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Through time and space movie "Untouchable Lovers" commentary copy

   Today we bring you a time-traveling movie, "Untouchable Lovers".

Through time and space movie "Untouchable Lovers" commentary copy

The girl saw a car accident death, has been waving to him, 2 years later, because of what lack of money and boyfriend rented a wooden house at the beach. Then the boyfriend left the country, before the fear of touching the cabin was returned.

But before leaving he was still very sad, so he wrote a letter and put it in the mailbox in front of the cabin. Soon after, the cabin ushered in his new owner, Asen. 1 day, Asen saw the mailbox at the door and opened it but accidentally saw a letter. Driven by curiosity, Sam opened the letter. The letter writer said he was the former owner of the cabin, and marked many cautions in the letter. Asen thought the letter was a prank because he was clearly the first owner of the cabin, so he did not pay any attention to the letter. However, soon after, he found that many things in the letter were written very accurately, so he gave a letter back, saying that the cabin was built in 97 and that he was his first owner. Immediately the letter was placed in the mailbox in front of the log house. Soo-hyun was angry when he received the reply letter because it was now 99 years and he thought that the other party was the one who was playing a prank, so he reprimanded the other party in the reply letter. Soon after the New Year, Soo-hyun received another letter from the other party, who insisted that it was now 98 and told Soo-hyun to stop writing letters to make trouble and go home angry to try to tear down the liar, and to write that there would be a big snowfall in 98 and to tell the other party to keep warm and not to catch a cold. Sam received a letter back and did not care, but soon after a really big snowfall, he also caught a cold, so he wrote to Soo-hyun to thank him, but he only thought that Soo-hyun is a psychic is all the news. Sam was really from 2 years ago, but they kept in touch until in one of their letters, the two talked about a shared pet dog and believed that they were really from two time periods. That mailbox is the transit point connecting the 2 time periods, and to confirm put the hair band into the mailbox. On the other hand, Sam took out the hair band and when Soo Hyun opened the mailbox again, the hair band was gone. She finally believed the fact. Soon after, her boyfriend from abroad asked Soo-hyun to break up. Meanwhile, in another time and space, Sam's girlfriend who is far away from home also proposes a breakup. The two comfort each other with words and gradually Sam falls in love with Soo-hyun and they agree to meet in reality. Soo-hyun tries to remember where he was two years ago and asks Sam to find him, but they miss it. Sam and his father did not have a good relationship, but he was very concerned about his father, so he wrote if Soo-hyun to help him find out his father's condition after two years, but Soo-hyun found out that Sam's father died 2 years ago today. He wrote a letter to tell Sam, but he was in a car accident halfway to deliver the letter, so he couldn't deliver the letter. So Soo Hyun wrote a letter and Sam agreed on a location, but that day Sam never came. Soo Hyun thought that 2 years was too long and Sam forgot about him, so he wrote a letter asking Sam not to let his boyfriend from 2 years ago leave the country so that he wouldn't be broken up. Does Sam love Soo Hyun or choose to help Soo Hyun? On this day Soo Hyun's mind suddenly has 1 more memory and he suddenly remembers that there was a car accident 2 years ago today, when he was nearby. The strange thing is that the person who died in the accident kept looking at him and reaching out to him. 2 years later, he finally realized that it was Sam who had an accident on the way to her boyfriend again, and Soo Hyun hurriedly wrote a letter to ask Sam not to go to her boyfriend anymore. Fortunately, Sam read the mailbox before leaving the house, he managed to stop Sam death time reversal to the day of the Cebu move, suddenly appeared a man, he said his name is Sam, to give Soohyun to find a favorite story. This is the end of the film. Well, that's it for today's commentary, remember to pay attention if you like it, we'll see you next time.

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