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Movie "Untouchable" commentary copy

Movie "The Untouchables" Commentary Copy

Movie "Untouchable" commentary copy

This is a movie based on a real event. Because of a skydiving accident, Philip, a rich white man, is paralyzed in bed and wants to recruit a full-time escort. Due to the high salary, there were many applicants, all of whom were tongue-tied, but could not impress him. It was not until the appearance of the black man that he made his decision. Fresh out of prison and burdened with a family, Deshis was determined to find a letter of dismissal in order to claim the dole, and he was clearly more interested in the female assistant than the job. However, he was like a small whirlwind, stirring up the dull atmosphere of the interview, his boldness, humor to Philip impressed, is like such a punk living to those intellectuals than down, what is the workplace must kill, small German bold, real, dry, confident, happy-go-lucky character. His humorous way of speaking and his unique understanding of things is his greatest personality, these qualities come from life's thousands of refinements to him, Philip still fell in love with this young man at a glance. Thus, Deshis began a one-month trial period. Although at the beginning, Xiao De often made a mess of things, helping Philip to take a bath, mistakenly used foot cream as shampoo, helping Philip on the wheelchair, because of not wearing a seat belt and let Philip nearly fall, because of the surprise of Philip's whole body unconscious things and pouring hot water on Philip. He poked food in Philip's face because he was looking at his beautiful female assistant. And one second firmly refused and the next second obediently do a series of "real fragrance warning".

When Phillip's friends advised him not to hire Xiao De as an escort and said "people from the slums don't have compassion", Phillip replied: "That's what I want, no compassion", which makes us reflect that for people with disabilities, pity can only make They strengthen the sense of being different from people, aggravate the sense of frustration and dependence, if you want them to return to the normal track of life. The most effective way is to treat them as normal people, just as Xiao De intentionally or unintentionally ignored the fact that Phillip was disabled. Not giving him a cell phone. Teasing him. These words and actions are by no means gentlemanly. But they make Philip face his condition head on, and magically, such a caregiver with no professional ability to speak of, but deep in Philip's heart. Because Driss can not only let the long-closed mind of Philip completely relax, but also make Philip reveal a long-lost heartfelt smile. Driss often opened up to Philip's yellow accent, although Philip's face refused but also enjoy it; in the senior concert Driss because of the singer's funny dress and laugh out loud, Philip although a look of disgust but also can not help but sneer; Driss because the wheelchair speed is not fast enough and rambling complaints, Philip although at first said that this is the fastest speed, but later because of Driss's excellent modification and When Driss goes to Philip's house for a job interview, he steals a beautiful egg from the ledge and wants to give it to his aunt. When he learns that the egg is a token of remembrance of his ex-wife, he asks his sister to retrieve it; when Driss takes Phillip for a ride, he thinks that Phillip should not be put in the trunk like a horse; Driss lectures his neighbor who parks in the doorway; Driss asks Phillip to discipline his arrogant and rude daughter, etc. All these details reflect Driss's character: filial piety, self-respect, generosity, compassion, sense of justice and responsibility. These are the basic qualities that we should have, but how many people today have lost them. The two main characters in the film are very different, but they complement each other and leave a deep impression. He was adopted by his aunt and uncle since he was a child, with a large number of siblings and a poor family, without much education, but with a good nature and a lively, cheerful and mature personality. When he sees his younger brother behaving rebelliously and making bad friends, his heart is full of worry. These details all show his strong affection. When Philippe has a drug reaction and is short of breath, the usually cynical Driss shows a surprising calmness: first he gently soothes and accompanies him, and then he pushes Philippe out to get some fresh air, so that the two of them can enjoy the quietness and peace of Paris at four o'clock at midnight, and the window of their hearts slowly opens. When Philippe is too ashamed of his paraplegia to face love, Driss helps him dial the phone and "kidnaps" him to date his girlfriend, so that he can face his emotions and pursue his happiness. When he sees someone parked in his way when he leaves Phillip's house, he still walks up to him and reminds him that it is not nosy, but, without a doubt, he is a confident and infectious man, although his background, education, and less than stellar past have not made him into a man. Although his birth, education and less-than-stellar past do not make him a decent, noble and positive figure, we are nonetheless overwhelmed by his simple, kind and cheerful qualities. Philip, born into the aristocracy, had an enviable family fortune, a decent social status, a good family education, a flock of servants and a beautiful secretary, but not the joy of walking upright. If he had everything, it would be better to say he had nothing. But he is optimistic and strong in the face of the cruelty of life, at least he is not depressed and self-absorbed. He is well-informed without being arrogant, he is prominent but cheerful and easy-going, and these qualities make him and Driss from a different "world" become friends. His desire for freedom and his challenge to himself are striking. His painful decision to let Driss leave to pursue a more promising career while taking care of his family is heartwarming. The two main characters in the film are flesh and blood, as if they were living around us, without the American heroism of one man saving the planet, without the mythical figures of selfishness, they are themselves, flawed and beautiful, simply because they have the most ancient qualities in the world: truth and care, love is unconditional, and so is friendship. The film is so beautiful because it illustrates the purest form of friendship, regardless of color, regardless of borders, regardless of wealth, because it's all about heart to heart, and reveling in each other's company. Friendship does not need polite words, nor the fear of saying the wrong thing, only the heart; do not need to be a long time, only need to understand and sympathize with each other. This kind of feeling, in the moral standard is slipping, trust is in crisis, everyone is wary of the modern society, it seems more rare, this is the reason why the film is named untouchable. I like the narrative style of French cinema, never in a hurry, but in the hands of a grace and fun, inadvertently revealing the unique sentiment of French culture. This kind of literary but not pretentious, subtle and introspective style, compared with the American Uncle Sam style of boldness, the Chinese half-hidden obscurity, more reveals a different style. More importantly, it touches the softest part of our hearts - the thirst for friendship and love in a big world, and the desire to enjoy and long for the beauty of life in the midst of frustration and disappointment. Life is too lonely, life is lonely. While we are politely nodding to people and dealing with complicated people every day, who knows the deepest pain and helplessness in our hearts; among the long list of friends on our network account, is there one we can talk to; while we show others that we have a wide range of social life, only we know whether we have a partner in our soul. See you next time.

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