became a big hero.

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