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Action movie "Two Phoenix" commentary copy

Action movie "Two Phoenix" commentary copy

Action movie "Two Phoenix" commentary copy

Her name is Feng, known in the world as Phoenix

She is the most powerful fighter in the village

Three or five big men are no match for her

She has beaten several people to their knees and begged for mercy

Anyone who pisses her off will not have a good time

Phoenix is a professional debt collector

As long as she does, there is no money she can't collect

Her ruthless character makes those scoundrels shudder

But the dashing Phoenix is actually a miserable person

In the past, she was a debaucher, often hanging out in nightclubs

She often helped her sisters to fight for their grievances

In a short time, she became the first sister of the nightclub

But her youth could not be squandered

Soon she became pregnant with a child of a young gangster

The father of the child has already run away

Reality brought the big sister back to life

Then she took her daughter Xiao Hong and retired to the mountain village

She lived a quiet and peaceful life

But this day broke this peace

While Phoenix was shopping for food, her daughter Xiao Hong was forcibly abducted by a trafficker.

Phoenix discovered the situation and rushed over immediately

At that moment, the gangsters' accomplices swarmed on her

The market instantly turns into a battlefield

The anxious Phoenix fought bloodily

Now no one could stop her from rescuing her daughter.

After a few moves, all the people who stopped her were knocked to the ground

The other criminals fled immediately.

They were going to escape by water, when Phoenix didn't even think about it

She pounced on them without thinking

She clung to the side of the boat with all her might

Unexpectedly, the fierce criminals were beaten into the water

See, the boat is about to leave her

But Phoenix did not give up, and then an arrow step to the shore

Grabbed a motorcycle, followed by a wild chase

In this way, Phoenix and the traffickers began a wonderful chase drama

Now Phoenix's attention is on her daughter, Xiao Hong

Distracted, she almost rolled over halfway, but was quick enough to react

While she was struggling to catch up

A thug suddenly killed her on a bike

The two immediately engaged in a fierce battle

At that moment, a van coming directly in front of her

At the critical moment, Phoenix directly to a tailgate

But a strange thing happened, Phoenix actually disappeared

is confused, she jumped up directly from the bottom of the water

instantly dragged the gangster into the river, but strong brother is not an idle person

The backhand gave her a heavy punch

Phoenix was instantly confused, fell into the water

Did not let the strong brother to catch his breath

She immediately returned the favor

A high kick, directly knocked the gangster to the ground

immediately followed by the water grass tightly strangled the strong brother's neck

Finally from his mouth to learn the whereabouts of the criminals

Then Phoenix continued on her way without stopping

Soon she saw the gangster's boat

But no sign of her daughter

In the midst of her anxiety, Phoenix saw Xiao Hong in a vehicle

The vehicle was speeding towards the city

She saw her daughter passing her by, which made Phoenix even more anxious

She rushed to stop the car on the side of the road frantically

But the drivers passing by were unwilling to take her

In desperation, Phoenix had to secretly climb into the truck box

After some bumps and bruises, finally arrived in the city

But in this big city with a lot of traffic

How easy it is to find a little girl

Confused, Phoenix had to go to the police station to report the case

She was alert to the recent news of missing children.

Then, according to the police's recent investigation data

She analyzed that her child was probably abducted by this group of traffickers

She then took the suspect's information and left the police station.

Phoenix went through the streets and alleys

Following the information, she searched for traces of the criminals.

Finally, she found Brother Beard's residence.

As soon as she met him, she asked for him

But Brother Beard is also a tough guy, he picked up a weapon and went straight to work

Phoenix was taken by surprise and knocked to the ground

Then she took a deep breath and immediately fought with Brother Beard

Turned around a life-threatening spike kick to the ground to hold him down

Then the sledgehammer came down

But the bearded man is also an expert fighter

It is not so easy to deal with

If you're not careful, Phoenix will be his counterattack

And Phoenix is not the role of the average straight man can be subdued

She grabbed a vase and threw it at him.

The two started a fierce battle again

The two sides went back and forth, and the fight was unbearable

But in the end it was Phoenix who had the best skills

directly with the saw teeth to contain the bearded brother's throat

At this point, Brother Beard's mother suddenly cried out

I hope to let him go - horse, both are mothers

Both are mothers, and both are doing it for their children.

Finally, Brother Beard was moved by Phoenix

He told us where the kidnapping group was holding the children.

Phoenix immediately followed the bearded brother's tip to a store

Then, when the other party was not paying attention, she instantly took down one of the criminals

It turns out that the back door of the store is the entrance to the traffickers' lair

After easily solving the guards, Phoenix was one step closer to her daughter

There are many rooms here

In one of the rooms, she found Xiao Hong's sandals.

Then, Phoenix also saw the boss of the traffickers

This is a good opportunity to find the daughter, the fierce Phoenix immediately killed in

Before she could say anything, the boss signaled Hats to fight

Phoenix was instantly caught in a vicious battle

In the fight at the same time, she also saw a room full of children

Xiao Hong was also among them

This instantly aroused Phoenix's fighting spirit

Fierce, she immediately used all her strength to finish them off

Next, she has to deal with the ultimate boss Black Widow

And she is no ordinary person, facing Phoenix's flying leg

She didn't move at all and gave her two heavy punches with her backhand

Obviously they are not the same level of opponent

Phoenix was instantly KO'd and then fell into a coma

Immediately afterwards, the fighter brothers threw her into a lake.

In a moment of blurred consciousness, Phoenix remembered the teachings of her former master

A martial arts practitioner should never give up

She struggled to break free from her bonds

When Phoenix woke up, she had been taken to the hospital by police officer Biao.

But Phoenix was still worried about her daughter's safety.

To get out of here, she took the nurse hostage.

But just after she left, Brother Biao came to her again.

He told Phoenix that they had been tracking and investigating this crime syndicate.

Piao also hates these traffickers

He finally promised Phoenix that he would help her look for Siu Hong.

The two of them then checked the station for suspicious vehicles.

She eventually found the train that was transporting the child.

Excited, Phoenix immediately ran up to the train, where she saw the fighter brothers again.

A couple of them opened up their stance and went straight to work

But now Phoenix is not alone in the fight

Biao also joined the battle

Phoenix, who is eager to save her son, fights her way into the battlefield

In order to let Phoenix find the child as soon as possible, Biao is also exhausted

Then Phoenix climbed all the way to the top of the truck box

She was almost hit by a tree branch, but fortunately it was only a scare

And the thugs in the carriage also heard the movement

Soon, Phoenix fought with another thug

In the course of the fight, she slipped directly into the carriage

Then, the poor thug was instantly knocked to the ground with her fists and feet

A group of people were beaten into submission

Then, Phoenix ran to the next carriage

And the boss Black Widow was also there

This woman is really fierce, and within a few moves, Phoenix was on the ground

But Phoenix is not a vegetarian, get up and kicked her out

Phoenix's characteristic is to be strong when she encounters strength, now she is more and more courageous

And the black widow's fighting strength is also amazing

After being hit so many times, she is still standing strong

Turned around and broke Phoenix's arm

At this time lying on the ground she saw her daughter's purse

This made Phoenix rekindle her fighting spirit

She then angrily told the black widow that no one would touch her child

After saying this, they went to war again

Both of them are desperate fighters

In their dictionary, there is no defense.

There is no defense in their dictionary, only constant attack.

The competition is who can stand to the end

At this point, Phoenix used a move of the Bagua 64 palms

Instantly hit the black widow Bo no power to fight back

In the end, Phoenix finished off the demon with a flying dragon in the sky.

The fight was calmed down

Soon, Phoenix found her daughter Siu Hung

This person is more important than her life

The little girl was also very strong, she always believed that her mother would come to her rescue

Phoenix not only rescued Xiao Hong this time

She also saved 38 other children.

When the train arrived at the station, Phoenix appeared like a ghost behind the criminals.

Now she is like a god of war, outputting like crazy all the way

Instantly killed a group of thugs

But in the fierce battle, Phoenix was unfortunately shot

In the moment of crisis, but the police came in time

Xiao Hong looked at the unconscious Phoenix left tears of sadness

This great mother is very touching

It is her crazy redemption

The other 38 children were given the chance to return to their parents

In the end, Phoenix was treated in the hospital

Now it's Little Red's turn to accompany and watch over her

The end of the play

While the Indian film refreshed my view of the world

This Vietnamese film also made me marvel at it

The fierce and light-hearted action scenes were a real treat

The fight scenes are also fresh

The amount of scenes is also new to people

Vietnamese vegetable farms and speeding trains

As a mother, Phoenix is really good

For the sake of her children, she is almost crazy

Even her serious injuries can't stop her from moving forward

In front of the enemy, she was like a wild animal

Every time the criminals attacked her, it almost killed her.

But she knew in her heart that she could not lose, her daughter was still waiting for her.

Finally, I learned one more thing

That is, do not mess with women

Especially a woman who has become a mother

Because she is the person you can never afford to mess with

A very good movie


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