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Comedy "Brad's Midlife Crisis" movie commentary copy

Comedy "Brad's Midlife Crisis" movie commentary copy

Comedy "Brad's Midlife Crisis" movie commentary copy

People's pain sometimes comes from comparison.

Middle-aged Brad is the one who loves to compare.

Before he goes to bed, he thinks of his promising college friend.

Nick has become a Hollywood director.

Life is rotten and degenerate.

Jason was in the financial industry and he was rich.

Three mansions in your name.

Billy sold his company.

Retire early after getting rich.

Spend your old age on the island.

Fisher works in the White House.

Was on TV every day

Became a star-like figure.

Then look at himself.

Runs a non-profit organization with one employee.

Doesn't make a lot of money and has a very mundane life.

The more Brad compared

The more he feels he has failed in life.

He had a son.

Graduating from high school and applying to college.

He will take a plane to accompany his son to the school interview.

At the airport, Brad wanted to scenery

Upgrade economy class to business class

When the staff said the cost was 1600 at the time.

Brad's heart was stabbed.

Yet still tried to give the staff the ticket and bank card.

However, the staff told him that the discounted ticket would not be upgraded.

And you don't have enough money on your card.

Brad's heart that wanted to be scenic was mercilessly shattered

He and his son could only fly in economy class

Frustrated, Brad again compared his classmates

Jason has his own private jet

He didn't even have to buy a plane ticket

The family was having fun on the plane

Nick had his own plane to transport him

You can bring as many pets as you want on the plane

No one will stop him

Brad lamented

This world is a battlefield for ordinary people like himself

But for the rich and powerful, it's a playground.

Soon they were off the plane and in the hotel.

Brad watched his children grow into adults

He was very proud of himself.

The sight made him compare his children again

He guessed that rich people like Jason must be very spoiled with their children

The child had become lawless and even started using drugs

This spirit of Q makes Brad feel a lot better.

He finally found happiness in the imaginary comparison

That night

He imagined that his child had been accepted to Harvard University.

How happy he and his wife would be then

He could brag about how great his kids were.

The next day

Brad brought his son to Harvard for his interview.

His son came out of the interview office

He was given the news of a sunny day

His son had misremembered the time of the interview

It should have been yesterday.

Brad really freaked out

He complained to his son.

After the scolding, he thought about it and found a solution.

It was to find his old classmate Fisher

In fact, Brad hated Fisher.

Once he always saw Fisher on TV

This makes him very jealous

And it is the kind of jealousy with pain

At that time.

Brad even approached Fisher to donate to a non-profit organization

But Fischer didn't agree.

Brad felt that Fischer didn't think he was worthy of him.

His self-esteem was shattered.

So he broke off contact with Fischer.

Now, for the sake of his son.

He had to find a way to contact Fisher.

Brad called Billy for help.

He asked for Fischer's phone number.

Billy, in addition to giving him his number.

He also bragged about how his bar had doubled in size

And he had two very pretty Hawaiian chicks

On the island with him.

It was a great life.

This call hurt Brad's pride again

Billy's success.

As if to imply Brad's incompetence

Brad stiff-armedly called Fisher

Fischer was still eager to help

Through his connections, he got a Harvard teacher

to give Brad's son another interview.

Brad was very excited.

He began to imagine

Years later, his son would be on the cover of a magazine

And then leading his black girlfriend around the dinner table and saying

I owe my success to you two.

And I bought an island.

The more Brad thought about it, the happier he got.

His son's high school sweetheart, Mia.

Now goes to Harvard.

Knowing that the father and son were here

So they bought a meal

After talking for a while

Mia's girlfriends also came to the dinner

Brad looked at them

Feeling a touch of sadness

He felt like he should have experienced some good life

Brad started to fantasize again

Imagining a happy life with two girls

Walking on the beach, hugging the right and left

But the difference between fantasy and reality was too great.

Back in reality, he lost sleep again at the hotel

So he went to the bar for a drink.

There he met Mia again.

They talked about their dreams.

Mia's vision is to change the world.

She wants to do charity work to improve the status of women in the world

Brad rushed to tell her

The most important thing is to get a job that makes money

Money is everything.

And also cited herself as a counter-example

That non-profits don't make money.

Compared to those students who make a lot of money

Life is a failure

Mia asked in confusion

Why should I compare myself to those rich students?

Your life is already very good

Some people can't even afford to eat

Brad retorted

People instinctively compare themselves to those they have connections with

They don't care about those who are not.

The next day, Brad and his son were walking down the street.

He thought back to the conversation at the bar last night

He thought Mia was being too idealistic.

Comparison and vanity are the most real aspects of society

Brad then speculates

One day when Mia is adopted

Would she still be able to hold on to her idealism?

I'm guessing she'll be all about the luxury life.

Once again, Brad accompanied his child to the Harvard interview.

While he was waiting in the lobby.

Jason had a phone call.

In the middle of a conversation.

Jason's three-year-old had a spinal condition.

Also, Jason didn't have a private jet.

The plane was rented for him by the company

When Brad heard that Jason

was not doing as well as he thought he was

He suddenly felt better

When his son came out of the interview

Told him the results were good

The teacher was very impressed with him

There was a good chance he would be accepted

Brad was very happy.

He invited Fisher to dinner right away.

Thanked him for helping his son

Brad talked about the fact that Jason didn't have a private jet.

The plane was rented by the company

Fisher said he had a private jet

Because he owns that company.

Brad's face changed suddenly when he heard that

His pride took another 10,000 points of damage

And then Fischer went on to brag about how successful

How successful his business was

These words were almost like rubbing salt into Brad's wounds

The meal was a bit painful for Brad

The meal ended badly.

Brad and the kids went to the music hall

Enjoying Mia's instrumental performance together

With the music in the background

Brad began to reflect on himself

Feeling that he had been thinking too much in his head

It was either self-promotion

Or self-flagellation

Never took life seriously

And never listened to music seriously

You should enjoy everything in front of you when you are alive

We'll see you here in this movie

See you next time!

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