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Fantasy movie "Fate is destined" commentary text Commentary

Fantasy movie "Fate is destined" commentarytextcommentary

Fantasy movie "Fate is destined" commentary text Commentary

Who would slap this woman

She takes out five dollars

Let the man write down his contact information on it.

The result was a turnaround that cost this American

The man looked stunned

What kind of operation is this?

Go ask.

What's going on here?

(If we have a destiny.)

(The money will come back to me again)

(I will reach out to you then.)

Just now, they were in the store

At the same time, they saw a black glove.

But there was only one pair of gloves left.

Carl saw that Xiao Mei liked it very much.

So he showed his gentlemanly manners.

He gave the gloves to Mei.

To show her gratitude

She invited Carl to have dessert.

In this dessert store called "Fate is destiny"

Carl felt

He was charmed by the girl in front of him.

Carl was a bit sad to leave

So he had the courage to ask Mei for her contact information.

But Xiao Mei thinks that some things are destined.

If there is really fate

We will meet again soon.

Then Xiao Mei took a cab and left.

Carl was slightly lost in the cold wind

While taking the subway

but found that he had left his scarf in the store

So he turned around and went back to look for it

But Mei also forgot to take the gloves she had just bought

Inadvertently she saw the scarf on the floor


(Let's go shopping together)

(Okay, where do you want to go?)

(I don't care)

They went to the skating rink.

They got to know each other.

They started to talk about their hobbies and interests.

Suddenly Mei fell down.

Carl rushed up to help Mei check the injury

After the dressing, Carl looked at the freckles on Mei's arm

On a whim

He took out a pen and put the freckles together

Carl said this is the Andromeda in the sky

And told her the story

Afterwards, they looked at each other

They felt that the other was the one they were meant to be with

In a flash, it was time to part again

This time Xiao Mei even took the initiative to leave her phone number

But just as she handed the little note to Carl

A truck sped by

A gust of wind blew the note out of his hand

Carl wanted Mei to write again

But Mei thought it was a sign from God.

("It was a sign)

("We were meant to be apart.)

("If we're destined to be separated, why...)

("Will we meet again tonight?)

("I don't know, right?)

(It's not an exact science, it's just a feeling)

("And what if you're wrong)

("We were meant to be but we were separated)

(What happens when you don't have a name or a phone or anything?)

(Is that the only idea you've had all night?)

("Do you think waiting for fate to send me a message...)

(Right on your doorstep? -You know it's actually best...)

(What's write down...)

(Right on your doorstep? -You know it's actually best...)

(Your name and phone number)

And that's where the opening scene of the story occurs

Faced with Carl's persistent pursuit

Xiao Mei took out a book

She said she would write her name and contact information in the book

And then sold it to the used book market

If by chance

Carl could see it when he passed by the old book stall

He didn't believe in these so-called destiny

He just knew that if he met someone, he would try to catch them.

So Mei dragged Carl into a hotel.

Mei said we would each take an elevator.

If we can get out on the same floor at the same time

This can also show that they are destined to be together

When the elevator door was closed

Mei said her name

And threw a glove to Carl

Then they pressed the 23rd floor at the same time

But then there was a kid in the elevator Carl was riding in

Don't press it! Don't press it!

Hey calm kids

After Xiao Mei arrived

Looking at the delayed elevator left despondently

Xiao Mei has long been gone

He hurriedly chased out

In the street frantically looking for

He looked at everyone who looked like Xiao Mei

But it turned out to be none of them

Maybe that's how fate works

At the wrong time to meet the most beautiful you

So we can only part with regret and loss

Because of a pair of gloves

They fell in love at first sight

Because they lost everything

They met again

But they were blown away by the evil wind

A woman believes in destiny

The man sticks with it

But in the end, because of a child's trouble

They miss each other

Time flies and the years fly by

Five years have passed

They never met again

At this time Carl was preparing for his wedding to his fiancée

But in his eyes

He couldn't see the light of happiness

Whenever he passed by the old bookstore

I would still stop by

See if there is a message left by Xiao Mei on that book

At this time, Xiao Mei became a psychologist

Some time ago, she also agreed to her boyfriend's marriage proposal

But when she saw the five US dollars, she couldn't help but look at it twice.

While Carl was playing golf here

Suddenly heard someone call Xiao Mei's name again

It turned out to be the staff

During the haircut, Mr. Tony was on leave.

The new barber introduced herself as Xiao Mei

In the traffic jam

The lyrics sung by the passersby were all about Xiao Mei

He thought all this was a hint of something

Carl goes to his best friend Paul to talk to him.

But Paul advised him to calm down

Don't let your fiancée down

After calming down, Carl thinks he might be suffering from

Pre-wedding phobia

After adjusting his thoughts, he went home

At this moment, his fiancée is packing their honeymoon luggage

Carl found the gloves that Xiao Mei had given him before

The glove

He also found a shopping receipt inside the glove

There was also Xiao Mei's credit card information

At this point, Carl is not calm

On the other hand, Xiao Mei who was preparing for her honeymoon

But was told by her fiancé

Because of the performance needs

The trip may have to be postponed

Mei was not happy

When she returned home, she was drenched by heavy rain

While taking shelter from the rain, she saw a movie poster on the side

It was a movie that Carl had told him about

She felt that it was a sign from the gods

The next day Carl went to the store to check.

But he was told that the previous information had been deleted by the system

But the documents can be checked in the warehouse

On the other hand, Xiao Mei decided to take her girlfriend on a pre-wedding bachelor trip

In fact, it is for their own small thoughts


Carl and Paul came to the warehouse

In the pile of information found Xiao Mei's former address

He hurriedly went to find out

But because it had been too long.

The landlord could not remember

He also suggested that Carl try a real estate agent.

Just then, Mei arrived in Carl's city.

After checking in, she told her best friend what she was thinking.

She wanted to finish what she had started before she got married.

And so the two of them began to search for each other aimlessly

Carl found out from the agent

Mei ended up moving to a place called

Fate is destined to be near the dessert store

At that moment, Mei was reminiscing about her past in the dessert store

Her best friend repeatedly stressed

There is no such thing as destiny

When she was leaving, she picked up the change on the table

It was the one with Carl's message written on it

Then the two of them got into a taxi

Just then Carl also arrived here

And so they passed each other again

The farthest distance in the world is

I'm in front of you but you can't see me

Mei got in the cab

Carl arrived but did not see

And so they passed each other

On the way home

Carl looked at the wedding dress in the window

He felt as if it was a reminder to him

It's all over.

It was time to go back and marry his fiancée.

On the other hand, Xiao Mei had just returned to the hotel

She ran into Carl's fiancee

It just so happened that her best friend and her were college roommates.

Carl's fiancée also invited his girlfriend to the wedding rehearsal tonight

So Xiao Mei went back to her room alone

The fiancée and Carl's fiancée finish the rehearsal in a distracted manner

His fiancée saw that Carl seemed preoccupied

But he hurriedly explained that he was probably too tired

Then his girlfriend took out a book and gave it to Carl

Once you look at it, then look at Carl stunned

This is not the same as when Xiao Mei left contact information of the book?

He was so excited to take the book and find Paul

The two of them found an address according to the number

So they immediately got on a plane and went to Xiao Mei's city

At night, Xiao Mei and her boyfriend went for a walk

Unknowingly came to the original ice skating rink

Unconsciously looked at the stars again

Xiaomi became more and more convinced that we must find Karl

At that moment, Karl came to Mei's house

He saw the two people who were talking about love

But Carl did not know

That is Xiao Mei's sister

The disappointed Carl also completely dead

Due to the weather, the plane was delayed

On the other hand, Xiao Mei's fiancé had to go back to work

Xiao Mei had no choice but to join

Before taking off Xiao Mei was going to buy a headset

But found out that it was her girlfriend's wallet

When the flight attendant was making change

Xiaomei found the string of numbers behind the q

She grabbed her backpack and got off the plane without a second thought

Straight to Carl's house

Carl was holding a wedding at the hotel

Xiao Mei dashed back to the hotel

When she arrived, the wedding was already over

Just when she was desperate

The staff told her

The wedding was cancelled, not over

This made Xiao Mei could not control her emotions

Cried on the spot

At that moment Carl also returned to his city

He discussed with Paul how to hide his fiancée

Paul handed him the manuscript he had prepared

He was walking alone in the street aimlessly

In a trance, he arrives at the ice skating rink where he was.

Xiao Mei's best friend decided to stay for a while to see her off

The girlfriends gave Xiao Mei a cheer

She told Xiao Mei that she would find her own happiness

After her girlfriend left, Xiao Mei realized she was a little cold

She left her clothes at the rink

Carl went to the bench at the rink

He saw Mei's jacket and left it behind

He sighed and sat down in the middle of the rink

At that moment, snowflakes were falling from the sky

It was just like the scene when he first met Mei

Suddenly a glove fell on him

He sat up and looked at the glove

Xiao Mei had appeared behind him

You ask me if I believe in love at first sight?

I believe in the same as in this movie

You ask me if I will fall in love at first sight?

I admit that some feelings are love at first sight

True love

is the attraction of two people's souls

And in reality, those who fall in love and get married

And how many really put love first?

The belief that if there is love, there is the world

Is it also weak in front of reality?

I just want to say that

Love is a kind of faith

And we people film

Can not let the faith collapse

Believe in love is to believe in a good life

If you like it, please note that

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