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Horror "Parasite" movie commentary copy

Horror "Parasite" movie commentary copy

Horror "Parasite" movie commentary copy

This is definitely a horror and gore thriller

For the faint of heart, please watch with caution

In a night of thunderstorm

A special sound came from downstairs

The sound woke the boy up and he followed the sound to the floor

He saw his father lying on the ground with his body separated

The strange thing is that the boy saw this scene that did not shout nor scream

Instead, he continued to look at the source of the sound

By the light of the lightning he saw her mother holding a knife in her hand stripping something

The strange sound was made in this way

Seeing this scene, the boy could not help but ask a question


The boy's name was Xiaobin

It is reasonable that Xiao Bin's parents died and his guardian will become his grandmother

But the strange thing is that his grandmother mysteriously disappeared two months ago

So Xiao Bin's guardianship fell on his uncle who rarely interacted with his family

Xiao Bin's uncle was more happy than sad when he got the news

In order to take better care of Xiao Bin

He quickly moved here with his daughter-in-law and sister-in-law

In fact, he happened to have an external debt from a failed investment

After learning the news, he sold his house to pay off the debt

I must say that his brother's villa is really big

His daughter-in-law and sister-in-law both like it very much

The only drawback is that there is a locked storage room.

The woman couldn't open it, so she called a locksmith.

The storage room was strangely and eerily arranged.

Deep inside, the woman found a shrine and a strange little book.

Just when the woman wanted to have a deeper understanding of the book

She was suddenly interrupted by an inexplicable force

The woman told Xiao Bin that night that I had entered your storage room

There is no way to go in there

Or from here on out, strange things happened at home

First, the woman always felt like she was being pressed by a ghost in bed when she slept

Secondly, the sister-in-law held her breath in her dream

After waking up, she saw that she was missing an arm and a leg

In the wake up found that it was a dream within a dream

And Xiao Bin his ankles began to unconsciously itch

Look closely at his ankle has a deep red trace

This situation intensified in a few days, it turned into ankle pain and walking hard

And at night, in the dead of night

Xiao Bin would be alone in front of the bizarre altar of God twitching more than

From then on, the gentle Bin became irritable and was a different person from before.

Two kids in Bin's class were always bullying him

He would have put up with this in the past

But now Xiaobin can not tolerate he killed one on the spot

And lured the other one to a ruined building

Here he cut off his feet

A few days later Bin found this notice in the street

And he tore it up and took it home as if nothing had happened.

A young police officer in the police station

He found a clue in Xiao Bin's mother's eyes

It was a child with bloodstains all over his face

The officer followed this clue and found Xiao Bin

So the police officer also disappeared

There was a fruit store near Bin's house

One day a woman came here to buy fruit and asked for delivery but was refused

The woman thought it was because of the wizard

From the strange storage room, the woman already knew that the missing old lady was a witch

In this place, witches are not welcome

But the salesman said it was more than that

Because recently there are rumors that the old lady disappeared because she had angered the gods.


I've seen her at home all the time.

Her daughter didn't like her doing such things

She said it was bad for her and she fought almost every day

Let God rest his anger and so on

Until the day the grandmother suddenly disappeared.

killed her husband and committed suicide

If that is not the spirits of the spell of frustration and what would be

The woman learned the news she was furious

Before moving in the man only told her that his brother was killed in a car accident

In the end, this place is a super murder house

So all the weird things that happened to her recently

It seems to make sense

The woman's stern demand to move out of the house

She was so angry that she ignored the man's special invitation to her that night.

In that case

How about this time I give you a long overdue special service?

Another few days later the missing old lady returns

She dragged Bin to the storage room and said some strange things to him

Since you killed my daughter

I have no worries anymore


I have to save my grandson

Then the old woman started to cast a spell on Bin

The man outside the door heard Xiao Bin's screams

He did not know what had happened and only hit the door as hard as he could

Finally, because of the man's interference with the old lady failed to cast the spell she was seriously injured by the repercussions

And the man opened the door and took the opportunity to take Bin

At this time the woman also came in

The old lady saw her and said all the strange things to her

The child

I brought it


Who is Ki-chun?

Who the hell is he?

He still remembers

The memory of his own brutal murder

We have to cremate the child

We need to cremate the body

Who is Keichen what does the old lady's words mean

Now the woman began to be suspicious of Xiaobin

So she took the opportunity to rummage in Xiao Bin's room when he was at school

As a result, she found this missing person notice

After that, she followed Bin and found the rotten building

Here she saw the fat body and this unlucky police officer guy

The guy told the woman that the kid Bin had done it all

He told the woman to call the police to arrest Xiao Bin

But when the woman got the news, she rushed out of the place.

She did not call the police but called her sister's phone but no one answered

Because at this moment her sister is boiling water bath it

When the woman arrived home, she found her husband's body

The woman panicked and tried to escape.

But when she got to the door she heard her sister's cry for help


Help me!

The sister's voice came from the storage room

The woman followed the voice and found a large altar under the altar in the storage room

The woman thought her sister was sealed inside.

She didn't even think about smashing the altar

But what rolled out of it was a boy who had been soaked.

While smashing the altar

Some memories came into the woman's mind instantly

Many years ago, a woman fell in love with a man

But this woman's mother was a witch

People here have a strong aversion to witches

Although they finally got together after a lot of trouble

But at this time the woman found out that she could not bear children

She can't give the family an heirloom

Then in the end she will be eliminated

So in order to stay with the man

In order to fulfill her dream of being a mother

She began to ask her witch mother for help

Because as a witch's daughter, she knew that in the book of little people

There is a mysterious evil spell

And the trigger of this magic requires a child

Do you want me, Auntie?

Take you home?

It's already like this, we have no choice

I said no.



I said no.

I'm begging you, please.

In the face of the woman's pleading, the old lady was moved to hide her heart

They first set up a shrine in the storage room of the villa

And then they brought the child here

Even in the last lesson the child did not know what he was about to face

The process was brutal and heartbreaking

Finally, they sealed the child in this altar

Let the child to bring them back a child

Sure enough, it did not take long for the woman to get pregnant and give birth to a boy

But such a good life did not last long

You all saw how it ended

The officer saw in the woman's eyes that the child was this child

He came back for revenge.

He controlled the woman to kill her husband and died of self-harm

And now he's attached to their son, Xiao Bin

Killing those who deserved it didn't satisfy him

He also wanted to kill all the people related to the family, including this woman

But at the critical moment, the woman called out Keichen's name and made him hesitate

The woman urged him to let go and she wanted to apologize to him for those people

But if apologies are useful, then what's the point of the law?

So Keichen did not listen to him continue to swing the knife towards the woman

Good at the critical moment Bin's consciousness control Keichen

The woman is kind she has been very good to Bin since she came here

Xiao Bin certainly will not allow Keichen to hurt her

And in the moment of stalemate between Xiao Bin and Keichen

The woman thought of the words of the old lady before she died

So she used a candle to light Kittson's body

Then the corpse burnt up

The group not only cremated Kee Chen seems to have burned away his soul

Finally Bin regained his composure and the woman took him away

In the blink of an eye, six months passed and the woman was six months pregnant

This day the woman came to the maternity checkup she was a little anxious always feel uneasy

The doctor reassured the first pregnancy is like this but is it really so

accompanied her and Xiao Bin

At this moment, Xiao Bin is sitting at a distance playing with a toy

But this toy seems to be Keichen's favorite toy at first?

While the doctor was examining the woman, the woman's eyes were also looking at the screen of the instrument

But she seems to have found something

The woman was dressed up beautifully

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