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Action movie "never back down from resistance" movie review commentary material after viewing

Action movie "Never Back Down Against" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Action movie "never back down from resistance" movie review commentary material after viewing

This beautiful woman in a leotard is too fierce

She dives forward and wraps herself around her opponent

Then a frenzy of output

Hammering at the woman underneath

But the opponent quickly broke free

Once again, she fought with the beautiful woman

The fight between women is as exciting as men

The fights were fierce and deadly, with various holds and locks.

The woman seized the opportunity to lock the beauty

After some struggle, the beautiful woman was knocked down with a kick

At this moment, the audience cheered and cheered.

What kind of boxing match is this?

What kind of boxing match is this?

And why is the beautiful girl here

The whole story starts a few days ago.

Her name is Aniya.

She was a medical student in a university

She has a brother named Charlie is an underground boxer

On this day Charlie received black money

He should have lost to his opponent in the ring

But instead, because of the fighter's ethics

And his sister's scolding in the ring

He decided at the last minute to give up the fake boxing

Charlie's action

Charlie's action made the gangster Butcher, who was behind the fight.

He lost 30,000 English mirrors and went around looking for Charlie to settle the score.

Aniya later learned of the situation

She wanted to take her brother and go away.

But the other side is too powerful

Can only go to the other side and negotiate a solution

It is worth mentioning that Aniya also know more or less boxing

After all, girls can learn to defend themselves

That night Charlie came to a fancy club

Aniya and Charlie came to a fancy club

Faced with verbal threats from the butcher

Charlie was undaunted.

His words were tough.

When the butcher's men saw this.

He knocked Charlie out with a blow.

Aniya, in order to stand up for her brother

She grabbed a golden sculpture

And swung it hard

He knocked his men down

Aniya's action

She caught the attention of the butcher's friend Kim.

She came forward to reconcile the two sides

Then she asked Aniya to fight in a women's boxing match

Whether she wins or loses

Kim was willing to pay some money for Charlie.

In order to save her brother, Aniya agreed to do so.

In the days that followed

Charlie and his trainer

Charlie and his coach started to train Aniya urgently.

Luckily, she had some talent in boxing.

Within a few days, Aniya had mastered the basic fighting skills.

The day of the fight came in a flash.

Aniya fought against the female boxer brought by Kim

Before the fight started

Aniya was forced by Kim to put on the straitjacket she brought with her.

Aniya got changed and went on stage

As the bell rang the two women fought

At first, Aniya was at a disadvantage and was overpowered by her opponent

But with the guidance of her brother on the sidelines

She eventually turned the tide and turned the tide

The left and right punches hit the female boxer hard

But the inexperienced Aniya

She was soon caught by her opponent

A choke hold and lost the fight

But Jin's face did not feel frustrated

There was even some joy on her face

Then Kim left the scene

Aniya and Charlie were confused

Don't know what happened

But the good thing is that Aniya's boxing match

Charlie was able to offset the 5,000 English glasses he owed.

That day, on her way to school.

She met Kim, who came to see her.

She was invited to fight abroad again.

The prize money is expected to be £50,000.

It's enough to pay off Charlie's debts.

Aniya feels that it's not that simple.

She needed time to think about it.

But as they say, a sister is like a mother.

Faced with her brother's huge debt.

She thought twice and finally agreed to Kim's offer.

She agreed to play one more game and before she left.

Charlie was urging his sister not to go.

But Aniya was determined.

To avoid any accidents

Charlie took a picture of Kim's passport.

The license plate information and her cell phone number

In case something happens, he also made an appointment with his sister

And he made an appointment with his sister to talk to her every 12 hours.

And so Aniya followed Kim.

To Rome by plane

She was picked up by someone.

They were taken to a large house outside of Rome.

From the outside, the house was in disrepair.

Aniya expressed her doubts.

Kim explained that the competition was underground.

It could only take place in a place like this.

Aniya didn't doubt and went inside.

She came to her room.

During this time, Aniya deliberately used Kim's cell phone

Called her brother to explain the situation here

Aniya didn't know that she had fallen into the wolf pit

Aniya, who was sleeping.

Woke up by the sound of a woman screaming

She followed the sound and walked out the door

She found that the hallway on this floor was blocked and she had to go upstairs.

The woman's screams were coming from upstairs.

Aniya walked up to the door.

And saw a surprising sight.

There was a cell upstairs.

It was filled with women of her age.

But before Anya could react.

She was found by the guards and dragged back to her room.

It turns out that Kim's real identity

is a mastermind who organizes underground female boxer competitions

for those rich people

For rich people who want to see women boxing

She earns good money from this.

In order to get more girls to fight for her

Kim went around looking for girls

and then lured them in various ways

to lure them to the wolf's den in Rome.

Aniya was forced into the ring by Kim's little brother

She was forced into the ring.

At this moment, the arena was filled with dignitaries.

Ready to see Aniya's performance.

And Aniya's opponent this time

The champion of the ring, Kaya.

It's the ring champion, Kaya.

The strong body on the outside showed that she was very strong.

Aniya, who was desperate to understand the situation.

She didn't want to fight.

In the end, she was knocked out by a high kick from Kaya.

Kim was a little disappointed.

At that moment, Charlie, who was unable to contact her sister.

Called her

Sister Jin saw this and instructed her hacker

Send a sick D file to Charlie's phone

Destroy all the data inside

On the other hand, Charlie found out that his phone had been implanted with Disease D.

After all the data disappeared

Realized that something might have happened to his sister

He started to investigate the identity of Sister Jin everywhere

First he called the butcher

He wanted to ask for some information about Jin

The other side even ignored him

Charlie was forced to go to the fancy club to find Tu Fu

But the staff blocked even met

Meanwhile, the unconscious Aniya was taken to the paramedic's office.

The doctor examined her.

They make sure she's okay and leave.

Aniya is sent to a cell by the staff.

Here Aniya met many girls

Aniya met many other girls who were in the same situation as her.

Among them was her rival, Kaya.

Through the conversation between them, she learns that

All of them were lured here by Kim.

They were forced to fight for her to earn money

When they can't fight anymore, they will be sold to foreign J-houses.

Some of them agree that Aniya wants to escape.

There are also some who think that Aniya is dreaming.

Among them was Kaya.

It turns out that Kaya's best friend, Xiao Mei

Because she wanted to escape.

She was caught by Jin's men.

She was tortured and suffered a severe head injury

So that now she is a bit crazy

Every day, she is obsessed with escaping.

Xiao Mei, who is a bit nervous.

When she heard that Aniya wanted to take them out.

She agreed with both hands.

This group of suffering sisters

This made Aniya even more determined to escape

Aniya then asked everyone

Is there any other way out of here besides the main entrance?

At this point, someone came forward and said

There was a side door in the corridor behind the shower room.

Aniya then asked her to draw a map of the route and make a plan

In the meantime, Mei, who was a bit nervous.

She was taken out by Jin's men to sell her to J Hospital.

Mei was so scared that she lost control of her emotions

She actually told Aniya's escape plan

When Jin heard this, she had a plan.

Put Xiao Mei back temporarily

She promised to send her home in a couple of days

The fight started that night.

The tournament began.

Sister Jin took all the fighters to the shower room

She said publicly that tonight was a raw S game

As a punishment for Aniya's attempt to escape

Everyone in the room was stunned

Then Sister Kim said that the next team of two

The one who loses will be sent to a foreign hospital

Xiao Mei and Jia Ya were assigned to a group

In order to save Xiao Mei

Jia Ya decided to deliberately let her win

But at this moment, Xiao Mei

has had enough of her life now

She begged Jia Ya to beat her later

When Jia Ya refused, Xiao Mei kept on begging

To the field also refused to fight back

Jia Ya saw the situation can only be ruthless

A chokehold technique broke Xiao Mei's neck

Then Jia Ya was dragged to the backstage by Jin's men angry reprimand

Claimed to send her to foreign J hospital

so that she could not return home for the rest of her life

Now Jia Ya has come to her senses

She was going to be a S anyway, so she had to fight.

She decided to stand by Aniya's side.

Meanwhile, the butcher saw that Charlie had been looking for trouble.

So he sent someone to execute him.

Instead, he was overpowered and knocked out.

After all, Charlie was a boxer.

Butcher sent one man to kill him.

It is inevitable that some of the enemy is a little light

Charlie took the cell phone from his men.

Charlie retrieved the cell phone from his men and got the butcher's location.

That night, he sneaked into his house

He took control of the butcher who was sleeping.

From him, he learns everything about Sister Jin

Charlie threatened the butcher and told him to call Sister Jin

To find out the location of this underground boxing ring

Faced with a dark gun

Butcher could only take out his cell phone and make a call

But at that time, Sister Jin was organizing a boxing match

She didn't have time to answer the phone

After Kaya's fight, it was Aniya's turn to fight.

She deliberately rushed towards Jin who was sitting on the side of the ring

She had her men knock her out and send her to the infirmary.

Just as the doctor was examining Aniya.

She suddenly woke up and grabbed a scalpel

and pressed it against the doctor's inner thigh artery.

The doctor was too scared to move.

Then Aniya used the doctor's cell phone

She called Charlie to explain the situation.

She turned on location sharing and told him to call the police.

Hanging up the phone

Aniya slashed the doctor's thigh artery without hesitation

She sent him to get his lunch.

She snuck out of the infirmary and back into the cell.

She knocked out the guards and rescued the other sisters.

Followed by the shower room.

She fought with one of the men here.

After all, men and women are different.

At first the three sisters together were unable to subdue the man

Instead, they were hammered and beaten by each other

At the critical moment, Kaya stepped forward

Picked up the scalpel on the ground

Stabbed her men in the abdomen

Aniya saw this and jumped on him

She pushed him into the bathtub and held him down

Kaya continued to go forward and stab him

This barely killed him

After that, Aniya took the sisters

To the side door.

Only to find that it was already locked by Jin.

There is still no turning back but to choose S out

So Aniya took Kaya and the others

They stormed into the boxing scene and hit everyone

The scene was in chaos

Kim called her men to suppress them.

Unfortunately, Jin's men were no match for these crazy women.

They were no match for these crazy women and were bruised and battered

Kim tried to escape when she saw the situation was bad

But Aniya caught up with her

The two then struggled with each other

Aniya was full of anger.

At this moment, she was completely unleashed

In the end, Kim was knocked to the ground by Aniya and received her lunch.

The end of the film

Interpol, who received Charlie's report, arrives to clean up the scene.

Aniya returns to her brother's side

Reinstated her own life


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