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Horror movie "Kunzite" narration text

Horror movie "Kun Chi Rock" commentary text

Horror movie "Kunzite" narration text

In this era of traffic is money, the rise of the live broadcast industry makes a lot of ordinary people like you and me, there may be an opportunity to get rich overnight, and even some people in order to increase the number of fans, increase the number of broadcasts, at the expense of doing harm to their own behavior, and if all kinds of phenomena show that there are ghosts in a place, do you dare to go to explore the live broadcast in order to increase the number of fans and get rich? Today we bring you a seven young people together into the legendary haunted house "Kun Chi Yan" psychiatric hospital for live webcasting, the results did not result in the story, and in reality, this place does exist. 2012 cnn selected the world's top seven horror shrines, respectively, the Ukrainian Chernobyl Amusement Park, the Czech Republic, the human bone church, Japan, suicide forest\ West Africa, the world's top seven horror shrines. Church, Japan's Suicide Forest \ West African Witchcraft Market, Mexico's Doll Island, Japan's Hashima Island, and South Korea's Kunjiyan Psychiatric Hospital, which is ranked in the above order, with Kunjiyan Psychiatric Hospital only ranked seventh, and is known as one of South Korea's three most murderous houses, formerly known as the Nanyang Neurological and Psychiatric Hospital. The film begins with a video of two middle school students exploring to Kunjiam Psychiatric Hospital. This legendary room 402 students cheeky waving the hammer in their hands, ready to pry open the 402 door, so excited so excited, what exactly is inside? Suddenly a child turned around and asked what the sound, and then I do not know who threw a regiment of handkerchiefs over, and then the picture is stuck, stuck between the next door of a room in a small hole, I do not know when a pair of eyes, when a lightning bolt outside crossed, the picture came to an abrupt end, this is a network radio program called Horror, the head of the last name of the big, called the Da Xian, at this time, the Da Xian is talking about this is a real video of horror, video of the High school has also been missing for three months, and this horror time will visit is called the Republic of Korea 3 murder house, one of the world's seven horror shrines of the Kunjiyam Psychiatric Hospital, this hospital was founded in 1961, South Korea's most famous psychiatric hospital, October 26, 1979, due to the collective suicide of the patients, the director of the disappearance of the hospital, the hospital has become a ruined hospital, and has not been dismantled to the present time, has become a ruin, the Image data show that the hospital director called Park Young-ae, she once won the grand prize at the 11th National Award Ceremony held in Cheongwadae, however, there are also many rumors of Kunjiyam, it is rumored that there used to be the place where the Japanese army captured the Independence Army, screwed up the dead and buried the bodies, in order to make it impossible for people to find the bodies, so intentionally built the psychiatric hospital on top of it, on the surface of the hospital, but in fact, it is a national secret torture place, the patients are also Not a collective suicide, but the dean killed, the dean also did not disappear, but hanged himself, Daisen then said, this installment of the horror of time will be on October 26, which is the closing date of the hospital, to take you all together to enter the Kunzite Mental Hospital, to thoroughly excavate the paranormal phenomena and ghosts and monsters that have been witnessed by the crowd of the entity, anyone want to go together? The scene switches, on the second floor of the coffee shop, three sisters, three oafs and six people have all arrived, from left to right they are Jade, Big Eyes and Scarf Girl, while the oafs are, from left to right, Camera Big Hair, Hosting Centerfold, and the head of the group, Da Xian, and at this point the seventh person arrives as well, and he's called Ermao. They were all summoned by the time of terror.

All the way to play in the mountains is also fast, the car crowd is still discussing the Kun Chi Rock see ghosts, it is said that no one has seen the dean's ghost, can only see the ghosts in hospital gowns and ghosts of female high school students, 30 years ago there are three female high school students used to pry open the door of the 402, was found when they were all fainted, sent to the hospital, two people went crazy, not long before the hospital jumped to his death, and the remaining one has been in a coma, so everyone said that if they try to open the door of 402, they will be cursed, the captain said proudly, this time their most important purpose is to open that door, everyone is very excited, feel great, and finally turn the camera to decide Ermao to go to open the door, Cuihua volunteered to go with him, in this laughter in the death of the beginning. Finally arrived at the destination, they pitched a tent on the mountain, the computer and other equipment are installed, while the big cat and the center point has advanced to the hospital to install the camera, and then came back to a few people together to eat the last dinner turkey noodles. Each person in the neck fixed good camera, can record my face and point of view at the same time, all screwed up, began. Finding a pair of white pants on the way there, Ermao tied them to a tree branch as a signpost, and then made his way to the main entrance, which led directly to the second floor, where the door said Death to those who enter. Under the command of Da Xian, the live broadcast began, the scarf girl poured the pre-prepared holy water into a basin, and then put a camera in front of it to capture the presence of ghosts, and the live broadcast began as soon as something spooky happened, in the middle of the explanation, the door of the dean's room behind them suddenly slammed shut, the middle of the score said to go in to take a look at it, they came to the door of the dean's room, the door will be opened again, and went inside They went to the dean's office, opened the door again, and went in. When they entered the dean's office, they found a picture of the dean and the patient, and also found the hair on the roof, so it's not really that scary, is it? The center said to prepare a descent into the spiritual world, and then everyone first dispersed to their respective floors to explain, the first floor of the scarf girl and wide-eyed girl in a blood-red letters alive above write down here, and then walked to the laboratory, want to take a picture to commemorate the time, stepped on a dead chicken, emitting a stench, the two rushed to run out of the descending ceremony began, would like to go through the motions, did not expect to really appear strange, the candles go out, the rope breaks, the descending ceremony began, I want to go through, did not expect to really appear strange, candles, the candles go out. Group bells ringing, the rope broke, the camera rotates on its own, the original this is the big fairy and big hair, in order to show the effect of the program, the joint performance of a play, hey, this environment to open this joke is easy to die of good it. From this point on, there are frequent paranormal events, the Muppets appeared, the front was originally in the drawer, and now they have moved their own position, the center of the art of the mannequins picked up the dolls to explain why the laboratory has this kind of mannequins it? And also moved their own position, scared the side of the scarf girl yelled hurry to throw, but the middle score simply do not listen, this is his own mischief put, how he would be afraid, in the sister scared to run out, the big fairy they showed a successful smile, and at this time the tent also appeared in the psychic event, the stove behind the big fairy suddenly lit up, computer monitoring screen abnormalities, the lights also went out, the hospital, the middle score promised that they would not That way, a few people walked to a laboratory, the center will reach out to a wooden box on the small window, suddenly what was something forcefully pulled in, which of course, he acted again, said he also want to reach in, the sisters tugged at him, see can not stop him, this time, big-eyed girl volunteered to say she to, said the arm will be stretched out, suddenly, she was really what grabbed, forcefully pulled in, and it was not easy to break away, big-eyed girl arm was scratched three claws, the center and big hair stunned, this is not a prank, how really have blood marks? At this time, the box door, opened, a few people were scared to hold their breath, at the same time the scarf girl's scarf did not know what was lifted up, a few people were scared to run out of the madness, but saw the wall that the blood red alive, turned into a suicide, the girls could not stay any longer, and then stayed really will die, so the two fled out of the room, the middle score and big hair questioned Da Xian, the word is not really changed? Daxian looked at the screen did change, but the bottom view has been 300,000 people, in order to high point rate of advertising revenue, lying that the graffiti did not change, the group proposed to increase the money, Daxian had no choice but to compromise, Daxian in the watch playback, whispered to count a total of six people on the screen, well, then this perspective is who shot it? Is there a seventh person not? Words just fell, the lights, and black, in the middle and big hair two people to a grocery store, which is a wheelchair no one touched, rolled out on their own, in the middle of the points of the frozen in fear, the big cents are still screaming quickly say the dialogue, in the middle of the points will say the dialogue, this time the change steep, the grocery store door suddenly closed automatically, at the same time, all the goods all flew, and then all the smashed, the middle of the points were directly smashed fainted, the door opened! Big hair run out also be door smashed fainted, and big eye sister and scarf sister run out, but ghost hit the wall, the road ran into several times that pants, and just now the research laboratory in the dead chicken at the moment also appeared in front of the eyes, it turned out that they did not walk out at all, is still in the laboratory, at this time, big eye sister suddenly did not move, and so on, when she turned around, kazilan big eyes appeared, and came to the section of freestyle. scarf girl scared to Panicked fleeing, finally saw the tent, scarf girl rushed in, and obviously into the tent where the big fairy, the results into the surprisingly 402 room, no big fairy, only big-eyed girl in the distance with her back to him, next to a naked man, chest pain of the knife is vaguely visible, the scarf girl frantically walking door handle, but how to open it, scarf girl's mentality collapsed, turn around and look at the moment, was dragged away by the nude man, and at the same time the big Mao awakened, pulling the door is still sawing Cuihua two hair, really have ghosts, hurry to leave, this time 402 came from the inside of the sound of distress, it is the scarf girl in the inside of the cry for help, but how the door can not open, quickly return to calm, at this time the 402 door suddenly opened itself, the three turned their eyes to the inside, there is no door, the ground is watery, the roof is also water, suddenly a pair of hands stretched out, but they turned their heads, that hand Shrink back, big hair to take night vision dv to see the front, empty a place to appear school uniforms little girl, and dv a take and can not see anything, the atmosphere is tense to the explosion, a few people's psychology all collapsed. Hands cheap big hair and raised the dv look, this time from the dv saw all around all the people wearing hospital gowns, no, it is a ghost, panic when the hand appeared again, two hair and Cuihua so turned into a kaziran wide-eyed, big hair was not spared, daxian look at the fast 1 million watched, you do not shoot my own shot, put on the equipment on the set off to send the head of people to go, the hospital door window, I do not know what things have been in the shaking, by the money to the head of the daxian still chose to go in, the daxian also came to 402, he saw the death of himself in the mirror, it is a floating person, came behind the daxian, the daxian trembling will dv lifted up, a head appeared in the shoulders of the daxian, the daxian was hanged, the other side of the smashed stunned in the middle of the cent, at this time, also woke up, but found that they are tied to a wheelchair, is moving forward, the Along the way in the doorway holes are people watching, and finally the middle score was pushed into the 402, back to the tent, the live broadcast is only 500 people, it turns out that in the time of the fake has been interrupted, the one million that Da Xian saw are all the fantasies created by Kunzite, so that Da Xian will be live broadcasting, and at the end of the video page on both sides of the background image of the female ghost, from the chair to get up and disappeared, and the film began with the holy water, which is now violently boiling up, which signifies that the hospital is filled with a large number of ghosts, the story ends here, this story tells us, do not die will not die, in order to traffic, time and time again, the operation of death, including the beginning of the fake psychic events, to the death of not turning back, the captain in order not to affect the flow of figures rise, deceive teammates on the wall of the text to change the fact that there must still be people who will be in the name of the adventure to come to the Kun Chi Rock, the play The pop-ups of the melon crowd, the real version of the real real fake, the current reality of our society and how many people in order to live, in order to fire to do what can not be done, and even at the expense of injuring themselves and their lives, a full also no background music of the movie, a horror film that makes people very sense of immersion, the film was not only the fastest in the last decade in South Korea to break through a million viewers horror film, but also refreshed the history of horror films, the highest single-day box office record. In horror movies, the story of real events can always bring the audience a real sense of horror, and Kunzite is the real play to the extreme, Kunzite's most novel point of view is not in the pseudo-documentary form, but the live broadcast of the experience of horror, director Jung said in an interview that the film has an ultimate egg, if no one found out that he intended to say it before he died. before he died. Did I find out? If you are alone late at night with the headphones turned off and the lights on the entire film without pausing or covering your eyes, you will be able to unlock the achievement of the Iron Straight Man if you are serious about savoring this film. (ENDS)

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