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American movie "Another Earth" commentary text

American movie "Another Earth" commentary text full version

American movie "Another Earth" commentary text

Do you believe in the existence of parallel universes? Because of the uncertainty and randomness of quantum, in the early 20th century there were scientists who boldly put forward the concept of parallel universes. If the universe you are in is a circle, then macroscopically speaking, there are countless such circles around us, and if the form of parallel universes is a spring, then on this spring, the two ends of each circle will be pointing to a different direction, and these ends will never overlap, nor could they ever meet. In order to verify this theory, there is the extremely famous double slit experiment, in front of an instrument that can only emit one electron at a time, two baffles are placed, the first baffle has two slits that can be passed through, and the electrons emitted by the instrument can be passed through the slits to the back of the baffle, since only one electron can be emitted at a time, then, according to common sense, this electron can only be passed through the first baffle's Gap A or gap B, this time the question came, the electron's trajectory in the end will be in the form of particles or in the form of waves to the movement of the final results of the experiment will only appear in two possibilities, the second baffle on the two lines or more lines, but the results of the experiment has completely subverted the world view of human cognition, the electron will default to the form of waves to go to the back of the baffle.

The electrons will move in the form of waves by default, thus showing multiple lines on the second baffle, but the electrons, after being spied on by the camera, will actually move in the form of particles, thus showing only two lines on the baffle, what does the result of the experiment really mean? What does the result of the experiment mean? Does human self-consciousness change the trajectory of electrons? After listening to this experiment students may still be a bit blind to this, and then let's assume that such a scenario, if one day in the top of your head suddenly appeared a second Earth, you just open your eyes to see it, when you close your eyes, it will completely disappear, so today to tell you the story is about the parallel universe of the other Earth. Four years ago mankind discovered a planet that is gradually approaching the earth, this planet is not only exactly the same as the earth, even everyone on earth can find themselves in another world on this planet, our heroine Annie as a winner in life, when she was only seventeen years old, she got the acceptance letter of Harvard University, which made Annie very ambitious, only feel that the future is only bright, after the 结束了疯狂的聚餐后,安妮选择独自一人驾车回家,夜空之中,另一个地球若隐若现,她不禁抬头出神地望了许久,全然忘了路途中的危险,只听到剧烈的碰撞声响起,男主艾伦幸福的一家四口直接就被安妮一车给撞死了三个,只剩下艾伦靠着主角光环成功幸存了下来,悲剧是来的那么突然, Alan suddenly lost a family of four, Annie is from the peak of life directly to the bottom of the valley, because it belongs to the underage car accident, so Annie was sentenced to four years, up to four years in prison, in the darkness of Annie's heart like death, four years of life in a flash, after the release of Annie looked at the top of the head of the other planet, only to feel that everything has been a thing is not the same, the heart can not help but feel a lot of emotion, but four years of time, scientists have accidentally killed three of them. of time, scientists accidentally discovered that all the things on the other planet turned out to be exactly the same as the Earth, a perfect replica of an Earth, or a kind of dimension-breaking mirror image. At this point in time, the country has begun to recruit volunteers for the trip to the other planet to prepare, feeling that life is all dead Annie went to a high school as a janitor, when Annie came to the scene of the car accident back then, saw Alan in the sacrifice of the dead family members, Annie can no longer escape the condemnation of the heart, the pain inside makes Annie want to be saved, through the network Annie inquired about the Alan is actually a great Musician, according to the geology, Annie came to Allen's home, at this time Allen became disheveled, can only use alcohol to anesthetize themselves over and over again, because of their own mistakes harmed other people's family, longing for relief, Annie stripped off the body's clothing, lying naked in the snow, fell asleep, until she woke up again, they have been rescued, there is no place to escape from Annie can only fill out the volunteer letter to another planet. The volunteer book to another earth. During the day, she was still doing her job as a housekeeper as usual, and at night, Annie summoned up enough courage to knock on Ellen's door, in order to get close to her lover, Annie could only be the use of the identity of the housekeeper to clean the room for Ellen, because Annie was a minor criminal, so the police kept Annie's identity secret, so Ellen failed to recognize the love of Annie in front of her was the murderer who destroyed her family. Looking at Allen's pigsty of a room, Anne was silent for half a second, then rolled up her sleeves and cleaned it up, in fact, it doesn't matter at all if it is cleaned up or not, just to see a beautiful woman cleaning up the house for herself is pleasing to the eye, and the two of them set their second meeting for the next week, and returned home, Anne practiced her apology over and over again in front of the wall, but when faced with the happy group photo of Allen and Allen's family, her apology was stuck hard in her throat, and she couldn't say it any more.

And in the news reports, some people try, and another world of their own call, but unexpectedly received an echo, then the question came, in the two earth in the end who is the mirror image of who, the world in front of them whether there is some kind of false, is really in another world, another time and space, there is another you in the doing of different things, so day after day, one after another, the relationship between Anne and Ellen More and more close, two lonely souls began to rely on, Anne wants to save Alan at the same time also completed the self-help, and all the human beings on the earth at this time are a little panicked. If the mirror image is just a mirror, which side of the mirror is real, when you swing your fist at the mirror, you in the mirror will also swing your fist at the same time, Alan played his best instrument for Annie, in the cold night, the two people embrace each other to sleep. In the end, Alan and Annie told their own experience, and Annie also succeeded in getting a ticket to another planet, the thought that they are about to leave a familiar place to go to another strange and familiar place, Annie stood on the shore and began to imitate the WeChat login interface, before leaving, Annie and Alan made a final farewell, but Alan asked Annie to stay by his side, because he has completely fallen in love with each other. At the dinner table, Annie finally finally spills her guts, and after learning the truth, Allen is obviously in more pain, and he drives Annie away in grief. Back home, Annie, in the news accidentally learned that the time difference between the two earths is a full five years, which means that in another earth, four years ago, the car accident has not yet happened, so everything still has a chance, so, Annie ran out to find Alan, compared to their own, he is obviously more in need of this boat ticket.

As long as Allen rushed to another Earth in time, you can stop the car accident four years ago, as usual, and his family live happily ever after, looking at the abnormal pain of Allen love you in secretly left the summons, then turned away, in the in the future on the news Anne saw the upcoming moon hit Allen, he will succeed? She will be happy? Love you, can only silently blessed in the heart of time flew to five years after walking on the street corner of the love you twilight turn around, the two world answers you four eyes relative to each other, the eyes in the eyes of the only surprise and panic, in the end of the story, we can see that, because of the other world answers, you chose to escape, came to the world, so Allen obviously failed, the car accident or can not be prevented, happened to the right, too. If you go to another world, you can not avoid the comparison of another world, what attitude should you face, if you still want to Anne ran out the door to find Alan, relative to himself, he obviously need this ticket, as long as Alan rushed to another earth in time, you can stop the car accident four years ago, as usual, and the family live happily, looking at the abnormal pain Alan, Alan secretly left the ticket, then quietly turned away. In many days on the news, Anne saw the moon is about to board the Allen, he will succeed, he will be happy, Anne can only silently in the heart of the blessing, time flies to five years later, walking in the corner of Anne twilight turn around, the two worlds of the Anne four eyes relative to each other, the eyes of the eyes are only left in the amazement and horror in the story's ending, we can see that, because of another In the ending of the story, we can see that because the other world Annie chose to escape, came to this world, so Alan obviously failed, the car accident still can not be stopped from happening, also right, if you go to another world, you can not avoid meeting another self, what attitude should you face yourself, if you still want to go to replace each other's life, then how would you treat the other self, what do you think? (End)

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