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Movie "Save Me From Evil" Commentary Copy

Movie "Save Me From Evil" Commentary Copy

Movie "Save Me From Evil" Commentary Copy

Hello everyone, do you remember the Korean crime film "New World" that you saw a few years ago? Do you remember the Korean crime film "New World" a few years ago, in which the elevator god Ding Qing and the other main character Lee ja-sung? Today we bring you the new Korean movie "Save Me From Evil" starring the same two. After seven years, Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae work together again after the new world, and this time they play a chase and escape across three countries. Hwang Jung Min plays a special agent of the National Intelligence Agency, In Nam, who is forced to disband because of the exposure of the underground organization he is in. The Korean government wants to quietly wipe out those of them who are hiding in the shadows and not leave a stain on the mouth of society, and In Nam is forced to flee. As an agent is so a bit like a urinal to be good when you want, do not want to kick old far. Before leaving the country she went to see her fiancée and said she was leaving for good, her fiancée thought it was a joke, and the two of them jokingly walked into the elevator. The two entered the elevator when the assassination of his agents of other organizations have come, the elevator door is about to close, the killers came in, in order to survive as well as not accidentally hurt their fiancée, In Nam unified them results, next to his fiancée Young-ju, directly scared silly. In this way, In Nam escaped to Japan.

Eight years later in Japan, In Nam is still doing his old job as an assassination hunter, he received the task to do away with a local gangster, this is the last time in his career, is considered a closing task. After this mission he will have to retire to Panama, to live a retired life, and all the killers are the same, in their line of work. When his former leader called him to tell him that his former fiancée in Thailand had been killed and his fiancée's daughter was missing, In Nam came back to Korea that day to claim the body and looked at his former lover who had been gutted and was suddenly filled with murderous anger. On his fiancée's emergency contact list was In Nam's name. Although they didn't get married because of politics. Not being able to have the name of husband and wife but already have the reality of husband and wife, in Young-ju's eyes he is already his most important person own husband. In fact, they did not meet for eight years, did not talk to each other, and even the fiancee did not know whether In Nam was dead or alive. In Nam saw the photo of Young Joo's daughter Minnie in the relics, she is very cute, the leader and he met, the leader told him Minnie is In Nam's, at this time In Nam received a call from the Japanese connector, said in Japan to solve the black boss has a brother, this person is very dark named . Ray. Is a super ruthless person, because as a child had been a butcher, so in dealing with rivals and enemies, he will choose to kill the set of pig practices. In the streets of Japan the connector and In Nam had just hung up the phone and caught Ray. They had killed his brother and he was about to embark on a frenzy of revenge. From the mouth of the connector, he learns that In Nam has returned to Korea.

In Nam was going to Thailand to find his missing daughter and the leader gave him the relevant information, but that night Ray disposed of the leader and knew that his enemy In Nam had already left for Thailand. Come to Bangkok, Thailand In Nam has met with the Thai connector, the connector told In Nam that in Thailand, Koreans usually hire locals as nannies, often by their own nannies stabbed in the back. The very abominable connector found out the information of the person who abducted Minnie and killed his girlfriend, is a Korean in Thailand specializing in cheating Koreans of their money and seeking money to kill them, is a complete scum of the earth, the surface is doing real estate agency business. The money in your daughter-in-law's account has all been taken away, there must be a big conspiracy here. The next step is to find him and find the clues you want.

The next Renan's revenge began, he first found the person who killed his girlfriend, sitting in the car without saying a word. First with pruning shears to get a finger, which must feel very sour, the killer instantly collapsed. The person who is still tough has not said the whereabouts of Renan's daughter, Renan dragged him to a deserted place, and only after several tortures did he say some clues. He said that he killed In Nam's fiancée for money and that Minnie had already been killed, but it was Young Joo and her nanny who did it, and they wanted more money and were willing to act as executioners.

That night, In Nam finds Young Joo's former nanny and his wife. At first, the nanny is arrogant, not saying anything and looking down on the man in the suit, not knowing that In Nam has killed more people than she has seen dead pigs. In-nam decided to give them a taste of their own medicine. In Nam once again took out his cute little scissors. After In Nam tortured her husband she loosened up and said that Minnie was not dead and that she couldn't bear to lay hands on her and sell her to the drug trafficking syndicate, the Cha Fo Gang. The main business of this gang, the Cha Fo Gang, is drugs, with a side business of selling human organs.

By this time the Japanese Lei had arrived in Thailand. Wearing a flowered shirt and big sunglasses, he tried to find clues about Renan through the local triads. One has to find the person who trafficked the child first. An information peddler told her that the house in front of her had abducted Minnie, however, the house was a group of people who had their eyes on the money on Ray, and they did not yet know Ray's jianghu title Butcher! In a few rounds butcher Lei will put down all these small landlord. Collected the watchman as a little brother.

Renan found a guide through the connector, or bent sister, not really a man. A Korean came to Thailand for many years, he came to Thailand's purpose is to shake the ultimate evolution of transformation, but because of the lack of money, he has only evolved to half still have the most important organs of men, is not the ultimate evolution of the body half male, half female collectively known as sirens. Renan promised to help him find his daughter will be able to get the money to do the ultimate evolution. They came to the place where the Chafo Gang bought and sold people and said they wanted to buy organs, and then the Chafo Gang's ponies took them to the place where the children were kept, at which point Minnie had been bought and was to have her heart transplanted. From the mouth of a child who had his spleen cut out, he learned that Minnie had been sent to a place called Lang Yao for surgery.

In Nam decided to save the children first. At this time the avenger butcher Lei came out, eyes full of murderous aura three times to solve the traffickers' watchman horse, butcher Lei purpose is very clear is to want the life of Renan, Renan at this time also know what this person is doing, the two directly open. You and I, considered a tie and evenly divided, Renan because of the eagerness to save his daughter, do not want to tangle too much with the butcher, see the opportunity to close the butcher to the door and jumped out of the window to escape.

The camera came to the small hotel, butcher Lei was drinking wine, when Renan called, the two were not afraid of each other, and hung up after saying some spiteful words.

The next day Renan came to Lang Yao, mapping the terrain. And at that time the butcher was walking into a weapon store. And robbed the weapon store and learned from the weapon store boy that Minnie was pulled to somewhere. This weapon store is also one of the assets of the Chafo Gang.

In Nam sneaked into Lang Kiln, and probably because of the blood connection, Minnie would stand up at this time. In Nam saw his daughter for the first time and father and daughter looked at each other across the street for a while. Watching Xiaomin was taken away, Renan drove out in pursuit, and at an intersection butcher Lui in a small tricycle to kill the police also killed at the same time. The three sides of a fierce battle is about to start. Renan to save his daughter eager Gu, not with their fierce battle to drive away, butcher Lei has been full of firepower chase, firepower actually overpowered the first police head, in this moment of passion back-up special forces arrived firepower to suppress the butcher, the scene is very exciting and exciting, in a step late their daughter let people disemboweled. In the butcher busy with special forces in this gap, Renan immediately rushed to the black hospital 3 gun results of the black-hearted doctors. So close to so close to a minute or two, In Nam managed to save his daughter.

In Nam took his daughter to a temporary safer hotel, to his daughter scrubbed some, this is his first close contact with his daughter, at the moment look at In Nam is not like a killer, look at him more like a kind and loving father. He called his sister Bend and asked her to help him look after his daughter. She didn't want to take on this business, but she couldn't help that her ultimate evolutionary goal had not been accomplished.

In Nam called his contact to buy a ferry ticket to leave Thailand with his daughter. The contact also told In Nam on the phone to leave Thailand quickly, as the Chafford Gang was looking for him everywhere and it was not a good place to stay.

On the other hand, since the police had taken out Lang Kiln's den, the leader of the Chafford Gang, Arashi, was reprimanding his men and the black gold police, and issued a kill order to kill In Nam and Lei, the butcher, as well as those who had connections with them. At that moment, the butcher Lei, who was covered with grenades, appeared, and he wanted to ally with the Chafo Gang to kill Renan.

The doctor later told In Nam that the girl was fine, but she was under too much stress recently. In Nam speaks to Minnie for the first time as her real father, she assures her daughter that she will get her to a safe place and protect her, that she didn't have the courage to protect your mother at first, and that she will never let you be alone again this time. At this time, she received a call from the head of the snake of the Panama Black Ship to pay the money. In Nam said to his daughter you wait for me 10 minutes, I will be right back, In Nam left the hotel.

The Chafo Gang found In Nam's contact person and beat him up so much that the contact person couldn't bear to betray In Nam's place. When Renan returned to the hotel after meeting with the head of the snake, Chafo Gang has long been waiting for him in the hotel, they blocked Renan at the elevator, the elevator war immediately began, with elevator attributes plus Renan means clean, many people are not opponents, the group destroyed the killers by the elevator. Run to the stairs because there is no elevator bonus, Renan was hit by two knives, breaking through the obstacles, stumbling towards the daughter's room. To the daughter's room butcher and a few Chafer Gang minions have been waiting for him, Minnie early by the butcher in the suitcase, originally planned to be the Chafer Gang minions to kill Renan first after the body to the butcher, to be here on the live widow Renan, in a group of minions thought butcher to do when, but at this time butcher suddenly changed his mind shot and killed a few supervisory minions, leaving two to double the The payoff, asked to take Renan to the designated place, to change the place live widow Renan during who are not allowed to move his prey. There he had to open Renan to break the scene. The butcher left first with the box containing Minnie. When the two minions escorted Renan to the underground garage, just by the bent sister bumped into, the bent sister this time man a hand. In Nam was saved.

In Nam found the butcher halfway decisively shot, shot the butcher, a crocodile rolled into the car and the butcher wrestled, heard his daughter's cries, In Nam distracted by the butcher viciously inserted a knife, counting the two knives just now, now he has been hit by three knives, critical when In Nam touched a grenade thrown out the window, boom, the van was blown up and rolled a few turns. In the car tumbled at the same time, In Nam held the box with his daughter, so that he could do a meat cushion. For the sake of the dearest daughter really what difficult action can be done. After the car rolled to a halt. Renan opened the box and shook his daughter, thought his daughter fell to his death, but the box was strong in addition to Renan acted as a meat cushion daughter okay, thank God. At this time, the bent sister also ran to pick up her daughter, did not think that just fell to death butcher, Renan and he made up a knife, and a knife in the stomach, this time it is estimated that Renan enough to choke, can not live, Renan looked at the bent sister holding his daughter away, the burden of the heart put down, the butcher now lit up a victory cigarette, mouth beeping chanting had I known that the result is such why you? At this time, a pull the safety of the grenade slowly slipped from the hands of Renan fell into the mine bag, boom, the whole world is at peace no longer can be difficult for their daughter, they owe them too much mother and daughter, with their own lives in exchange for the peace of their daughter's life is worth it.

In the previous call between Renan and bent sister Renan told him, in case I can not get through, you will take the money in the bag and all the information in the locker at the coach station, the people there will Wei you do everything. Minnie is counting on you. This time the separation is the daughter and father of life and death parting. The world is separated forever. Bending sister took Minnie to Panama. She lived a new life, while Renan stayed in Thailand forever. The end of the film! Thank you for watching so-and-so said movie, please give me a like. Thank you. See you next time!

Korean movie "Save Me From Evil" commentary text

In a dimly lit bathroom, a gasping gangster with a back full of tattoos is staring in anger at the woman lying on the floor, who is already dying and mouthing the words don't don't. It is clear that the woman has been beaten unconscious by the gangster and her life is in danger. The gangster wiped a handful of sweat from his face and walked out of the bathroom, his bodyguards idle, some smoking, some gossiping. The gangster was chanting the bitch while removing the whiskey stopper and taking a hard sip, when the phone rang, the other party asked two faint questions and hung up the phone, the gangster was impatient and cursed a damn then suddenly realized something. The gangster casually copied up a blessed gun, while the bullets loaded, while summoning his men, in fact, the men have long been killed to drink Mumba soup. The lights in the house suddenly went out, behind the curtains faintly peeked out of a head wearing a white helmet, full of blood bearded men, his hands held a wire fiercely strangled the gangster's neck from behind, the man in the gangster's ear said a quiet point, the gangster can fall to the ground. This Renan is the film's hero Renan, he is a killer, often disguised as workers, waiters, delivery boys, accepting orders to kill people, taking money for others. The leader gave In Nam a bag of money and a passport, wanting to retain this In Nam to do the last single, In Nam weakly threw a "do not keep your word, you are the last single". In Nam found a broker to dispose of the large sum of money, and then sat in a small restaurant to drink booze, a painting of the sea on the wall caught In Nam's attention, and the shopkeeper told him that it was Panama, a visa-free paradise for the rich, where illegal gains can become legal. In Nam thought better of it, he would spend the rest of his days there, and he would soak in the sea water for the rest of his life.

The scene shifts to Bangkok, where a 9-year-old girl Minnie is dependent on her mother. Her mother parted from Minnie at the school gate, and at Minnie's begging, her mother then performed coin magic for her, and that was the last time her mother offered her a performance. The little girl after school logically followed the nanny to a car, did not think that the little girl was kidnapped. The girl's mother came to the police station to report the case, looking at the police station wall full of pictures of missing children, the picture became nervous, this is not a simple case of kidnapping for ransom, but an underground organ trafficking organization with a complete chain of interests, like the little girl such as Korean-Japanese children will be higher prices. The woman looked at the photo of the missing child on the wall and burst into tears. Isolated and helpless, she thought of In Nam, who was perhaps the only one who could help her get her daughter back. It turns out that 8 years ago, In Nam was a Korean underground agent, due to the exposure of the organization was forced to disband, he had to abandon his fiancée to flee overseas. Minnie was born to that woman and In Nam, and now Minnie is all grown up, innocent and lovely. After learning that his daughter had been kidnapped, In Nam decided to come to Bangkok to find out where Minnie was. In Nam follows the trail and finds the Chinese speaking nanny who took Minnie away. Under severe torture, the nanny reveals that the girl is still alive, but was sold to Chumphon. The fake woman is fluent in Korean and Thai and is familiar with the child trafficking underground. On the other hand, the gangster who was strangled to death by In Nam at the beginning, his brother Lei is looking for his brother's killer. He wants to take care of Renan himself to avenge his brother's death. In Nam, with the help of the fake woman, successfully found this underground trafficking organization. There were a dozen children held in the small room. The boy playing with a soccer ball had a long centipede-like scar on his stomach and his kidney organ had been removed. It turns out that all the children here are transferred to a place called Nonyaou, where they then undergo organ removal surgery. Just as In Nam was about to leave, Lei, machete in hand and panting, chased and blocked In Nam's path, the first time the two had ever met head-on. In Nam stood up, his eyes extremely bloodshot, grinning, holding the bayonet tightly, and slowly walked towards Lei, who threw away his sunglasses and gave a fierce swing, and the two fought for a while. Because his daughter was waiting for him to save, Renan took the opportunity to shut Lei outside the iron door, kicked off the window bars with all his might, got out of the window, and climbed down the stairs along the bars. That night, Renan even habitually call Lei, the phone to warn him that if he comes after again will be dead, this can be Lei to completely enraged, Lei threatened to kill all those who have relations with him.

At this time, Lei is already red-eyed, he is deliberately preparing for the next hunt, he found a private weapons dealer, the shopkeeper's attitude of not handing over ammunition, Lei did not say anything, pick up an assault rifle handle, to the fellow is the head of the stick, the fellow fell to the ground, Lei rightfully got a batch of weapons and equipment. In Nam drove to Long Ya O. After some inquiries, he finally found the house where his daughter was hiding. The man in the house was preparing to transfer Minnie to the operation site, In Nam stepped on the gas and hurried to catch up, but was unexpectedly stopped by Lei's tricycle, Lei copied the rifle and shot at In Nam's car, the windshield was instantly shattered, Lei copied the rifle and shot, In Nam kept driving back, the Thai police also heard the news and the scene was in chaos. At this time, the doctor was applying disinfectant to Minnie's stomach, ready to open the belly, In Nam took advantage of the confusion to save his daughter and ran out, found the room where the surgery, kicked open the door and saved Minnie cleanly. Lei failed to kill In Nam once again, and in his anger, he threatened Arashi with a grenade to help him find In Nam, a vicious man who could no longer distinguish his reasons for killing. In Nam bought clothes for Minnie and a monkey doll for her, which was the first time he got close to his daughter. In Nam and Minnie played a coin magic game, a magic trick that Minnie's mother had performed before, but In Nam's unskilled performance was immediately recognized by his daughter. In Nam asks Minnie to count from 1 to 10 and he will come back. Minnie and In Nam make a promise and they embrace each other. In Nam picks up his daughter and weeps. He knows that he is in danger after leaving this time, and his only wish is for his daughter to live happily and healthily, whether he is still around as a father or not. Minnie in the house while playing games, while mouth chanting mommy and daddy, she does not know that at the moment her father is experiencing a final battle of life and death with his opponent. In Nam from the hotel floor, layer by layer to kill up, perverted Lei smoking a cigarette waiting for In Nam to throw himself into the net, at this moment he has not just want to kill In Nam so simple, he most want to see In Nam pleading eyes, he wants to personally in the hotel to In Nam open up, the execution of his own perverted way of killing. In Nam watched his daughter being abducted by Lei and had no choice but to tie his hands. Just as In Nam is being escorted to the basement of the hotel in a hood, the fake woman drives into the van escorting the killer and frees In Nam. At this time, Lui was driving out of the basement, In Nam ran all the way to stop the car's way, several shots in succession broke the car's windshield, In Nam held his head a jump, through the car, then gave Lui a few shots, the two struggled together, the car's steering wheel uncontrolled, all the way to the crash forced to stop. At this point, the car inside the black suitcase came out of the girl's cries, Minnie is still alive, Renan suddenly confidence, rushed to pull the box to rescue his daughter. Lei took the opportunity to take out a dagger from the bag and thrust it into Renan's chest, and then so hard to twist, the picture can not bear to see. In an emergency, Renan touched the bag of grenades, pulled out the pin, threw down the car window, the powerful shock wave pushed down the car, turned over a few 360 degrees, Renan held the suitcase hiding Minnie, I do not know how long, blood-soaked Renan woke up, he hurriedly pulled open the suitcase, strong Minnie is still alive. At this time, Lei also slowly woke up, got up and copied the dagger to Renan and a knife, Renan has been numb. His only hope is that the woman can leave alive. At this moment, the fake woman appeared, he picked up Minnie as Renan wanted, and quickly left this place of right and wrong, Minnie's hand holding the monkey doll bought for him. In Nam looked at the fake woman has left his sight, silently sighed, one hand pulled out the grenade pin, with a loud bang, everything is settled. At the end of the movie, the fake woman took Minnie and opened the hidden money safe according to the guidelines left by In Nam before, and pulled open the bag, which contained enough money for them to live for the rest of their lives. In Nam prepares everything for them to leave this hellhole with his daughter and start a new life in that place with the sea, the place that In Nam always yearned for in the first place, only this time he couldn't make it. In Nam, before he knew he had a daughter, he was still muddled, drunk and killed many people, but after he knew he had a daughter, he tried his best to protect her, which is perhaps the great father's love. In Nam and Lei died together, such an ending may be the best ending. At the end of the film, the fake woman put the photos of Minnie's mother and father in a frame, which is perhaps the best consolation for them. (End)

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