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Movie "Super 30" Review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Movie "Super 30" Review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Movie "Super 30" Review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Anand receives a letter of acceptance to Cambridge University

but sold it wrapped in crisps for 5 rupees ($0.40)

There is no particular reason

Because he was born in India and was really poor

India is an amazing country.

The people are so poor

But the global heads of many public companies such as Pepsi and Google are Indians

0 was also invented by Indians

And this soil

Also gave birth to a once-in-a-thousand-year genius mathematician - Ramanujin

Anand's idol is Ramanujin

He aspired to be like Ramanujin in the world of mathematics.

He studied hard and spent every day in the library.

He studied hard and spent every day in the library.

Later, he won the Ramanujin Gold Medal as he had hoped.

On the day he received the award, the Minister of Education told him

Education is the road to heaven.

If you need help financially or emotionally

Come to my house. My door is always open.

But when Anand got his letter of acceptance to Cambridge.

When Anand got his letter of acceptance to Cambridge and needed money for his travel expenses, he approached the minister.

And the minister said that young people should not be greedy for money.

I have seen many people who have fallen in the way of money.

At your age, you should stay away from money and love.

Just work hard.

If you become successful in the future, don't forget the land of Ganges that nurtured you.

The minister threw Anand out.

Father said don't worry I will find a way to solve the problem

My father was just a postman at the bottom of the social ladder.

The most valuable thing in the family was the broken bicycle.

What could he think of?

The father went to the bank for a loan and learned that he could not get a loan without collateral.

There was no money for education in India.

The father went to a friend who owed him money.

The friend was straightforward.

I had just married my daughter and spent all my savings and had no money left

An invisible barrier blocked Anand's path to education

For the first time, the father wondered if his education was correct.

He used to tell Anand

People dream at night and turn their dreams into reality during the day.

But in poor India, it seems that dreams are not supposed to happen at all.

His father fainted from depression.

Anand rode his bike in the pouring rain to take his father to the hospital.

The home was so far from the hospital and the bike was so slow.

His father died before he reached the hospital

That night Anand suddenly grew up.

He gave up the idea of continuing his education to take up the burden of the family

He started selling crisps on the streets

He met Lallan by accident.

Lalan was once a mathematical genius too.

He considered Ramanujin as his idol and his god

But later he discovered that the real god was money

Indians invented zero and mathematics

But they did not invent 123456789

But 0 only has meaning and value after these numbers

Lallan was very business-minded.

He told Anand

Every year there are countless children from rich families who want to get into IITs.

But only one out of thousands would be admitted.

For this rich people are willing to spend money

Training classes had become a business opportunity

Lallan started "The Best Tuition Institute"

He wanted to make Anand a living star teacher.

He handed Anand a large amount of money.

Anand became addicted to the world of money.

Big gold chains, big gold watches.

TV, motorcycle, gas stove.

He was so happy to be in the world.

Life with money is wonderful

Anand is happy and happy.

The girlfriend's father also no longer obstructs their relationship

As for Lalan, he naturally made a lot of money as he had hoped

But the real winner is not him but the Minister of Education

The education minister is the boss behind the training institute.

He said that education is the road to heaven.

How to reach paradise is through business.

Education is the best business.

Since it is a business, it needs capital

Without capital, the poor can only resign themselves to being enslaved and oppressed.

But there are always people who are like the Anand of old

They dream for a hundred days at night and work hard for their dreams

Then one day, like Anand, they realize that their efforts are meaningless.

One night after an extravagant party.

Anand saw a kid studying math on the side of the road.

The boy was gifted and a good student.

But the boy's father did not approve of his studies.

He also told Anand an old story

Once upon a time, many commoner children were better archers than the prince.

So the king cut off the hands of those children to keep the prince in first place.

Only the king's son could become king

Ordinary people should not be delusional

These words reminded Anand of his father.

Others had also warned his father

Don't think that you can raise your son to do great things.

His father had contradicted them.

He said that times have changed and the son of a king will not become a king.

Only those who have power and authority will be kings

Then who can gain power?

The answer is the person who changes his fate with knowledge

His father's advice about the hardships of studying

Anand's mind kept flashing back to him.

Education should be the right of every person.

The poor should not be excluded

After a night of struggling, Anand made a big decision.

He decided to quit his job and start his own tuition institute

He gave free tuition to the poor and included food and accommodation.

He put all his savings into it.

Building a school building and buying supplies

It was certainly a great good deed and a "stupid deed"

Why give up a great future for people you don't know?

The girlfriend's father ordered his daughter to break up with Anand.

He also married his daughter to a bureaucrat.

Anand's life had just started to improve.

Because of this school all zero

Many people asked Anand if it was worth it.

Poor children all over India who love to learn and work hard for their dreams

proved that it was worth it.

Children are coming from all over the world.

Some parents sold everything they owned to pay for the trip.

Some mothers risk the death of their husbands to send their daughters to school.


The alley in front of Anand's house was filled with students.

They were taking the entrance test seriously.

Just to seize this chance to change their destiny

Due to limited funds, Anand could only enroll 30 students.

Everyone wanted to be one of the lucky 30.

Before the end of the test, 30 students took their places and prepared for class.

A boy suddenly came to the classroom

He was the 31st student, just one point away from success.

He begged Anand to accept him.

Anand replied that there is a difference of one point between effort and victory.

Because of this one point, thousands of people will lose.

If you don't understand that.

Then you are not ready for IIT.

Come back next year and try again.

Anand started teaching himself.

He has a very special way of teaching.

Starting from life and exploring with students how things work

He builds his own network of knowledge in his mind.

In street terms, it means looking at life

To look for problems in life and come up with solutions

For example, the temperature of a bird cloud is -35 degrees when it's above our heads.

Why doesn't it freeze?

If you double the radius of a child's bottle

How much milk will come out?

Math and knowledge are in all corners of our lives

It doesn't disappear just because someone is rich or poor

Anand's way of teaching allows poor students to grow fast.

But it is a great loss for the students of the best tuition institutions

They paid a lot of money to get tutored by Anand.

Now they were told that Anand was not coming.

They approached Lalan.

They said they would refund the tuition fee if they couldn't get Anand back.

Lallan was furious.

He saved Anand from the fire.

But Anand returned the favor and cut off his money.

He tried his best to hold back his anger and find Anand to make peace

You go back to your old position.

I'll find another teacher to take care of the children and it's the best of all worlds.

Anand refused him without hesitation.

Lallan's anger could no longer be contained and threatened

Why are you doing this?

You will be finished and so will the children.

Even if one of them gets into IIT.

What will the rest of the wretches do?

They will go back to the sewers, the cesspools and the gutters.

I can make you or break you.

Anand was not intimidated but the kids were scared.

There are only a few seats in IITs.

What will they do if they don't get in?

Thinking of their hopeless future.

The children were depressed and scared.

Anand angrily questioned them

What are you afraid of?

What do you have to lose?

Will you die if you don't get into college?

You died the day you were born in a poor family

The rich have built beautiful avenues for themselves

Leaving big and small potholes in our path

But this is their biggest mistake

They taught us how to jump over these pits.

When the time comes, the highest and biggest jump will be ours.

The children were inspired to go back to their intense studies

On the other hand, the reluctant Lalan took his revenge.

First, he hired a mobster to threaten Anand.

Then he cuts the electricity to the school so that the children can't study.

But Anand is unfazed by the threats.

He always found a solution to his problems.

Lalan did not fail him, but reality hit him hard.

Anand's savings were gone.

The family had sold everything they could sell.

The last grain of rice had been eaten.

Anand was penniless and was about to lose his tuition classes.

He was desperate and decided to take a gamble

He and Lallan agreed to let the students of the two institutions compete in the examination

If Lallan wins, Anand must disband the cram school

Return to the best tuition institution unconditionally

If Anand wins, Lallan will sponsor their food.

They sign an agreement with a notary.

The competition begins.

All the children sweated hard in the examination hall.

Anand was confident.

He believed that if his students played properly they would win.

However, at the end of the competition, the notary announced

Anand had lost by a narrow margin

According to the agreement he had to disband the cram school

At that moment, a reporter asked to see the agreement

But the agreement somehow could not be found

It turned out that Anand's former girlfriend was the notary's current wife

His girlfriend had stolen the agreement.

This is the last thing she did for Anand for his love

The reporter said that if there is no agreement, don't make things difficult for people

Anand was a little weak at first when he heard this

But for the sake of his children he denied the existence of the agreement decisively.

Lalan accused him of being shameless and cheating

Anand asked Lalan in return

Anand turned against Lallan

What about what fate brings to these children?

There is no happiness, only misery. What is this if not cheating?

Anand took the students back to the dilapidated classroom

He wanted to know the reason why they had lost the game

The students answered with a downcast look

We sat with the children of the rich families

But before we only scrubbed the floors and took out the garbage in their houses.

Sitting next to them, our heads stopped working.

We couldn't keep up with their starting line. It was too far ahead.

We can't win.

The English-speaking world doesn't have us (the Indian upper class speaks English)

Anand realized that what the kids lacked most was confidence

And the fastest way to get that confidence back is to crush their self-esteem and rebuild it.

Anand asked the children to perform an all-English play in front of a large audience.

Anyone who spoke a word of Hindi during the play

They had to pack up and leave the place.

The show started with a stumbling performance

The passers-by chanted against them and threw them off the stage.

The self-esteem of the Anand students was gone.

Looking at the mocking and disdainful eyes of everyone

The students' bloodlust was aroused

They shouted no with one voice

Confronting everyone on the stage

The students stopped singing in English.

Instead, they sang in Hindi

I beg the crowd to speak English

Nobody's English, my English is full of Indian flavor

Indian language, Indian language is actually all Indian flavor

The rich kids and the poor kids mix together

The fear of class completely disappeared here

Then the food problem was solved

Anand's tuition classes were getting better and better.

On the contrary, Lalan's situation is even worse.

The education minister asked him to solve Anand's problem as soon as possible.

Even if he loses the famous teacher.

Even if he loses his famous teacher, he can't let him do anything outside.

Free teaching is completely disruptive to the market.

Lallan followed the minister's hint.

He hired a few assassins to take care of Anand.

A conscientious journalist learns about this and tells Anand about it.

But Anand told him

If I get shot, don't report it.

Because a lot of people are trying to change the society.

They would lose their courage.

Anand didn't want to die, but he wasn't afraid of it either.

He concentrated on his next IIT exams.

But the night before the exams.

Anand was shot by an assassin.

Luckily, his brother came in time and survived.

Anand was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Lalan sent a second wave of killers to the hospital.

This time their target was not only Anand.

They wanted to kill all the students.

Then they disguised themselves as Naxalites and attacked.

But the rebels were too sloppy.

A conscientious person heard the news and told Anand in advance.

Anand took off his oxygen mask and told the students to live

The time has come to jump.

The terrified students calmed down after hearing this

They started to plan a solution

They used their knowledge to set up layers of traps

First, the entire hospital lost power

Then they used light reflection and sound reflection

To make the killer think that the students were in a certain direction

I think the killer has never read a book, so he shot at a place

Soon the bullets were exhausted

Then he was lured to a warehouse by the "light and shadow".

Students took the opportunity to put smoke bombs to shut down all the ties

The battle went on all night.

The next day the exhausted children went straight to the examination room

After a short rest, they began to answer the questions

Everyone gave their best

But for this exam, where the best of the best are present

No one could guarantee that they would get what they wanted.

On the day of the results, Anand was also discharged from the hospital in good health.

He stood in front of the gate with great anxiety.

This was the moment that would determine the fate of countless children.

It was also a time to test whether his dreams had come true.

It took a long time, but in fact it might have been only a moment.

Anand was told.

All 30 of them got in.

Super 30 is a biopic directed by Vikas Bahl.

"Super 30" is a biographical drama directed by Vikas Bahl and starring the Indian god, Roshan.

Based on the true story of the brilliant Indian mathematician Anand Shekhar.

Although some parts of the film is a bit magical

But on the whole, it is more realistic

Including the part about being chased by the mob

In reality, Anand was also attacked several times

Only in 2018 did it stop

Super30" is a free mentoring program founded by Anand in 2002.

Every year, 30 talented and hardworking students from underprivileged families are selected

The program was started by Anand in 2002 to tutor 30 talented and hardworking students from underprivileged families every year for their entrance exams to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), one of India's top institutions

Until the release of the film (2019)

A total of 480 students have been tutored

422 of them were admitted to IITs

Another important person not mentioned in the film is Abhayanan

Abhayanan is also one of the founders of Super30

and a police officer

He was not only involved in teaching

He also provides strong protection to Anand when he is attacked by the mob.

Anand and Abhayanan helped support each other

Together, they have changed the lives of countless underprivileged students.

In 2010, Time magazine praised Super30 as the best school in Asia.

Even President Obama's special envoy praised Super3O as the best education in India

After the film was released Anand received a lot of attention

Cambridge University sent him an invitation to speak at Cambridge

This is also considered to be the net of Anand's dream of Cambridge

And his inspiring story has once again proved to us that

Knowledge changes destiny and learning changes life

Even if the change doesn't happen now

It's just not the right time

As the song in the film says

Create your own learning rules

Mastering learning through integration

He who conquers learning conquers the world

Learning is fair to all

If you want to learn, you can learn

Learning is the good of all mankind


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