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Horror "The Devil's Invitation: Chapter 2" movie commentary copy

Horror "The Devil's Invitation: Chapter 2" movie commentary text

Horror "The Devil's Invitation: Chapter 2" movie commentary copy

After Xiao Mei and her sister leave the old house

Preparing for a new life

But it didn't seem that easy.

She always felt that the devil was stalking her.

Own frequent insomnia.

Couldn't sleep at night Mei played with the lights.

She felt something was wrong.

This paragraph looks very familiar.

Reminds me of another horror movie.

"After the lights are off".

Also a light off

Evil spirits will appear.

The next day woke up Xiao Mei.

Found a stranger in the house.

Xiao Mei did not even think about it

Picked up the stick is a little

But the other side more than one person.

Xiao Mei was electrocuted and passed out

She was taken to a dilapidated old house.

When she woke up

found herself tied to the bed.

A girl with short hair came into the room.

Explained the whole story to her.

Many years ago

There was a couple who could not have children.

An orphanage was built here

Kidnapped Mei for a few years.

All were adopted orphans.

Originally, the family was happy.

But right after the adoptive mother died, the

Adopted father started to become violent

and even abused them

What's even more terrible is that

The foster father invited a witch to the house

The witch handed a book of scriptures to the foster father

The foster father was going to sacrifice them

Resurrect his wife

When they found out about this

They set fire to the foster father together and burned him to death

The burned foster father turned into an evil spirit

Now he is back to seek revenge on them

One of his companions has already been killed

The death is extremely miserable

And the reason they kidnapped Xiao Mei

Because she had escaped from the demon's hands

They believe that Xiao Mei has the ability to deal with evil spirits

They wanted to ask for his help

After saying that

They untied Xiao Mei's rope

Xiao Mei was about to go downstairs after changing her clothes

The room behind her opened by itself

Xiao Mei was curious and went in

She came to an attic

This was the place where the foster father abused the children

Xiao Mei went around the room

A ghost appeared on the beam behind her

It was the ghost of the foster father

Xiao Mei turned around and went over

The evil ghost hid again

When she was about to go downstairs

The evil ghost appeared at the bottom of the stairs

Xiao Mei regained her senses

Rushed to escape from here

After coming downstairs

found that her sister was also brought here by them

Then they took out a book of scriptures

Handed it to Xiao Mei

Said it was left by her adoptive father

Xiao Mei opened the book

When she saw the witch on it

Her body trembled

It was the same evil spirit from Xiao Mei's old house

Xiao Mei was so disgusted that she threw up

After Xiao Mei recovered

The crowd decided to go to the basement to check

This is the place where the tattoo was burned to death

A girl who was a bit timid

With Xiao Mei's sister to stay up there

After entering the basement

Everyone sat around the floor

The glasses girl told Xiao Mei

When the foster father was burned to death

put an ancestral curse on them

They need Xiao Mei to help them get rid of the curse

The glasses girl took out a small knife

Mei took it and cut her finger with the knife

Pressed the bloody handprint on the scripture

The moment she pressed the handprint

Xiao Mei's body began to tremble wildly

It was like an electric shock

Her eyes also saw the scene of her adoptive father being burned to death

Then Xiao Mei fainted

And at that moment

The other people in the basement

Everyone was shivering from the cold

Suddenly, a strange laugh came out of the intercom

Curly was so scared that he dropped the walkie-talkie

The sound coming from inside

The sound from inside gave everyone the creeps.

The door to the basement suddenly slammed shut.

Things started flying around inside

When the short-haired girl was in a state of shock

Mei pointed to the top of her in panic

Short-haired girl was grabbed by something by the neck

She was lifted into the air

The ghost of her adoptive father emerged

Then it threw Shorty on the ground

It took her head and smashed it into the ground

Within a few blows

Short-haired girl was smashed to death

It successfully sent one of them away

The cowardly girl who stayed upstairs also heard the noise

She rushed over

Opened the door of the basement

The evil spirit floated down the stairs

It possessed the cowardly girl's body directly

The cowardly girl was lying on the floor twitching

It was as if she was electrocuted

Then she locked the basement

Began to kill Xiao Mei's sister

The ghost said she was good, right?

She can't even handle a child

To say that it is weak

But it is really fierce

But the way it kicked in the door

Foot forward

1, according to Newton's third law to judge

It should not open the door like this


When I did not say

Finally, the sister used their own resourcefulness

Will be possessed by the cowardly girl pinned under the cabinet

But the evil spirit is not so easy to handle

It broke the closet

Ready to climb out from inside

At the same time

Xiao Mei also escaped from the basement

She raised the 80 steel pipe in her hand

Against the evil spirit is a pounding

The possessed cowardly girl was killed

Another one was sent away

Before leaving

She also gave an international hand gesture to Xiao Mei

This ghost is a little naughty

Since Xiao Mei killed the cowardly girl

Curly put the blame on Xiaomei

The two quarreled

Angry Xiao Mei

Decided to take her sister and leave

In the horror movie

The car must be broken

Xiao Mei did not leave

Had to stay

By the end of the night

In her sleep, Xiao Mei

She dreamed of her stepmother

Chasing herself all over the house

Then she dreamed of her father, Lao Wang

He told her to get out of here

The old king was going to sacrifice Xiao Mei's soul to the witch

And the witch wanted to sacrifice Xiao Mei to the devil

But it didn't work out

And now the devil is after Xiao Mei

Then the old king grabbed Xiao Mei's arm

Xiao Mei's arm sparked

She also woke up with a start

But her arm was left with burn marks

After all these experiences

Xiaomei also realized

The demon's target is not only other people

but also herself

Want to live

She had to fight the demon hard

She called the others to her room

To discuss how to deal with the demon

Only to find that one person was missing, Rapunzel.

When she found a room.

Long-haired girl appeared behind the door

Then Curly found an eerie pattern on the floor.

Found an eerie pattern

The long-haired girl appeared behind him

Pushed him down on the floor

Locked the room door

Curly asked her why she did that?

But the long-haired girl said

Pay for what you have done


Xiao Mei also found out from their photo together

found out that the relationship between the long-haired girl and her adoptive father is not normal

In the process of being oppressed by her adoptive father for a long time

Long-haired girl has become dependent on her adoptive father

This is a typical "Stockholm syndrome"

And Curly's side

In the darkness

He saw his childhood

He saw himself locked up by his adoptive father

This is the shadow of his innermost being

And the cowardly girl who was killed by Xiao Mei before

also crawled out from the cabinet

The evil spirits put their hands in his mouth

Pulled him into the basement

Once again, he sent one away

And the long-haired girl lay on the bed

began to summon the ghost of her adoptive father

The foster father was summoned out

Possessed the long-haired girl

On the other side

Xiao Mei and the others found something wrong

They rushed out to find Curly

Just outside the room

They met the long-haired girl sitting on the stairs

Long-haired girl with a fierce expression

She told us the reason for the incident

After her adoptive father was burned to death

Because of her dependence on him

She hated other people

So she found the book of scriptures

She was going to follow the method above

Sacrifice the sisters

To summon the foster father

After hearing this, Bubu

Angry, she took out the scripture and prepared to burn it

But the possessed long-haired girl

At this time has the magic power

He used his mind to control

He lifted Bubu in the air

Hit the wall hard

Then picked up the scriptures on the ground

Xiao Mei tried to grab the scripture

Long-haired girl tried to control Xiao Mei with her mind

But found that the magic failed

Then the long-haired girl will be Xiao Mei a violent beating

But the long-haired girl controlled Xiao Bu's body

Smashed the little beauty stunned

Then she grabbed a knife

Another one sent away

And before she died, the girl with glasses

Secretly got the scripture

Long-haired girl did not kill Xiao Mei directly

But put her in the room

Ready to set fire to her

Just like when those people burned their adoptive father

And the dying girl took out the sutra

There are ways to fight the devil

And the long-haired girl

Is looking around for Xiao Mei's sister

Little sister is more useful than those two bitches

But unfortunately, the long-haired girl can not be killed

Sister was taken in this way

As for Xiao Mei

She found a way to fight the devil

She cut her finger with a knife

She made a bloody handprint on the scripture

Xiao Mei's right hand changed

At this time he also had magic powers

She first rescued the fainted Bubu

Then returned to the house

Ready to save her sister

After she came to the basement

It was as if she had gone into another dimension

She met all kinds of ghosts

Finally she successfully found her sister

When she escaped with her sister

The dead girl with glasses wrapped in a bed sheet

Blocked their way

Then she performed a big ghost transformation on the spot

Xiao Mei let her sister run first

But she was pounced by the evil ghost and fell to the ground

The evil ghost took the form of a long-haired girl

Stretched out a big tongue in Xiao Mei's body waving wildly

The critical moment

Mei used the magic power of her right hand

control the gear

Chopped on the head of the girl with long hair

Temporarily escaped a disaster

Just escaped from the basement

Long-haired girl also reanimated and chased out

After the two of them ran outside the house

Long-haired girl also followed out

And Boo also repaired the car at this time

Crashed into the evil ghost

The evil ghost was hit and fell to the ground

Looks like it will not survive

Fang Si evil ghost see this body is no longer able to

So it burst out of the body of the long-haired girl

Then it rushed to Xiao Mei

Possessed Xiao Mei's body

Xiao Mei did not want to become a ghost of a human being

While you were still awake.

She raised the knife and stuck it in her chest.

And then passed out.

Her consciousness

Came to a space.

Met a demon with horns.

The demon told her

The ghost of her adoptive father had been sealed.

never to be reborn.

And Xiao Mei's soul

since she was born.

It has belonged to the devil

So she has no right to kill herself

to put her finger into Xiao Mei.

Xiao Mei came back to life

She picked up her sister and cried out in pain.

Everything seemed to be over

But Mei's heart knew

The devil would watch her in the dark

At any moment it will come to take away her soul

According to this plot, the

The director has a high chance of making a third film


This is the end of the video

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