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Film "Fuse" commentary copy

Movie "Fuse" commentary copy

Film "Fuse" commentary copy

It is said that Jagger dances the most testy dance and takes the most poisonous beating.

This statement is not nonsense.

This film can be called the strongest fighting action film in the past 30 years.

The film was filmed with the help of American, Japanese, Korean, Thai and other national fighters.

To highlight the concept of mixed martial arts at the time.

This film is a purely practical kung fu fighting, fist to flesh.

Among them are both Wing Chun boxing.

There are also wrestling's signature action backflip drop, extremely real karate scissor kick.

More Brazilian jiu-jitsu in the close wrestling, Muay Thai elbow strikes.

Is a mixed martial arts action blockbuster.

Hong Kong before the return of 97.

Gangsters, smuggling, crime was rampant.

As a member of the Hong Kong Police Force.

Even though Ma Jun has the highest crime detection rate in the team.

But still only a small police officer.

Even so.

Ma Jun also had to be removed from the investigation.

Temporarily to the drum band as a drummer. ,.

This is because he will beat people half to death every time he handles a case.

In less than half a year, he broke his own record of wounding people for a whole year last year.

On the one hand, he is a member of the police force, cynical.

On the other hand, Ma Jun's kung fu is very good.

On the other hand, the three Vietnamese brothers, led by Jagger.

Is the recent rapid growth of Hong Kong gangsters.

Love to dance ... The sinister and cunning big brother Jag.

Thai boxing master second brother tony.

Practiced a foreign boxing third brother Tiger.

The three Vietnamese brothers killed and crossed the border, the police have taken note of them.

Watson is the police planted to the side of the three Vietnamese brothers undercover.

In a mob deal.

The three Vietnamese brothers blackmailed and embezzled the goods of the same gangster Ah San.

The three brothers' turf was attacked by Ah San, and he was punched on the ground.

Afterwards, the third brother, Ah Hu, did not relent and stabbed Ah Shan in the parking lot.

Fortunately, he was saved by an undercover agent, Watson.

Hong Kong's original mob boss issued a warning to the three brothers.

However, they were threatened by Jagger's family to turn a military.

The mob boss had no choice but to say (aliens).

The seriously injured Ah Shan is willing to be a tainted witness against the three brothers.

The police at this point think the time has come to close the net.

Draw back the cadre Ma Jun who was relegated to the band drummer.

The three Vietnamese brothers are prepared to be arrested.

The police planned to have the three brothers on their mother's birthday.

The police plan to catch them all in one net.

But the alert and cunning tony still detects the traces.

They decided to split up and run away.

Thanks to Watson's timely report

The police caught Jag who escaped with his mother.

And at the same time Watson also exposed his identity.

The ruthless tony knocked Watson down the hill and

The police had to prosecute Jags first.

The police had to prosecute Jagger alone first.

When the police listed his crimes, asked him whether he pleaded guilty.

Jag disdainfully said (sic)

The police began to collect evidence.

In prison, Jagger is emboldened, still not change the nature of the big brother.

Because brother tony said, witnesses are not living through the eve of being accused.

On the other hand, returned from the dead Watson in the company of his girlfriend to recover from illness.

The partner, Ma Jun, feels guilty about Watson because of the unfavorable action.

He brings a large group of colleagues to visit.

Unexpectedly, tony has led people to secretly sneak back to Hong Kong.

At this point in the party, tony sent someone to send a bomb over.

This explosion, police inspector fat cat died on the spot.

Watson's girlfriend was also seriously injured by the explosion.

On the other hand, tony and Tiger have already killed all the mob bosses who turned to be tainted witnesses.

The case is about to go to court.

Ma Jun leads his men to protect the only remaining witness, Watson.

Tiger, dressed as a cleaner, infiltrates the hospital.

After being discovered, he fights with Ma Jun in the elevator.

He shot and killed the policewoman and escaped.

When he saw his subordinate was killed, the angry Ma Jun chased after him.

He was chased to a street stall.

The inhumane Tiger used the girl to threaten Ma Jun to let go of his weapon.

After that, the girl was thrown out, and her death was unknown.

Ma Jun's anger was completely ignited at this point.

Then confident that the kung fu is too strong, Tiger rushed up and Ma Jun close physical combat.

The face of Tiger's flying kick, Ma Jun easily dodged.

A right hook directly hit the back of his head.

He took advantage of a slight pause in his body.

Locked Tiger's head firmly in place.

Keep attacking with straight knees to the head.

Tiger tries to revive his offense after he has slowed down.

But under the powerful attack of Ma Jun.

There is no way to fight back.

Ma Jun steps back and finds an opening

A powerful straight knee to Tiger's head.

From then on, the winner was decided.

In a fit of rage, Ma Jun pinned Tiger to the ground and beat him to death.

When he returned to the hospital, he found that Watson and his girlfriend were gone.

When he returned to the hospital, he found that both Watson and his girlfriend were gone. When he was confronted by Tiger, the police superintendent came to his door.

Ma Jun couldn't be bothered to defend himself.

He knew that at this point in time, the laws of Hong Kong, there is nothing to do with this group of people.

Only by themselves.

Only to let the arrogant criminals brought to justice.

Due to insufficient evidence, Jag was released in court.

In the road, Jag said the most testy words in the film (original voice)

After being followed by the Ma Jun lifted directly into.

Ma Jun and tony agreed to exchange hostages.

Nansheng siege

Ma Jun takes a grizzled Jags to exchange back Watson and his girlfriend.

Looking at his good partner in order to save his

The first time I saw him, I had to go to the hospital.

Watson had mixed feelings.

After going ashore

Horse army immediately into the disadvantage of one against many.

And battle and retreat to turn the battlefield to the open area.

On the other hand, after transferring his girlfriend to a safe area

Watson, who was already wounded, turned around and returned to save Ma Jun.

At this time, Jag climbed a tree, high up on the horse army to suppress fire.

But was driven directly into Watson, with Ma Jun's accurate gunplay.

Jag ....

The horse army and only one person left tony for a duel.

The showdown was a great duel.

Tony is a Muay Thai master, the first Ma Jun is not defeated, tony dominated.

But Ma Jun quickly made a tactical adjustment

He started to use mixed martial arts to deal with his opponent's attacks.

Not only make a brute force can not attack.

Also use Brazilian jiu-jitsu and wrestling of various moves.

Exhausting his sharpness, endurance and strength.

After a few dozen rounds, tony was already panting.

The decline was already visible.

Finally Ma Jun shouted the classic line (original voice)

Tony prepares to escape.

Ma Jun made a Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques to kill him down.

That's the end of the film.

The fight scenes in the film is the super strength of the film.

All the fights in the movie can be directly applied to the actual battle.

This is unique in Chinese films.

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