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Comedy horror film "609 fierce ghost hostel" commentary copy

Comedy horror film "609 Fierce Ghost Hostel" commentary copy

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Hello, I'm XX, today I'd like to introduce you to a comedy horror film called "609 Fierce Ghost Hostel". The story takes place in a villa in the outskirts of Japan, the beginning is low-key luxury with substance, but the reality is that the eerie haunted ghost room can be a meal, and Maharishi as the owner of the villa, at this time is also quite anxious, in order to rent out the house, Maharishi had no choice to find a ghost repellent master, but invited the ghost repellent master sausage and two dogs apparently is a godsend, the villa of the female ghost Xiaomei is bored with the dull, see the two two hundred and fifty The villa's female ghost Xiao Mei is bored and dazed, see the two two hundred people that are happy to see the door, just to make fun of them both, Xiao Mei issued a whisper, scared the two is a cold sweat, spread their feet is to run wildly outside the house, stay at the door of the big bear see this scene, also know Xiao Mei powerful, the picture turned, a line of Thai photographers want to borrow the villa to take some portraits, unkind big bear see the money, the advantages of the villa, but did not mention the haunted thing, the big bear advised You kind oh. Soon the photographer, led by the youngest son of this assured to stay, this day the photographer although in the room pounding equipment, did not think a black shadow suddenly flashed from behind, a look was a small white kid, the appearance of the cottage version of Jun Xiong, scared four-eyed boy directly fainted.

Comedy horror film "609 fierce ghost hostel" commentary copy

To the evening of the youngest and his girlfriend Ami video chat, it turns out that this Ami is the heroine of their shooting, but because of Ami's father's obstruction, Ami simply can not get out of the house, at this time, a girl named beauty to burst into the villa, it looks like he is also the tenant of the great bear, when the beauty to burst to see the youngest instantly wide-eyed.

The original beauty to the explosion of the ex-boyfriend and the youngest look exactly the same, the beauty to the explosion is also a Thai girl, the beauty to the explosion of love for her boyfriend, but accidentally found that he was having an affair with other girls, she sent her boyfriend directly to the King of Hell, and then fled to Japan to travel, and soon the youngest saw the beauty to the explosion of the face, inviting him to shoot photos with their own, the picture turned, the bear has a reluctance, once again The second master was invited to the villa to exorcise the ghost, this time the master is really a little means to see the beauty and white, but also understand that these two ghosts are not very difficult to deal with, but in the big Xiong 100,000 huge offer, the big bear or submissive to take the business, the serious man came to the villa and did not directly begin to catch the ghost, but first lit a cigarette, which is smoking to strengthen the courage or what ah. Then, the serious man began to cursing at Xiao Mei, Xiao Mei was furious, immediately revealed the real skills, the serious man saw the situation immediately realized that he could not beat Xiao Mei, and quickly got up and fled, this side of the beauty to burst is in bed thinking about the youngest, suddenly Xiao Mei appeared, the beauty to burst directly fainted, the next day in the shooting, the beauty to burst did not appear again, the day we finished shooting, back to the villa, but found that forgot to bring the key, is planning to take a wrench to pick the lock when the small beauty leisurely appeared in the window, looking at them, the people saw the small beauty of the real face after the scared ass, one of the bold fat fat single and then look into the house, found that the small beauty is giving the child makeup, combined with just the small beauty smiled small handsome enough to scare people, every day to the wall of white paint on the son's face, the youngest son and other people rushed The crowd turned back to the big bear home, the youngest son asked the big bear to explode where to go, the big bear face confused, what beauty to explode, no this person ah. Missy listened and did not think much about it, only thought that the beauty to burst should have left long ago, he came to the toilet to relieve himself, but accidentally found a room, the beauty to burst is lying on the operating table in the room, unconscious, the original Daxiong is a pervert, he will come to rent a house to the beauty to burst charmed, but also took the opportunity to force her, Missy in this time to see the beauty to burst, in fact, are her soul in a coma state, Missy people intend to return to the The villa, to save the soul of the beauty to burst, when a fat man was found by a female ghost, in distress he rushed to hide in the toilet, never thought that the female ghost is just at this time stomach, she took a knife to threaten the fat man rushed to open the door, the fat man that is also drunk, determined not to open the door, want to suffocate the female ghost alive, but at the critical moment the old bark appeared in time to subdue the female ghost, the people successfully woke up the beauty to burst, but the beauty to burst But the beauty to burst is a short-lived ghost, just awake soon, and then choked to death by the big bear, the story of the final transformation into a powerful ghost of the beauty to burst the result of the great hero saved the youngest people. This movie is full of horror, but in fact more like a comedy film, a little thriller mixed with nonsense plot, so people do not know whether to cry or laugh, but the good thing is that also tells us a truth, when you do to hurt others at the same time, you must remember the phrase, harm to others end harm to themselves, the end of this issue question, if you are a tenant of Nobita, what will you use to subdue the little beauty? Well lifetime, the above is the current XX, chess program is also exciting, partners remember to pay attention to watch Oh.


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