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Comedy "The Trouble with Jodi" movie commentary copy

Comedy "The Trouble with Jodi" movie commentary copy

Comedy "The Trouble with Jodi" movie commentary copy

She is 1.9 meters tall.

Most boys see her height.

Would immediately run away.

At 10 years old

Mei is over 1.7 meters tall.

She looks like a monster when she is photographed with people her age.

Mei is 16 years old.

Close to two meters.

Her shoes are also a full size 47.

Everyone thinks she's a freak.

Is it hard to be tall?

Xiao Mei has low self-esteem.

She never dared to fall in love.

But at the same time, she is lucky.

Why do you say that?

This guy with the milk crate.

The short guy who looks a bit abnormal is called Carl

is Xiao Mei's childhood friend.

No one knows why he carries a milk crate every day.

But it was full of Xiao Mei's favorite food.

Carl chased Xiao Mei for seven years.

Xiao Mei also refused for seven years.

(We've known each other for a long time.)

(Dating someone shorter than me)

(It makes people realize I'm a weirdo even more.)

Because Mei had been teased by her classmates since she was a child because of her height

If she goes out with a guy shorter than herself.

If she went out with a guy shorter than her, she was bound to get ridiculed by everyone.

This was unacceptable to her.

Carl thought this was ridiculous.

In his mind

Mei was like a princess.

She should wear her own custom-made high heels

To marry the man she loved most.

It's not about height.

Shut up those mouth-breathing dwarfs.

Carl couldn't help but ask

If you don't say yes to me this time.

Where are you going to find a boyfriend as funny and handsome as yourself next time?

But the next moment

Karl was instantly frozen in place

That's ridiculous.

But still, he didn't give in.

"I admit he's better looking than me."

But the next second the boy solved the puzzle on the blackboard

And the answer was almost absolutely perfect

At this moment the eyes of all the girls in the class changed

Xiao Mei also

completely fallen in love

This was the first time she wanted to be noticed by the boy she loved

But such a fragrant young man

How could she be easily won over?

Just then Cuihua appeared

She is the school's recognized flower

And Xiao Mei and Cuihua had been rivals since they were kids.

She had been teasing Xiao Mei since kindergarten

Originally, Xiao Mei was only tall.

It was not so much to be teased

But it was because Cuihua had given Xiao Mei various nicknames

Xiao Mei became the laughing stock among her classmates

At night, Xiao Mei received a phone call

She thought it was from her boyfriend

She was invited to the prom with him.

This made Xiao Mei very excited

But at that moment

There was a loud laugh on the other side of the phone

It turned out to be Tricia teasing Mei.

(You didn't really think a guy as hot as Stig would like you, did you?)

(I mean let's face it Jodi)

(You're a tall girl who will never be a pretty girl)

Mei was not convinced.

But what he didn't expect was

The next night he received a phone invitation from the man of the hour

He said he was handsome.

But Xiao Mei did not believe

Xiao Mei was furious

Said again to prank her

I will use 48 yards of big footprints on your face

Only after the result is close to find

This time it was really Xiao Shuai

The atmosphere was a bit awkward

He wanted to ask Xiao Mei to watch a movie with him at home

With the help of his model sister

Xiao Mei became unbelievable

That night she arrived at Xiao Shuai's doorstep

Carl never expected

The goddess he had been chasing for seven years would come to him of her own accord

He was instantly overjoyed

But the next moment his roommate appeared behind him

It was obvious that Carl had misunderstood

The goddess he was in love with

was here on a date with his best friend

Soon they were sitting on the couch watching a movie together.

Carl was whistling and whistling

While blocking the screen as if nothing was wrong

("You're watching this?)


The two men on the couch were getting warm and fuzzy.

The next side, Carl comes over with a snack.

(I'm so stupid)


("I forgot)

(I'll be right back with you two)

Little handsome thought this single dog was stimulated

He generously invited him to come over and watch a movie with him

Carl did not treat himself as an outsider

Sitting directly on his butt between the two

Xiao Mei glanced at him fiercely

But did not notice

Carl's eyes were full of tenderness

On the way back

Looking at the beautiful girl in front of him

Xiao Shuai's heart was instantly captured

The two just couldn't help but kiss each other

Xiao Mei thought she would be happy with this

But the next day

Xiao Shuai acted as if nothing had happened last night

Look at Xiao Mei eyes also become averted

But what's more annoying is

He directly skipped Xiao Mei and went to the school flower Cuihua next to

Only then did Xiao Mei realize

The so-called transfer boy is actually a complete scum

I didn't expect to be hurt so much in my first heartbeat

Xiao Mei hid in her room with sadness

No matter how much her parents knocked on the door, she did not open it

Until early the next morning

Xiao Mei felt someone touch her face again

She woke up in shock

Carl also received a slap in the face

Only after a little relief to see the bruises on Carl's face

But after Xiao Mei repeatedly asked

She didn't know where the bruise came from.

Carl handed Xiao Mei a gift box

Inside was a size 48 high heeled shoe that Carl made for Xiao Mei himself

But looking at such beautiful high heels

But Xiao Mei could not be happy

Because she thought she would never wear them in her life

But Carl said

("You can keep them.)

("Just in case)


("You meet someone)

(Taller than you)

("Good guy)

("He really likes you because)

("You're very kind)

When he said that.

Carl seemed to be suppressing something

It seems that he had imagined

He was the one that Xiao Mei loved the most

After that.

Carl left.

In a flash, it was graduation season

Xiaomei suddenly received a video from her girlfriend in her phone

The content of the video was the day she was abandoned by Carl

Cuihua saw Xiao Mei coming to Xiao Shuai

As Xiao Shuai's girlfriend, she naturally had to ask why

Who knows that the scum actually to protect his image

He said this to Xiao Mei in public

(So in a nutshell, it means she has a crush on me)


(Confession of love? Dude, that's lame.)

("Look, I'm definitely not in love with Jodi.)

(Yeah, I can't get her to leave, anyway.)

(Tell her to leave me alone)

(I said, "Okay, I'll meet with you tonight.

We'll talk about it in depth," but...)

(But I stood her up.)

There was a transfer student in my class.

He was tall, handsome and smart.

Xiao Mei, who had never been in love before, fell in love with this boy right away

But who would have thought that he was a complete scum

In the face of all his classmates and his new girlfriend

He even said bad things about himself

All this was captured on video

Xiao Mei looked at all this and felt incredible

When all her classmates listened to his slanderous words

They were laughing at Mei.

Carl rushed over with his milk crate

Without hesitation, he smashed it towards the scum

(You say bad things about Jodi in front of the public)

("But when we were in private, man)

("You confessed your love for her in front of me.)

(What's crazy is you don't know anything about her, man)

(What's her birthday? What's her middle name?)

(What's her favorite color? What is the color of her eyes?)

(-green - no not blue)

(I mean, Jodi has a lot of good qualities.)

(She's the best of anyone I know)

(She's cooler than all of you put together)

("Yeah, all of us together aren't as tall as her.)

(-Yeah... hello...)


("Oh my God, Deng, okay!)

(Hey you two, come on, come on!)

(Don't do that! Take it easy.)

(Two! Stop it, guys!)

Seeing this

Xiao Mei could not stop the tears flowing down

So that's how the bruises on his face came about

So that skinny little man was so brave

So he loved himself so much

She picked up the high heels that Carl gave her

Her heart was full of confidence

At the school dance

A woman with the aura of a queen appeared

The crowd instantly makes way for her

He ignores the gossip of the people around him

He walked straight to the stage

In front of everyone

Talking confidently about his shortcomings

(Tall is my true color and I like myself)

("So go ahead and make fun of me.)

(Keep making fun of me, keep asking me, "I can't stand being tall, can I?")

(I can handle it)

(Because the high places are so beautiful)

After saying that she won everyone's applause and applause

But Xiao Mei did not stay

At this time Xiao Shuai came out after me

("I broke up with JiMi)

("We have a chance)

("To start over?)

("I want to start over)

But not with you

After saying that, Xiao Mei turned around and left

There was one place he had to go

She slowly walked up the stairs with her high heels

Watching Xiao Mei appear

Carl couldn't help but smile

But Mei asked Carl in an untimely manner

("But you know the only major point of disagreement is the milk crate.)

("I really don't understand what you're doing.)

("Don't put things in your backpack like normal people do)

(Because I knew the day would come when I'd need a milk crate)

(I want to be prepared)

(Prepare for what?)

(For this)

In real life

Everyone in the movie is the protagonist of the movie.

We all have our own problems.

Usually there is no milk-filled person to save us.

We must slowly realize this

Our uniqueness makes us who we are.

And have faith in it.

In life we are loved by others all the time.

Sometimes a word from someone else

A gesture or even a smile.

is full of love for us.

Maybe we overlook them.

Okay here is XX

Like to close a note thank you

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