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Korean crime film "Mean Streets" commentary copy

Korean Crime Film "Mean Streets" Commentary Copy

Korean crime film "Mean Streets" commentary copy

Jo Byung-doo is a small-time leader of a third-rate club. He has two younger siblings at home, and his mother is in poor health and living in hardship. His mother's health is poor and his life is difficult. He is not doing well in the club, and his elder brother does not value him, sending him to fight in the street and threaten to collect debts. Zhao Bingdou is the pillar of the family, he originally expected to take over his brother's new game hall, rent, sick mother's medical expenses and sister's tuition will not be a problem. Unexpectedly, the opening day of the game hall, rival gangs to smash the field. The two gangs engaged in a fierce firefight, and the elder brother accidentally stabbed his opponent's little brother to death, in order to save himself. He finds a little brother to take the blame for him, and transfers the game hall to the little brother.

He is a small-time director who is not interested in making a gangster movie and comes to Byung-doo for inspiration. With the help of Kim Min-ho, Byung-doo is reunited with his first love, Kang Hyun-ju. The boss of the club asks Big Brother to get rid of a prosecutor, who politely refuses. The boss then asks Byung Doo to take care of the matter as well as solve the uncontrolled big brother, and Byung Doo, who has nothing to lose and wants to succeed, has to agree to the matter, and he takes his little brother Jong Soo with him to take out the prosecutor. When the elder brother learns about this, he decides to go after Byung-doo after his sister's wedding ceremony. Byung-doo took the lead on him with his little brother and took his place as the second in command in the club.

After that, the boss asked Byung-doo to handle the demolition and promised to give him a sum of money afterwards. Bingdou also wanted to take this opportunity to wash his hands of the triad and quit to live an ordinary life with his family. So, Byung-doo started his demolition plan by threatening the tenants to sign a contract. As the demolition offended too many people, Byung-doo received a call that the other party was blackmailing Byung-doo with his family, and he rushed to his home, trying to take his family away to a safe place. The family did not want to leave, so Bingdou had to send his youngest brother to protect the family. As soon as he left the house, he was ambushed. Bing-Doo managed to escape and took advantage of the situation to uncover the boss of the other side and get the remaining five nail-biting contracts in hand. After that, the real estate project can be officially started. On the other hand, the script written by Kim Min-ho is approved by the movie company and the shooting begins. The movie is also well-received after its release. Byung-doo goes to the cinema to watch it, only to learn that the episode where he killed the prosecutor was brought to the screen by his best friend.

It turns out that Kim Min-ho carried a drunken Byung-doo home and took the opportunity to talk to him. The movie is a great success, but Byung-doo gets into trouble because of it.

He threatened Kim Min-ho not to reveal the incident. Kim Min Ho agrees, and Byung Doo is ready to give up. However, Jong-soo, who was involved in the murder case with Byung-doo, was very upset, so he buried Kim Min-ho in the ground and threatened him again. Kim Min-ho, who has come back from the dead, is determined to take revenge. He reports Byung-doo and Jong-soo to the police. After Byung-doo is hunted by the police, he is very regretful and determined to get rid of Byung-doo. He finds the boss and hopes that he will keep his promise of the 5 billion reward. The police are looking for Byung Doo and Jong Soo. At this time, Byung-doo is being chased by another gangster, and instead of coming to save him, the little brother comes and kills him. After the incident, Jong-soo takes Byung-doo's place.

In the car, Byung-doo's boss says to him something profound: Young man, to be successful, there is nothing else but to find the person you need and then know what he needs. The "person you need" refers to the props that can help you solve your desires, and "know what he needs" is the only effective means to achieve its help.

In fact, Byung-doo does not really belong to the triad, because he still retains a trace of innocence, and this innocence allows him not to expect to end up dead in the hands of his own brother. He once proudly said to Kim Min-ho that he "wanted to capture the essence of the triad", but forgot that the real essence of the triad is actually despicable - deceit, ambition, betrayal, desire, and regicide. The so-called brothers will follow because of the interests, the so-called big brother is in need of you when you will cover you. And you have to be more vicious and cruel than you think in order to survive in this despicable world. The other meaning of the street is the jianghu, the other meaning of the jianghu is the hearts of the people, the other meaning of the hearts of the people is for themselves, the other meaning of the selfish desire, the other meaning of the selfish desire, is sinister.

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