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Korean suspense movie "Improper Trade" commentary

Korean suspense movie "Improper Trade" commentary

Korean suspense movie "Improper Trade" commentary

A case of serial rape and murder of a young girl shocked Korea

The police department is under questioning from the nation and pressure from Cheong Wa Dae

The case must be solved quickly and within a limited time frame.

Korean police have a suspect in mind.

But one of the police officers who carried out the arrest

The suspect's relatives were victims of the suspect's previous crimes

During the arrest, he was suspected of having a personal vendetta and shot the suspect dead on the spot.

There was no confession, no evidence, and the officer did not recuse himself.

The facts of the case must be erased

Otherwise, the police's ability to handle the case will be met with greater questions and dissatisfaction

In a crisis, a senior police officer in the police system, Lao Cui

Cui was a squad leader of a wide area investigation team

has been depressed

The younger ones have been promoted

Only he was wandering

Because no background and no support by the superiors to pick

If things go wrong in the future and things are exposed

This kind of person is better to do away with

To complete this "ass-wiping" task

In addition to disposing of the body

also need to find a new "actor" to pretend to be a serial rapist and murderer

Cui, who has no roots and is like a floating duck

Although he knows why he is being used

but still could not resist the temptation from the power of his superiors

Promised that if he did it right, he would be able to work in the future without looking at others

He was the tree

promised to do so

As the saying goes, power is dangerous.

Cui manipulated the insider by playing the mob

He has done a series of things that have no bottom line

He is also very skilled at what he does

The body was crushed together with the car

Colluding with real estate developer Lao Jiu

The second suspect of the serial rape and murder case, Lao Shi, became the scapegoat of the case

Lao Shi is a man with a criminal record

He was imprisoned for molesting and raping a young girl

But the case was ruled out early because of his alibi

So Lao Jiu was violent to Lao Shi

Lao Shi considered that his family has a mentally disabled wife who needs medical treatment

Daughter is young and ignorant

All need a large amount of money to support

Lao Shi also had to promise Lao Jiu to take the place of the serial rapist and murderer

A star prosecutor, Lao Zhu, is the son-in-law of a senior leader.

All the major cases

He was named to take over the case.

The serial rape and murder case, which was of great concern to Cheong Wa Dae, was also assigned to Lao Joo.

He was a money-grubbing and lustful man himself.

He was involved in a private deal with his client.

He was a real estate agent and a watchmaker.

All into the bag

Lao Zhu and the real estate agent Lao Jin are the ones who collude most deeply

One day when Lao Zhu and Lao Jin were happily playing golf

But he was killed by his rival Lao Jin's men

Zhu fled from the scene

Lao Shi was arrested for the crime

And Zhu was in charge of the prosecution.

In the process of reviewing and prosecuting the case, Lao Zhu discovered the weaknesses of the case

Lao Cui in the case revealed various suspected falsification of evidence

The two sides began to play this game

Lao Zhu approached Lao Cui hoping that they could cooperate

But Lao Cui indifferent indifference ignored

Instead, he showed the information of bribery

Forcing Lao Zhu to jump to the wall

He directly asked people to investigate his siblings

Exposing the forged evidence of the serial rape and murder case to find a scapegoat

In order to keep his family safe and his future

He had to kneel down and beg for forgiveness from Zhu

In order to speed up the conclusion of the serial rape and murder case

Kill Lao Shi in prison and fake it as a suicide

After taking advantage of Lao Jiu

He killed the businessman.

Brother Tiger followed him to the scene

killed Tiger by mistake during an argument with him

and disguised the crime scene as a fight with the triads

For successfully solving the serial rape and murder case

Successfully promoted to the next level

The most ironic thing is

The most ironic thing is that when the prosecution and the police got the forensic conclusion of the murder case

But there was an unexpected result

It turns out that in the second case of the serial rape and murder

There were traces of the murderer

But limited by the technical conditions at the time

The real killer could not be caught

And when the killer committed the crime again several years later

When the DNA of the last suspect, Lao Shi, was taken out and compared to the DNA of the last suspect, it was found that

Lao Shi was actually the real killer of this series of serial rape and murder cases

Although the police had previously falsified evidence

Even killed Lao Shi to make him take the blame

But they did not catch the real killer

I think this is the most ironic point of the film

In the end, Lao Cui disregarded his brother's love and killed him

He ended up dying at the hands of his own brothers

After all the twists and turns

After finally getting the glory he's always dreamed of

Before you have time to enjoy it, but just like that, he passed away

At the end of the shot, old Choi sits up.

Is he thinking

If he had the chance to choose again

Would he still make such a choice?

Although the old Zhu because of the alleged bribery in the major media appearing all over the face

But in the end, because of his father-in-law's backing, he was exempted from prosecution

A stark contrast with Lao Cui

Must have a strong and reliable backer

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