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Thriller horror Korean drama "Hometown 0304" movie review Explanation material Afterthoughts

Thriller horrorKorean drama "Hometown0304" movie review Explanation material Afterthoughts

Thriller horror Korean drama "Hometown 0304" movie review Explanation material Afterthoughts

September 30, 1987

The editorial office of the school magazine received many emails

One of them contained a videotape.

The contents of the tape were particularly creepy

It affected five people in different ways

Today we continue with the third episode of "Hometown

The time comes to 1999

Kyung-jin, who had been missing for days, was killed.

Jae-young's whereabouts are still unknown

The news reveals her life

The daughter of Cho Kyung-ho who used poison gas to kill over 200 people in 1987

Jung was a member of the editorial board back then

He set himself on fire in front of his home not long ago

Zhao and his old classmate were also members of the editorial board

Now the identity of one man and one woman is still missing

Zheng's cousin found the two

Take the two to Zheng's residence

Let them help pick some photos to use at the memorial service

They discovered by accident

Zheng still has the old photos from that year

And the weird video tape

On the other hand, Principal Li was ready to run away

He received a call from the church

The words reveal his respect for the Grand Master

He carried a lot of candy with him

He would put one in his mouth when he had nothing to do

When he went to the bathroom

A man with glasses approached him

He said he wanted to give a gift before he left

And this gift is death

After taking care of Principal Li

The two accompanying people made a strange gesture

Xiao Zhao came home and found her mother praying

When her mother saw her return, she fell back to sleep.

She gently closed the door and did not disturb again

Then she found a video recorder

To watch the weird video tape

It started with a loud noise

followed by a red circle

She didn't wait to see further.

The glass was smashed

Before they could react

Rocks were pelting in one after another

This is the courtesy of the people from the hometown to the terrorist family

Zhao Jinghao in an interview

said that his childhood was very ordinary

His mother raised him and his sister alone

He later went to Japan to see his daughter

That is, Jae-young

But about the identity of Jae-young's mother

He didn't explain much, but said she wasn't Japanese.

Then why was Jae-young in Japan?

The police found out about the murder of Principal Lee.

His wife and kids are in Tokyo.

I guess he's going too

There was a lot of candy at the scene

Choi saw this at Kyung-jin's house

Kyung-jin and Principal Lee both had this candy, and both were killed.

That means there is something wrong with the candy and sent to check

It's ST candy from Japan

The most popular imported goods in the 90s

With a strong psychedelic effect

At that time, the only one who could get a lot of goods was Skull Pie

So the deaths of Kyung-jin and Principal Lee must be related to the Skull and Bones.

Maybe the missing Jae-young is also in the hands of Skull and Bones.

At the same time, there was another person who saw the video.

Yongjo is currently in the loan shark business

Old classmates approached him and took him to see Zhao

He's the one who held hands with Jo back then

The two were originally lovers

But Zhao suddenly left without saying goodbye

He was depressed and didn't know what he had done wrong

They watched a video together

After the circle, a woman appears

The woman crosses her arms to cover her face

The background sound is also very strange

Like something whispering

They had seen this video in '87

But Yongzhuo doesn't remember anything like this

Xiao Zhao also has no memory of it

On the other hand, Jae-young's classmates were hiding something.

The tape they received was in her possession.

But she didn't hide it on purpose

She had something to hide.

Jae-young came to see her the day before she disappeared.

She told her to keep the tape safe and not to tell anyone.

She wanted to keep her promise.

But Jae-young had been missing for several days.

She couldn't keep it a secret.

If the tape was the key to finding Jae-young.

She couldn't hide it any longer.

Meanwhile, Cui came to see Jo to find out what happened.

After all, Jae-young was Jo's niece.

As they talked, they got into the story of her life.

It turns out that Jo and her brother grew up in an orphanage.

She was later adopted by her current mother

Her father died in 1985

This is different from Zhao Jinghao's story

If both of them are not lying

Then Zhao Jinghao should be talking about his own mother

Soon after, Cui and his partner, Li Shi-Zheng, went on a mission.

They raided the Skull and Bones gang's hideout.

The Skeletons are in the drug business and are all desperate men.

The trip was very dangerous and Lee was very nervous.

Lee's wife's identity is also not simple

She was the last person to see the video back then

About the video except for the dead student Zheng

No one else remembered

But Lee's wife was impressed

She still remembered clearly the contents of the tape

Strange bells, the devil's whisper

The woman with her arms blocking her face, she remembered all these

She got sick after watching the tape that year.

She didn't go to school for a week.

And Jo didn't remember anything about it.

During the week she was sick, she had strange dreams every day.

In a room that was upside down

There was a strange woman

The woman in the video was holding her face with her arms.

Cho even came to see her.

She said that Yongzhuo also had strange dreams.

But Jo didn't remember anything about it.

A few days later, there was a terrorist attack.

Jo left her hometown as a result.

The school magazine section was disbanded, and everyone became strangers.

It was as if they never knew each other.

There is one incident in Lao Cui's memory

A girl who had just entered middle school poured pesticide into rice wine

She killed her father.

And she used a camera to record the process of her father's death

Lao Cui asked her why she did it and she said she was afraid of forgetting

afraid to forget how much she hated her father

Afraid that she would choose to forgive her father after a long time

That's interesting

Is the father too animalistic?

Or is the daughter too crazy?

Back in time to 1999

Lao Cui and Li Shizheng are on a mission with a commando team

The target is the Skull and Bones gang's lair.

The firepower of the Skull and Bones faction is quite heavy

The assault team was killed and wounded.

There's that strange symbol here.

There are some tools used for drug production.

There are some locked-up people.

And a strange man.

The man was holding a gun in his right hand and pointing in one direction with his left hand

Asked Lao Cui if he could see the girl over there

Of course he couldn't.

The man said something strange again

So that's what Guru was talking about

Then he raised the gun and killed himself

The man had the key on him

Lao Cui told Li Shizheng to save the people who were imprisoned

He continued to feel his way forward

He found a dead woman

And a tape being played.

Choi turned off the tape player and Lee was unlocking it.

The people inside were standing in a line.

As if they were waiting for help.

The moment the lock was opened.

There was a shocking explosion and Lee took the brunt of it.

At the same time, after a discussion among his classmates

They decided to give the tapes to Choi.

Choi was not at the police station.

He had to ask someone else to pass it to Choi.

Choi went to the hospital to see Lee Si-jeong

Lee recovered his life and lost his leg

It was a blessing among misfortunes

This incident had a great impact on Choi.

He decided to withdraw from Jae Young's case.

Both Jae-young and Jo

are the family of Cho Kyung-ho

And his wife died in the gas incident.

He wasn't a saint.

Although he knew that this case had nothing to do with Jae-young and Jo

But he couldn't stop hating

When he thought of looking for Cho's daughter

There is an indescribable feeling in his heart

So it was the best choice for him to quit.

There will be a better person to take over Jae-young's case.

This is good for everyone

Zhao didn't know what to say.

He could only keep apologizing.

On the other hand, Jae-young's classmates made a big discovery.

Jae-young had logged into the chat app.

Her classmates asked her where she was

She replied that there was a record in the '87 school magazine

The time came on September 8, 1999.

There was a major breakthrough in the case of Jae-young's disappearance.

The Golden Hair who took her away turned himself in.

But the strange thing is that Golden Hair only talks to Lao Cui.

But he didn't recognize Cui when he stood in front of him.

Until Lao Cui identified himself.

He only said he looked like the man in the photo

It seems that he was instructed by someone

Someone showed him the photo and told him to come to Lao Cui.

He said something very strange.

Guru said that Lao Cui would not let him go.

He would cut off the skin of his body with a knife.

He would pour boiling water all over his body.

If he screamed for help.

Lao Cui would spit on him.

He's not normal in this state.

I don't know if he was drugged or brainwashed.

According to his confession, he kidnapped Jae-young on July 15.

The next day, he strangled Jae-young and loaded his body into a car.

He threw her into the ocean.

This story is 80% false.

Let's not talk about his mental state.

Jae-young had contacted his classmates not long ago.

How could he die the day after he disappeared?

And what was his reason for killing Jae-young?

Where was the crime scene and what were the tools used?

None of this was explained.

But when the words came out, some people took them seriously.

Jae-young's family was planning to hold a funeral.

Jae-young's classmates then told Jo.

About a month ago, Jae-young contacted them.

She also mentioned the '87 school magazine.

Zhao was almost angry

It was so important that she only told her now

She thought about it carefully

The funeral was a bit rushed.

Jae-young's body was never found.

Before she left her last words.

If she didn't leave here, Jae-young would be in danger.

It seems she knew something would happen to Jae Young.

Plus, there's that weird symbol at Kimmo's house.

Jae-young had contacted her classmate a month ago.

No matter how you look at it, it's not a simple matter.

She must find out everything about this matter.

If she can't, she'll go see Zhao Jinghao.

She found something strange right after she started her investigation.

Zheng's house she visited before was a fake

The people who live here say they have lived here for more than 10 years

Never heard of anyone named Zheng living here

She went in and took a look.

It was the same place, but things were different

She talked to the landlord on the phone.

The landlord thought she was the person who came to rent the place last time

She called Zheng's cousin.

It was an empty number.

She wanted to tell Cui about it.

But he didn't answer her call

She left a message for him.

A classmate in England handed in a tape

She wanted to listen to the contents.

But Cui had already withdrawn from the case and didn't want to get involved.

But he still couldn't let go of it completely.

He asked his colleague about the tape and left it with Li Shizheng.

The helpless Zhao chose the last way

To see his brother Zhao Jinghao

This is also Zhao Jinghao since he was imprisoned

The first time they met.

Before his disappearance, he had been in contact with Zhao Jinghao.

Zhao had reason to suspect

Jae Young's disappearance was related to Jo Kyung Ho

But Jo's answer was unexpected.

He didn't contact Jae-young first.

Instead, he was contacted by Jae Young first.

Jo also said something very strange.

Jo thought he knew Jae-young well.

But that wasn't the case.

Jo suddenly got emotional

Jo Kyung-ho clapped his hands and raised his index finger

Jo immediately went quiet

Her first thought was that she was hypnotized by Cho Kyung Ho

If Zhao Jinghao really has such ability

Then the golden hair is probably also hypnotized

After all, there is no reason for Golden Hair to kidnap Jae-young

In that case

Then Zhao Jinghao was responsible for Xiaozhao's disappearing memories

Zhao Jinghao reminded Xiaozhao

She is the key person in the whole incident

And the real reason she came here

Is to ask about the weird symbol

She couldn't open her mouth because she was afraid from the bottom of her heart

When she came out of the orphanage

Zhao Jinghao had buried something in her mind

And the whole thing started with them and Jae-young.

On the other hand, Lao Cui did not rush to get the tape

Instead, he went to a restaurant to drink his sorrows away

Lee Si-jeong listened to the tape at home.

There were bells and whistles on the tape.

But Lee's hearing was damaged by the explosion.

He could only hear the bells but not the whistles

His wife could hear everything

At night, his wife had a nightmare.

An upside-down room.

And the woman with her arms crossed over her face.

She woke up from her sleep.

She went to have a drink of water to calm down

The sound of water running in the bathroom

The scene was familiar, similar to what happened to Kyung-jin.

She pretended to be brave and pulled open the shower curtain.

Nothing was there. She turned off the faucet.

She was about to go back to sleep.

The woman from the dream appeared

She trembled with fear.

This is a completely unprecedented situation

The woman lowered her hands and slowly approached

She was so scared that she screamed out loud

At dawn, Cui received a call

Immediately rushed to the scene Li Shijing home accident

There was one hanging in the bedroom and one lying in the living room

Lao Cui sat on the sofa and cried bitterly

If he hadn't been drinking yesterday

If he had taken the tape yesterday

Li Shizheng would not have died

Unfortunately, there is no if...

This is the end of the 3rd and 4th episodes of "Hometown".

The story is coming to a head here.

It's about a cult and hypnosis.

The timeline of the story is very confusing

The narrative is also very unusual

To put it nicely, it's to set the stage

To put it bluntly, it's a fiction

You can say it is slow paced

Put aside the more than 200 people poisoned by Zhao Jinghao

4 episodes of the death of 5 people

Kyung-jin mother and daughter Lee principal Lee Shi-jeong couple

Also missing a Jae-young

You say it is fast-paced it 4 episodes have passed

The audience is still confused do not know what is being said

So far it seems to have nothing to do with the cult

Lee and his wife were killed

It looks like the wife was hypnotized and hallucinated

She thought her husband (Lee Se-jung) was a woman with her arms crossed.

In the panic, she killed her husband and then hanged herself.

The whole process is similar to Kyung-jin's case

It is likely that Kyung-jin also killed his mother and then committed suicide

But there is a difference between the two

Lee's wife lost her mind because of the tape

Kyung-jin lost his mind because of the candy

And both the tape and the candy are related to the cult

That means the final goal is still the cult

As for Jo Kyung-ho, is he fighting the cult?

Or a member of the cult

It is still hard to say

According to the clues given so far

Against the cult is more likely

Well, that's all I have to say


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