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Action "Blast Mission" movie commentary copy

Action "Mission Blast" Movie Commentary Copy

Action "Blast Mission" movie commentary copy

Men meditating.

A couple of burly men with flesh on their faces and bruises.

Give him a lesson with a sharp knife.

But they messed with the wrong guy.

Saw him knock one over with a basketball in his hand.

Killed another with lightning speed.

Then he easily knocked down all the criminals.

Who knew there was no fear of death to engage in sneak attacks.

The men immediately got ruthless and just folded up each other's arms.

He is the king of this prison old horse

The first day he reported to the prison, the whole prison was turned upside down.

Even the prison guards would shudder at the sight of him.

Born as a special soldier, he is proficient in fighting skills of various countries.

Good at using all kinds of guns and ammunition

Laying plans is a breeze.

A few years ago to earn money for his wife's medical treatment.

Old Ma killed for thugs.

As a result, he was sentenced to jail.

Even so, he was not able to save his wife.

His only son, Teddy, blamed him for this.

He did not take the responsibility of being a father.

Caused Teddy to study poorly as a child.

Went astray and became a hacker.

This is the eternal pain in the heart of the old horse.

This afternoon, Sister Kim, the leader of the Secret Service, found him.

Asked him to help get a piece of information from the bald man.

The bald man was a criminal who did nothing wrong

Did organ trading and internet fraud before he went to prison

He also set his eyes on a new type of contraband drug

This drug is highly addictive and extremely harmful to the human body

It is not yet officially on the market and must be stopped as soon as possible.

But the old horse just want to go home early and reunite with his family

Do not want to get into trouble

Until Jin told him

His son Teddy had joined the bald man's criminal gang.

He's been arrested for hacking.

As long as Old Ma can complete his mission successfully

She will help Teddy clear his name

So Old Ma had to agree

He went to the bald man in a rage and killed him

With just a towel, he takes down one of his men.

Another man saw this and pulled out a dagger to fight back

But the old horse grabbed his wrist and stopped him in one move

Then he covered the bald man with a towel

He swung his fist and punched him hard

Beat him blood flowing instantly fell to the ground

Dare to touch his son, you are tired of living

At that moment, the man who was knocked out woke up

He rushed forward and slapped Old Ma's neck

Another henchman was about to go up to him

But he was knocked out by a kick from Lao Ma

He pressed his fingers into the man's eyes

He clamped his legs around his neck

His men had to let go of his hands and threw Lao Ma to the ground

Old Ma knocked him down with a sharp kick

Another man woke up and grabbed Lao Ma's hair

Dragged him to the side

At the critical moment Lao Ma picked up the dagger on the ground

A few heavy punches to the vitals of the opponent to kill him

The bald man was scared and trembling

Just want to run away old horse raised the dagger

Nail his palm directly to the table

The guards saw the fight almost inside and rushed in to close up

Unexpectedly at this time the old horse suddenly do not speak invincible

Hold the guards ready to escape from prison

The warden did not want to get killed, but obediently open the door

Old Ma went in and handcuffed the guards to the iron door

Use the bath towel as a buffer to break through the glass

He ran all the way to the upper balcony

He threw a towel on the wire fence

Then he leapt over the fence

He took the guard's gun and car and left.

Then he went next door to the old man's house

looking for his son Teddy.

Although the old man did not approve of his actions

But he hid him in the garage for a while.

Thinking about what he owed his son all these years, Ma was heartbroken.

If there was any other choice, he would not have left his young son behind.

The next day the old man brought food

Teddy told the old horse that the reason he was like this

It's because the two people closest to him are not around

And that he was being bullied at school.

The old man took the old horse to a house

He told him that Teddy was there.

It wasn't long before he saw Teddy.

He followed him around and found him hanging out with the big sister of the gang.

The big sister is a henchman of Baldhead

The two went into the villa and Ma followed them.

He tried to enter the house to find his son

But he was taken away by one of his men

He had no choice but to go off the beaten track

Old Ma climbed over the fence to find his son

But his son did not recognize him and told him to go as far away as possible

Old Ma had no choice but to go to the second floor office and find his elder sister

Tell her to stay away from her son or she will be sent to the box

I did not expect the big sister look calm

It turns out that when she recruited Teddy

She had investigated his family's identity

Knowing that the old horse is special forces

So she took the opportunity to ask him to stay and do her a favor

The old horse obviously did not agree he just wanted to take Teddy away

But Teddy refused

The big sister told him that if he did this favor.

She let Teddy and him resume their relationship

The old horse was immediately energized

Besides, he could at least protect Teddy's safety by staying.

Big Sister immediately found Teddy a kiss

A sweet talk Teddy gave in

The original 19-year-old Teddy is the old woman's little man

Then the big sister came to the old horse

Ask him to develop a battle plan as soon as possible

The formula of the new drug

From the hands of the East Evil and West Evil steal over

But the two men are old and cautious

The formula was hidden by them in a remote forest

They had installed sensor systems around it.

Once someone comes close, they will be discovered

The only way to get in is from mid-air.

Through the jungle for the old horse who had fought in the war

It wasn't difficult at all.

So he asked his big sister to get all kinds of equipment

Every day he trained them in climbing techniques.

Everyone had to undergo rigorous physical training

In the process, the old horse and Teddy's father-son relationship has eased a lot

But the two did not know

The bald man's right-hand man, Qiang

Secretly spying on them every day

He took video of the father and son and sent it to the bald man in prison

And Big Sister, in order to ensure that the operation is foolproof

To ensure that the operation is safe, Big Sister intends to further involve Old Ma

Late at night, Big Sister repeated her trick

Wearing a veil to the old horse's room

She wanted to use her beauty to subdue the tough guy

But the old horse is strong-willed and does not want to do this

Instead, he felt that the big sister was a bit disgusting

Little did they know that this operation

Teddy in the next room was watching

His trust in Big Sister collapsed instantly

Began to regret their actions

The next day the group was fully prepared

In a modified pickup truck

They were heading towards their destination in a big way.

As we were making our way through the forest

Ah Qiang took pills at an inappropriate time

Old Ma was afraid that his brain would lose control and ruin the operation

So he was told to stay in the car

Ah Qiang was not convinced and just wanted to fight

He was hit by a heavy punch from Old Ma

Seeing that the two were about to fight

Big sister immediately intervened to stop them

A strong can only admit to stay where they are

Then the three of them used the rope and Bow Pan to cross from mid-air

They came to the roof of the lair of the East Evil and the West Evil

Teddy slipped and almost fell off and set off the alarm

Luckily, Old Ma pulled him back

But Teddy's cell phone fell on the ground and couldn't get it

Time was running out and the three had to give up their phones

To the inside of the laboratory to go

At this time, the East Evil and the West Evil were playing games in another room

Unaware that someone had infiltrated the lab

Teddy first took out his tablet and connected to the other computer

Using hacking technology to steal information

Meanwhile, Keung was forcing Teddy's little friend

He asked him to copy the data transferred by Big Sister

He was able to take the first time to the bald man to claim credit

Unexpectedly, he was told that Big Sister had changed the password of the netbook

She wanted to keep the formula for herself

Now Keung was completely furious

He drove his pickup truck with sparks and lightning all the way

He went straight to the base gate and deliberately set off the alarm

Old Ma saw his whereabouts exposed and said to everyone to evacuate

Big sister does not want to act a trick

Insist on waiting until all data transmission is completed

When everyone rushed out of the laboratory

East Evil and West Evil have blocked the door

Luckily, Ah Qiang, the unlucky one

drove a pickup truck also came here

The group immediately hid in the car and accelerated forward

Riding a beach motorcycle towards the pickup truck shooting wildly

Luckily, the car has been modified bulletproof

We were not injured

But the East Evil West Evil came to a double-sided attack

Then a leap to the top of the pickup truck

Towards the sunroof crazy output

This move is really a bear

Almost killed all of us

Good at the last moment the pickup truck dodged in time

came to the road

Old horse quickly kicked the gas pedal to start

Instantly threw the East Evil West Evil into the sky

The ruthless East Evil and West Evil would not give up

They found the phone Teddy dropped

According to the address on it killed the past

On the other hand, Keung, who was afraid of the world's chaos

Threatened Old Ma with a gun and asked him to lead them

To the old man's forest hut for a while

Then he called the bald man on the video phone

He told the big sister to give up the password

I didn't know that she had the intention to defect

She left Bald Guy and wanted to take it all for herself

Keung saw this and pointed the gun at Teddy

Threatened to shoot her little man if she didn't give up the password

I didn't realize that Big Sister has more lovers than Piglet

Teddy was instantly abandoned

Seeing Big Sister's true face Teddy started to fight back

He told Keung that he had already seen the password of Big Sister

He will give up the password if he kills Big Sister

While the group was in the middle of the river

East Evil and West Evil came and killed them

The two of them were shooting wildly with submachine guns

They shot the whole house into a sieve

Fearing that they were not all dead

East Evil and West Evil put on the gas mask again

Threw two poison bombs inside

Old Ma saw this and told the others to evacuate

He sent the trouble of Ah Qiang to receive the box lunch

East Evil broke into the door

But was inside the old horse two spray dry on the ground

But both wore bulletproof vests and were unharmed

Old Ma leapt to try to make up for the knife

but was overturned by the East Evil a move

West Evil took the opportunity to make up for it

Several heavy punches knocked the old horse dizzy

But he tried to resist and jumped up to fight West Evil in close quarters

But he did not know that his opponent's force was very strong

A few rounds were beaten repeatedly defeated

Old Ma tried to fight back with his gun, but he was held by West Poison

Smashed hard on the windshield of the car

At that moment, East Evil and Big Sister were also in a fight

West Poison stepped forward and knocked Old Ma to the ground

Throwing chains wrapped around his feet and dragged him to the bottom of the car

Finally knocked off the jack so that the West Poison became crippled

Big Sister and East Evil are still in the middle of a battle

Although she is a woman, but the fight is fierce

But against the force of the East Evil is still a bit less interesting

East Evil knocked Big Sister to the ground with a heavy punch

Just when Big Sister was about to be killed by him

The director took the opportunity to put a submachine gun on the side

Big Sister picked up the submachine gun and successfully killed East Evil

All the enemies were solved Big Sister began not to talk about martial arts

The gun was aimed at the old horse and wanted to take the formula for herself

But she did not expect that she was also shot in the abdomen

The wound is too serious fainted to the ground

At that moment a large number of police officers arrived at the scene

It turned out that everything was agreed upon

Lao Ma and Jin planned the prison break

They successfully infiltrated the crime syndicate

At the end of the movie all the criminals were duly punished

Teddy also forgave his father and they made up.

The movie "Mission Impossible

This story has a lot of sloppy places.

There are also many holes in the logic.

But despite this, the movie has fight scenes.

Still quite exciting.

All the action is clean and neat, without a trace of dragging

Those who like action movies can explore the original movie.


That's it for today's movie

Bye bye

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