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Suspense "Time to Hunt" movie commentary copy

Suspense "Time to Hunt" movie commentary copy

Suspense "Time to Hunt" movie commentary copy

These four men are going to become grand thieves

Ready to rob the land to come down and block the field

Relief for their own lives

There are also a few people who have taken pictures and released harsh words for this purpose.

Success is Hawaii

If they fail, they will squat in a fence

They first came to the blocking site near the stepping point

with cell phones to take pictures of the location of each monitor.

And use the identity of the old four to understand

There are 6 security guards inside the casino.

There are monitors on the first to third floors.

So several people discussed and decided.

Go through the roof of the unsupervised building next door

Then use the exterior escape ladder.

Enter the warehouse, just one door away from the barricaded courtyard.

Facing the door of the warehouse

This time it was their target, the small vault.

But if the vault's alarm is triggered by touching

the gangsters would come.

So they also tested the

The time from the gang to the market casino

Thus determining that they only had 5 minutes to commit the crime.

Everything is ready, just need to take advantage of the device.

Xiao Shuai found Huo who he met in prison before.

But I did not expect his library of things so awesome.

Choose the guy thing and you can go.

Brother Fire reminded Xiao Shuai

The law can not control the place is more terrible

Be careful.

But the newborn cattle malfeasance they simply did not care

In the night several people drove to the plug field near

They went up to the top of the building and arrived at the top of the blockade

Four people began to organize equipment and put on cotton socks

Action began

Through the escape ladder into the warehouse next door to the plug field

Faced with a small vault across the door

Xiao Shuai and the others hesitated

What's wrong?


Xiao Shuai gritted his teeth and opened their way of no return with a shot

They first took control of the security and hostages

But the inexperienced they

Did not have the first time to control the vault people

The button was pressed in advance

The gangsters heard the report and immediately gathered their men

Rushing towards the direction of the blockade

Lao San rushed into the small vault

Knocked out the disobedient man

Then under his threat

The woman obediently opened the safe

Soon before being loaded several people quickly left

At this time the gangsters also arrived

caught up with the small handsome and his group who were running away

Several people got into the car without any danger

Evaded the gang's pursuit

Just when everyone was celebrating

Xiao Shuai suddenly asked Lao San to monitor the hard disk took

Lao-san suddenly played dumb

Luckily, it was just a joke by Lao-san

But they did not know how big a problem they had made

A few punks were forced to make a living

They robbed the underground casino.

But the other side sent a top killer named Han

Xiao Shuai and the others split up and prepared to go their separate ways

In order to prevent the people of the blockade from suspecting

Ready to continue to work for a period of time back to the plug field

And Xiaoshuai three go to the second home for a while

But they didn't know

Top killer Han has already found Brother Fire

Don't put your life on the line for this

Although the righteous Brother Fire was also afraid

But he helped Shuai to hide it

Are you threatening me?

I have a backer too.

You think you can threaten me?

You can be safe and sound?

But the next moment Han came back.

directly killed two of Fire's men

Under Han's pressure, Fire called Shuai.

After learning Shuai's location.

Han directly sent Fire away

And Xiao Shuai sensed that something was wrong.

Called Lao Si

Tell Lao Si to be more careful too

Once you find out something is wrong, run away.

Lao Si tried to ask for information from his colleagues

But found everyone looking at him strangely

He was still being watched

Lao Si escaped on the pretext of going to the toilet

He came to the place where he hid the front and prepared to take the front and run away

But when he turned around, he found Han in the corner

Can't sleep at night, Xiao Shuai came to the bar

The familiar bell rang nearby

He saw the person across the street also picked up the phone

Bad things have been revealed

Rushing to pay the money

Called the second and third to the basement to prepare to run away

They were heavily armed

And Han, who was hiding in the shadows, kept them in suspense.

Create a depressing atmosphere

Just as they were about to leave the basement

Han showed up and shot the third man driving the car

Han then pointed the gun at Xiao Shuai's head

Suddenly Xiao Shuai broke free from the extreme fear

That's funny.

I'll give you one chance.

In five minutes.

Run as far away as you can

Don't let me down

It's like a game of cat and mouse.

But can he succeed?

Xiao Shuai drove frantically to escape

From one city to another

He found an emergency clinic to dress the wounds of Lao-san.

Xiaoshuai and Lao Er considered Lao San's injury

Decided to leave again in the morning

But in the middle of the night Xiao Shuai suddenly woke up from a dream

By chance, he looked out the window and found Han's figure

He hurriedly woke up Lao Er and Lao San

Xiaoshuai and the others went into the other side of the room

He used San's cell phone to attract Han's attention

Then they escaped from the other side

While they were waiting for the elevator

Han found out their intention

They escaped successfully

And stole Han's car.

A top killer was after the three punks

The lucky trio eluded the killer

They stole Han's car.

But the next moment they found that the stolen car

was a police car

That's when the killer called.

You really exceeded my expectations. That's funny.

I'll spare your life. It's worthwhile and fun.

You're FBL.

But why do you do this to us?

I want nothing. I have what I want.

Then why are you after us?

Now that we've started, of course we have to end it.

No matter where you are

There is no escape

Then Xiao Shuai and the others fled to the port

Shuai called Fire's brother, Big Back, for help

The earliest they could get there was the early morning.

They first hid in a nearby abandoned warehouse

At that time, the big back at the funeral received a message

That the murderer of his brother

was choosing weapons in their store

Big Back wanted to take care of the murderer himself.

So he told his men not to act rashly

On the other hand, Lao Er's parents just arrived at the door

They found a group of men in black waiting for them at the door

Then Lao Er received a call from his mother

Everything is fine

Don't worry, be careful on the road.

Got it?

Mom, stay there and I'll be right back.

The more his mother said so, the more worried he was.

Lao Er took his weapon and prepared to go home.

He ran into Xiao Shuai downstairs.

He did not say why

They said goodbye to each other

But in their hearts, they knew that this time might be goodbye forever

Xiaoshuai just returned from the wind

He found a car parked downstairs and ran upstairs

Lao-san disappeared

Xiaoshuai picked up the things ready to go to find Lao San

But at that moment, Xiaoshuai saw from the broken glass on the ground

Found Han behind him

A dodge into the house

At that moment, Lao-san called out for Xiaoshuai from outside

Luckily, Lao-san was still alive.

Xiaoshuai used the dummy to attract Han's firepower

Successfully escaped downstairs to find a dead-end road

They found a car but couldn't start it.

Han appeared behind them at that moment

Lao-san, hurry up!

Lower your head

The two men then understood

They had no choice but to meet them head on

Marshal decided it would be better for them to fight separately

Lao-san was the first to fire and suppressed the killer

Then Xiao Shuai was unfortunately shot in a shootout with the killer

Lao San saw Xiao Shuai was shot

Despite the danger, he rushed out with his gun

Although courageous, but to no avail

Xiaoshuai watched as Lao-san

Han shot him dead or alive.

He got up and shot Han in the shoulder.

He took Lao-san and hid in a nearby store

Seeing the dead Lao-san

He picked up the gun on the ground

At this moment, he was fearless.

As calm as a wolf.

But facing the level of Korean killers.

Still a little too young

Just when Han was about to kill Xiao Shuai

The big back had arrived

Xiao Shuai was saved

Soon, this top killer

They were driven to the edge.

The next year.

Little Marshal practiced his gun every day.

He suspected that Han was not dead.

Sure enough, the man who asked for information told Marshal

that he was still alive.

Somehow, he hadn't been shot

Sending off the big back

Little Marshal understood at this moment.

Want to remove the nightmare from your heart.

Still have to face it bravely.

Even if it means death, he will finish him off himself.

This is the end of the story

I am XX

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