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Fantasy "Gods and Ghosts also climax" movie commentary copy

Fantasy "Gods and Ghosts Also Climax" Movie Commentary Copy

Fantasy "Gods and Ghosts also climax" movie commentary copy

He followed the doctor's advice.

Took sleeping pills.

He slept well.

But the thing, he came again.

The woman slept soundly.

The rattling didn't wake her.

The thing

slowly burrows under her covers.

Doing something shameful.

The woman is still entangled in her dreams with the

The pleasure of reality and the fantasy of dreams

gives her some top.

She suddenly opens her eyes.

Seeing the covers bulging high beneath her.

Still in rhythmic motion.

He freaked out. She cried out.

Then hurriedly lifted the quilt.

There was nothing inside.

The woman subconsciously shy

and folded her legs.

At that moment

a pair of invisible hands slowly separated her legs

The latest horror fantasy movie in 2021

"Even Gods and Ghosts Come

The main movie starts

Xiao Jing recalled the pleasant feeling just now

Her heart was beating like a deer

At this moment, the kind of thing

Has overcome the fear in her heart

Instead, she felt some small stimulation

She excitedly covered the quilt to enjoy it

And the screaming just now attracted the neighbors

The old couple was afraid that something would happen to her

But when they heard Xiao Jing's excited voice in the house

The old man shook his head and the old woman walked back to the house

Jing worked in a bookstore

Originally wanted to be a single dog

She lived a quiet life

But there is no one around her

Friends among colleagues curly sister private life is very romantic

often change boyfriends

Also keep advising her to hurry up I a marriage it

Long time not that what will cause a variety of disorders

If not, it may grow a beard ah

Home and her a wall of small two

Exercise every day in the middle of the night

Demon and the woman is also very hard

Listen to Xiao Jing is scratching his ears and do not know what to do

Xiao Jing went to the door to ask them to reduce the noise

But was told that this is the joy from the heart

I really can not control

Sorry, Xiao Jing had to move

Xiao Jing rented a new home

The former tenant died of a heart attack

And the first day Jing moved in, she found his picture in the corner

Found his photo in the corner

She didn't care too much and put the photo in the drawer

A series of strange events began

Sleeping in the middle of the night, the TV screen suddenly lit up

Jing couldn't turn off the TV with the remote control

Down to the ground and unplug the power

But the TV was still on

And at the same time

The kitchen faucet was turned on

The water was flowing loudly

Xiao Jing turned off the faucet

Her body was covered with chicken skin

At this time

The next day Jing went to see the doctor

The doctor was just flirting with the nurse

Told Jing to go back and take some sleeping pills

Then he dismissed her hastily

Xiao Jing took the sleeping pills

The ghost entered the room

But found that she wasn't awake at all

He had a bad idea

A dozen climbed into her bed

This night, the ghost and the man were still in love

Xiao Jing is very satisfied

The next day at work, her spirits shake

Both eyes shine curly hair sister look at the well-dressed Xiao Jing

She asked wistfully

Did you do something bad last night

After that

Xiao Jing is hooked on flirting with ghosts

Excitement overcame fear

She could feel this invisible

But she could touch the ghost

Hugging her from behind

And then restlessly move his hands and feet

And this guy

Seems to have studied a lot of knowledge in this area

a lot of tricks

Fun reborn

Surprise after surprise

The neighbor's old couple came to worry again and again

and returned with a shake of their heads

The ghost becomes Jing's perfect companion

He does not fight with Xiao Jing over trivial matters

He is a very faithful obedient listener

The family no longer has to pay the electricity bill

No need to plug in the appliances to run normally

You can enjoy the world together

Without having to put up with the other half's bad habits

Sleeping together

Full of emotions

Every day is full of excitement

But the happy life soon came to an end

Xiao Jing gradually got used to this life

came home from work one day

But she found a message on the coffee table

Time's up

I have to go now

Your forever Anan

With a gust of wind blowing outside the window

The words on the coffee table were blown away

After that, the ghost of Nan

It never appeared again

It became difficult to get back to my son

Xiao Jing fell into the pain of lost love

Alone again, she was once again beaten back to her original form

There was no longer that

The happy life of astonishing power

Xiao Jing looked at Nan's photo and thought of dying

It seemed that then she could see Nan in heaven

She lost her mind at work

The manager of the bookstore was worried about Xiao Jing

Xiao Jing saw Nan's figure on the road again

She ran across the road to catch up with him

But just before she reached the middle of the road

Nan disappeared

Frozen in place, Xiao Jing did not realize

A car was crashing into her

Thanks to the manager of the bookstore, she was saved

The manager had actually been secretly in love with Xiao Jing for a long time

He never had the courage to show his love to her

This time, saving Xiao Jing gave him the courage

He said what he wanted to say

But Xiao Jing was always in love with her

Nan rejected him

Xiao Jing still moved back to her old place

She wanted to return to her normal life as soon as possible

In the middle of the night

The annoying couple next door started to exercise again

The heartbreaking shouting and the sound of crashing

Xiao Jing was completely devastated

She ran back to the house in her pajamas

Took a whole bottle of sleeping pills

Xiao Jing felt that she suddenly became very light

She and some strangers she didn't know were on a plane

Flying dirty pulled them to a building

building built in the clouds

An old man in a white suit

recommended a couple to her

The couple were both teachers

The family was well off

Soon they will have a baby

Would you like to choose to be reincarnated

This baby old man is still microphone mouth endlessly

Introducing the couple's situation

But Xiao Jing saw Nan in the crowd


It seems that both of them S

This is the kingdom of heaven

Nan was touched

You came for me


I have chosen a family with good conditions

The reincarnation will soon pass

Our destiny can only go so far.

Let's meet again.

Nan was taken to the diving board

Look at Nan's determination to go to the diving board.

He has left his and Xiao Jing's past behind.

Go love the people around you who love you.

Xiao Jing suddenly felt a pang of nausea.

When she woke up

found the old couple next door helping her to induce vomiting.

She was saved.

This trip to heaven

finally, allowed Xiao Jing to meet Nan

also completely let her let go of her previous love affair.

Xiao Jing could finally choose a new life.

The new partner who came

She found the manager of the bookstore


I want to ask you one thing.

Ask it.

Do you still count what you said to me before?

End of the main movie

I am XX

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Your support is always my motivation to work hard

See you next time

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